• Tables $1750

    Premium Compact CS

    Stiga Premium Compact CS The World Class table with the unique and safe Super Compact System. This model is ready assembled for playing. The...
  • Tables $1382

    World Champion TC

    The Donic World Champion TC Table Tennis Table was the official table of the 2006 Liebherr World Team Championships and 2007 Liebherr European...
  • Tables $900

    Premium Rollaway

    The Butterfly Premium Rollaway 19 has a 19mm playing surface suitable for locals league matches, competition, school and home use. • Perfect for...
  • Tables $1450

    Smash 28 R

    The Tibhar Smash 28/R is the table tennis table used at the 2007 World Championships, as well as the 1998 and 2002 European Championships. A 1.1"...
  • Showcourt

    STIGA's showcourt table tennis table.
  • Tables $1000

    Premium Roller

    A stable and very durable ITTF approved roller table. The CCS construction make the table ideal for clubs. Perfection in its design!
  • Tables $1100

    Expert Roller

    Stiga Table Tennis Table Expert Roller CSS indoor Table. An adaptable STIGA table tennis table with the ingenious, CSS roller construction.Perfect...
  • Tables $1200


    The 25mm Tough Coat/Tourna Surface top and Muscle Back features make it one of the sturdiest, more durable and best-made tables on the market.
  • Tables $1600

    Europa 25

    The Butterfly Europa 25 Anti Skid Table is a 25mm match table to Tournament level. The Butterfly Europa 25 Anti Skid Table is suitable for indoor...
  • Tables $1510

    Octet 25

    The Butterfly Octet 25 is top quality, heavy duty match table, designed for Clubs of Sports centres where there is ease of putting tables up and...
  • Tables $1750

    Centrefold Rollaway 25 Anti Skid

    The Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway 25 Anti Skid is a top quality model, with the new sky design. The Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway 25 Anti Skid is...
  • Duomat

    This is a competition table by Joola made in Germany. It is ITTF tested and approved for international competitions.
  • Tables $1140

    Persson 25

    Donic have developed a 25 mm high- quality top, which provides better contact between ball and table. Both table halves have a separate stable...
  • Tables $1025

    Waldner Classic 25

    Donic have developed a 25 mm top for a perfect bounce of the ball. Both table halves have a separate stable automatic undercarriage and a safety...
  • Tables $1300

    Dehli 25

    The Donic Dehli 25 Table Tennis Table has been used at many German and Austrian opens, this table has a 1" (25 mm) top for consistency of bounce...