Why are there restrictions for pips out rubbers?

says I'm french, I'm arrogant and have no sense of humor.
says I'm french, I'm arrogant and have no sense of humor.
Mar 2022

Its just common sense. People think ITTF (or politicians that you voted in) are godlike.
Everything is by vote, so if you don't like the result of the vote - you should ask questions to your national representative.
That is hows think work in a democratic organization.

Having said that, I think ITTF has too many rights on the playing of TT on the fundamental levels.

Table tennis should be in 2 parts - 1 is professional, the other is amateur.
ITTF and its habit of rule changes can go on the professional part, while amateur can have some that follows the pros, while the others follows FUN.

I play quite a few other sports other than table tennis, take basketball for example - we have our own rules, and we don't care what FIBA (or NBA) has in the rule book.

I do not agree at all, I'm an amateur player playing in official leagues and tournaments, even if they are low ranked.It adds some stakes to play for points to win or loose, even as an amateur, if there's not any stake, I don't see why I should train 2 times a week. Of course I'm not gonna make a living from TT. But some of my mates decades ago did make some money with it without playing in the pro leagues: by being offered a job, inducements, and so on... There are clearly semi-pros and it's the vast majority how what you name pros here, some graduated coaches from La Romagne or Les Loups d'Angers work in a 9 to 5 job while dedicating their night to an entrepreneur-coach way of making money by training youth in many different clubs between those 2 pro A teams.

says Fair play first
says Fair play first
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Jan 2012
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