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I changed from Tenergy 05 to this. Here’s what I found, having played with it for over 3 months now on my backhand.

The standouts on this rubber are the precision when blocking and counterpunching/looping.

I always found that Tenergy 05 required a (too) deft hand when blocking. You always have to be super precise with it.
Mistakes and errors of judgment get punished. This rubber shone where the 05 fell apart: during blocking and short pushes.
Coming from the 05, what a delight to find yourself suddenly having time on the ball and not having to worry too much about being precise.
Short pushes were suddenly really short and loaded with spin. Blocking, active blocking and counter looping was a blast.

The last thing that stands out is its trajectory. Like Dan mentioned in his video, you always have the same trajectory and the same contact on impact.
It does this so much better than the 05, where the rubber is like a trampoline if your technique/timing isn’t perfect. The trajectory is lower and shorter and on first sight you think your ball is going to drift long, using the same technique as 05, but the amazing thing is, it doesn’t. Even 3 months in, this is apparent.
This let’s you rip balls and go for shots, you wouldn’t dare with the 05. I put this difference mainly down to the hardness of the sponge, being a lot harder than 05.

Some cons? These are mainly concerned with your technique/timing. The rubber asks you to play your backhand in a very designated way:
1. Stay low. Don’t stand straight up, your ball will miss the table and your timing will be off.
2. Hit the ball just before or at the highest point. The rubber does the rest for you, don’t be afraid to hit early and you will be amazed at how much control you actually have.
3. Use your legs! This one is the most important one. If you are a player who just uses his arm to spin your backhand, this rubber is not for you. You need to use your whole body. The rubber is like an extension of your body, the more you put into it, the better the result.
4. Compact stroke. The dwell time is not as long as in the 05. It pings of the bat faster. This means that your stroke doesn’t need to be as long to get the most out of it. Slow, explosive strokes with the backhand are best, hence why this rubber shines in counterlooping and banana flicks.

Durability is on the same level as 05, however, this one plays really good right of the bat. You feel with 05 you need to get through the rubber a bit, before you get the maximum out of it, not this one.

Overall, I am deeply satisfied with the rubber. It does everything better than 05 in my eyes, and it has none of the drawbacks. I will be trying this rubber out for the FH as well. But maybe in between seasons, not right now.
With the release of Dignics, so shortly after the 05 hard, I feel like this rubber gets overlooked. A shame, really. It’s 25 percent cheaper than Dignics.

I would recommend this rubber to any aggressive player, looking for a stable hard hitting powerhouse of a rubber. This is most certainly not for a beginner, or developing player, rather for a player who wants a stable rubber to get exactly what he wants out of his shots.
A master of all, but a stubborn one at that.
  • Fast
  • Control
I didn't own the rubber myself as this is really quick and I don't play at that level of standard to tame the beast down :).
I got a chance to try it on one of friend's set up .
Blade : Butterfly Jun Mizutani
FH : T05 Hard
BH : T05 Hard

My the set up which i use is considerably slower Nittaku Ascoustic (FH : R47 BH : 42). So below is review from that point of comparision

Forehand counter : The set up was really fast so ball just sprung away too quickly. I didn't get time to feel the ball so ended up hitting longer.
After few adjustment i was able to get it right and felt my counters were very powerful but then i was hitting from one spot so most of the time i was in correct position. I doubt in match situation i can manage that with consistently.

Forehand loops : Again the loops were very spiny with low throw angle so many times i end up kissing the net (not bad in matches :p). I realize the importance of proper weight transfer when playing with this rubber as when i went slight off position my shots where all over the places.

Push/Chop : I am not much of chopper so can't comment on this aspect much. Pushes with rubber was bit tricky as i ended up over compensating it. The best part was the push went deep on the table making it difficult to loop.

Block/Punches : This is the area which it suited me the best as that is my forte. The blocks were very effective as ball traveled fast giving little time for opponent to react but again it required higher skills to block really spiny balls. Punch blocks were really fun not sure if the hard sponge helped it but i was able to punch with lot of power even above average spiny balls.

Control : It is very subjective as it varies from player to player but for my level i was always going to struggle.

So my take is this rubber is really good only if you have sufficient technique and really quick moment to get in correct positions.

I will stick to my set up and keep improving my technique before going all out :p
  • Speed
  • Rotation
  • Power
  • Price
  • Control
We inserted subtitles in English:
  • Good shortgame
  • Explosive loop
  • Good blocking
  • heavy
  • expensive
For this review, I will compare Tenergy 05 Hard (T05H) to the following rubbers I had played on my penhold ZJK ALC:

  • Hurricane 3 National BS (H3N) 40degree
  • Tenergy 05 (T05)
  • MXS

I play spin game most of the time and step away to mid distance for two-wing looping.


