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Sep 2022
Yinhe has been making a lot of blades recently, often these blades don't have any reviews.

i'd like to hear your opinion on these blades aswel, are there any other copies you find good or bad?

Pro 01 alc.
This blade is a copy of the popular viscaria blade, i own viscaria and timo boll alc. I'd say it is a bit slower and hard as viscaria, but with more flex. It has a high tolerance rate and feels very solid.

970xx ALC
This blade has the feeling of a stiff wood blade, but has the kick of ALC. Unlike buttetfly innerforce layer alc the ball doesn't drop down in the net sometimes because of the lack of speed. Backhand behind the table lacks some kick but the feeling is just awesome. Short game is easy, it doesn't pop up. Overall for myself this is the blade i like the most.

M202 [God of war]
Yinhe uses PLC carbon, which is suppose to be ZLC.
Although is has a similar feeling for sure, M202 has a higher speed for sure. It feels very solid, but not comfortable with tensor rubbers. When i glued 37d Hurricane 3 on it was much much better.

Purple dragon 537
Clipper wood but with a walnut top layer. It has amazing feeling with a soft backhand rubber. Speed is slow compared to carbon blades, but is faster then most all wood blades. It isn't as stiff as a regular stiga clipper which surprised me a lot. It flexes when you want, and creates a lot of spin.
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says The best time to learn table tennis was 10 years ago ...
Oct 2023
Though it isn't new, I would add v14 Pro to the list. Nice, stiff blade that plays like a TB ALC ... One thing I'd like to point out that the blades gives out very little feedback, something I prefer but others may not... so if you need a lot vibration from your blade, this might not be it...

The other is the Pro 05 Inner ZLC ... which am personally not a fan for the same reason with feedback... I've found this to give too much of it and found my palms buzzing with each shot :)
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