• Shoes $90


    Stiga's 2014 shoe has been developed for the tough and intense movement patterns used in the modern game of table tennis. The shoe has extreme...
  • Shoes $105

    Wave Medal 4

    Mizuno's high performance table tennis shoe made in Japan used by professional players.
  • Shoes $105

    Wave Drive 6

    Mizuno shoes designed for table tennis players to withstand quick accerlration and movements in all levels of table tennis.
  • Shoes $200

    Energy Force 12

    Butterfly's cooperation with ASICS have produced high class table tennis shoes.The strong stability, firm grip and its dampening effect offer...
  • Shoes $210

    Energy Force 10

    Butterfly's Energyforce continue with the Energyforce 10. This is a high quality show from Asics and Butterfly to offer optimum stability and...
  • Shoes $60

    Blue Spirit

    Pretty much the same as Stiga Instinct with some minor cosmetic design differences (like blue motif). Very comfortable, sizes true. Very low...
  • Shoes $160

    Wave Drive Ace 2

    Mizuno';s latest trainers are cool and dry, with full length ventilation and are used by professional table tennis players.
  • Shoes $115

    Lezoline Sonic

    This lightweight and flexible shoe has been developed by Butterfly for the modern table tennis player.
  • Shoes $100

    Wave Drive 7

    Low to the ground table tennis shoes for quick movements. Heel wave plate and ap+ ensure optimal cushioning and lightweight properties...
  • Shoes $90

    Liner Shoe

    STIGA's latest table tennis shoe, the Liner. The upper part of the shoe is constructed with lightweight breathable material. The soles creates...
  • Shoes $114.99

    Lezoline Groovy

    The latest model of the popular Lezoline series. Designed specifically to meet the needs of table tennis players. Flexible and lightweight with...
  • Shoes $50

    Wave Medal

    The Mizuno Wave Medal shoes.
  • Shoes $65

    Petra Plus

    Nexy's latest shoes which are an upgrade to the Petra shoes. They are called the Nexy Petra Plus and are designed with good grip and durability...
  • Shoes $80

    UTOP 1

    Combines comfort, support and light weight, with the design enabling the shoe to be laced according to personal preference. The extremely grippy...
  • Shoes $70

    Attack Excounter TPA327

    ■ upper: body-artificial leather + synthetic fiber-reinforced-steel artificial leather ■ outer sole: rubber soles ■ inner sole: replace expression...
  • Shoes $65

    Petra Plus

    (From This is the Nexy Petra Plus logo Table Tennis shoe. These TT court shoes have the style and flash, plus they are very grippy...
  • Shoes $60


    Yasaka's luxury shoe for demanding table tennis players looking for maximum grip on all floor surfaces.
  • Shoes $90


    Comfortable feeling during long hours of activities thanks to VTUBE technology. Microfiber and extremely light material minimizes the deformation...
  • Shoes $90

    Gel Blade 5

    One of the best shoes for table tennis! Technology ASICS GEL produces excellent flexibility. These shoes are lighter version of Gel Court Control...
  • Shoes $150

    Energy Force VI EX

    • Powered by Asics • SoLyte - lighter weight than EVA or SPEVA midsole for added cushion • A-Gel mounted in the heel lessens impact on the feet &...
  • Shoes $125

    Energy Force X

    Butterfly's Energy Force X shoes.
  • Shoes $75

    Center Court

    As table tennis becomes faster every year, footwear must accommodate the need for increased quickness and speed. The importance of reacting and...
  • Shoes $80

    Instinct II

    INSTINCT II Specially developed innersole in soft EVA to give you maximum comfort. Instinct II has a unique and special made outsole that's...
  • Shoes $99


    The STIGA Premier shoes are perfect for table tennis! The design at the front gives perfect grip in length and sideways movement and the extra...
  • liner 2

    The upper part and toe cap in lightweight breathable material for extra durability. Increased softness and durability in the heel counter. Natural...
  • Footwork 18

  • Shoes $100

    Gel Court Control

    These shoes are simply amazing! Probably best shoes for table tennis! Technology ASICS GEL produces excellent flexibility. It has great tap sole...
  • Shoes $43

    Crossmatch Plio CN2

    Table tennis life you start out with one foot. Movements easy to entry-level models easy to wear Mizuno-made table tennis shoes New designs...
  • Shoes $75


    VTUBE is patent pending technology that allows the air to come in and out of shoe allowing the player's feet to stay cool.
  • Shoes $50


    The Donic Datona's shoes in lime green are very flexible with a breathable nylon mesh and supportive soft synthetic leather.
  • Shoes $80


    The Joola X-Speed table tennis show is a new quality performance shoe featuring a dampening sole for extra comfort.
  • Shoes $100

    Rapid Green

    Joola's new modern yet functional design has been developed to tailor the demands of the modern table tennis player. The sole is incorporated with...
  • Shoes $80

    Pro Swede

    Stiga's Pro Swede trainer as extra passing for the outer sole to support for fast movements. The shoe has perfect grip moving forward, backward...