Power - T05H=H3N>T05>MXS
Spin - H3N>T05H>T05>MXS
Feel (medium impact) - T05>MXS>T05H>H3N
Feel (high impact) - T05=T05H>MXS > H3N

I expected the T05H to be faster and more spinny than T05 due to its harder sponge. It turned out as expected. Most of my topspin landed further than usual and it created a lot of trouble for my opponent to block. For spin, H3N is still the king. However, at high impact when looping at mid-distance, T05H is only slightly less spinny than H3N. The feel of the rubber improves as you hit or loop harder as you are breaking into the hard sponge.

Flat hit
Power - T05H>T05>MXS>H3N
As many of us expected, flat hitting with T05H is a joy when the ball travels at bullet speed. The consistency is also higher than tacky rubber as the angle of your racket does not need to be super precise.

Consistency - H3N>T05>T05H>MXS
I do FH flick near the net a lot. In this aspect, H3N tends to deliver a higher success rate due to the grippy topsheet. When I first flicked with T05H the ball went to the net a lot. Then I realized at low impact, the T05H topsheet doesn't grab the ball as well as the H3N. T05 is easier than T05H as a softer sponge is bouncier at low impact.

It took me a few games to adjust to T05H. To flick with T05H I had to brush less and hit more to lift the ball. Once you can flick the ball over the net, it is faster than with H3N but less spin.

Consistency - MXS>T05>T05H>H3N
The difference is very marginal once you've adjusted to the rubber. But overall the ones with softer sponge (T05 and MXS) means blocking is more linear than ones with harder sponge (T05H and H3N). Again, due to the powerful harder sponge, the ball may fly all the way out with T05H. You just need to close the angle a little. The difference is quite marginal.

Spin - H3N>T05H>T05>MXS
As I said, when it comes to spin, H3N is still king. No exception here. H3N delivered the most spinny shortest serve. I took me some time to adjust to T05H. But due to its harder sponge, it was easier to keep the ball short than with T05.

Service return
Again, H3N keeps the return low and short due to the grippy topsheet. T05H can still keep the ball low and short once you've put enough practice into it. In fact, T05H has one advantage over H3N - topsheet less sensitive to spin. I was surprised I kept my return nice and low when I was guessing the opponent's serve.
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  • High tension
  • Feels grippy
  • Heavy
Heyyyyy Guys! Here's our first ever unboxing video on TableTennisDaily, and what better way to start than with this the highly anticipated Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard! We will update this post with our review very soon!

In this video I give my initial impressions of the rubbers weight, sponge hardness and more!

  • Speed
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  • Cost
  • Price
  • Money
My friend bought the tenergy 05 hard and brand it into training the other day so I got to try it. My review is not completely valid yet until I try the rubber a bit more. I have used Tenergy 05 many times and this being the harder version is noticeable. It is different to Tenergy 05 in that the feel is more flat yet with a lot of spin.

It felt good with my forehand on playing hard shots. The backhand I thought it was to hard for my topspin on the backhand. This rubber strangely does require a lot of effort even though its fast. I think with Tenergy 05 it felt easier to produce fast, spin shots. It reminds me of the way you have to use more effort with Hurricane, this is how it felt when playing with the hard.

Anyways, I have only used it once, I will edit this review after using it a few more times.
  • Serve receive
  • blocking
  • overall quality
  • high cost
I’ve had a 20minute session with the T05 hard. It was mounted on a TBS ALC with T05 hard black (T05H) and T05R (regular?) so provided an easy comparison.
I am not great at explaining the idiosyncrasies so I’ll leave that to the expert reviewers.

Overall T05 hard has a high throw with a similar feel to H8, excellent at blocking and good on serve receive.

Those deep high topspin loops easier to generate with T05H than the more direct loops of the T05R.
When blocking, I didn’t have to be as precise in bat angle to keep ball on the table as with T05. This is great for me as blocking tends be a rush job during matches.
Speed. One point to consider, out of the box it feels slower, however, a big cause is that it has a much higher throw than the regular T05. This means that the ball takes a longer time before it bounces on the other side. Close the bat for a more direct shot and the difference is not that great.
Weight. It is said to be heavier than T05, however the bat I used for testing, TB AL with To5/T05 hard, felt about the same weight as my regular bat which weighs 189g.
One of my big problems in matches is trying to control incoming pendulum back/sidepin serves deep to my bh. I sometimes resort to push or chop the return. With the T05 regular I had much greater difficulty controlling the ball, win for T05H. Controlling short balls Timo-style is much easier than with T05R, due no doubt to the easier control of the rubber’s ‘bounciness’.
Personally, I can see the reasons that some top pros are reluctant to switch to T05H. It does require a slightly different technique to T05R. T05H is slower but gripper with less bounce.

Butterfly is on to a winner here. The playing characteristics are similar other hard sponge rubbers but different enough to be judged as unique.

My order has been placed for T05 hard. I don’t think I’ll be using Hurricane for now………that is…. until.