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  • Rubbers $55

    MX-K Hard

    New MX-K Hard rubber
  • Tables $1450

    Smash 28 R

    The Tibhar Smash 28/R is the table tennis table used at the 2007 World Championships, as well as the 1998 and 2002 European Championships. A 1.1"...
  • Rubbers $27


    Typical chinese rubber with adhering-gluing surface. Topspins are no problem with this rubber, because it confers an excellent ball control. With...
  • Rubbers $58

    Grip-S Europe

    Grip-S Europe was developed in combination with Vladimir Samsonov and adapted to his personal requirements in order to produce a high-performance...
  • Rubbers $55

    Nimbus Sound

    Thanks to the new SPI technology the playing sensation and sound is highly emphasised. The extremely soft sponge gives this rubber an...
  • Rubbers $26

    Hybrid K2

    - HYBRID K2 - the new generation of Chinese "Hybrid rubbers - made in Germany - issued from the development of the K1 and K1 Plus pimple rubbers...
  • Clue

    *VOC - free water based glue on water basis and natural caoutchouc *Meets the ITTF guidelines *Easy application thanks to the integrated brush...
  • Blades $35

    E. Lebesson

    The blade of the European Champion 2016 in single and French National Champion 2009, Emmanuel Lebesson stands for modern, athletic attacking table...
  • Rubbers $54

    5Q VIP

    Many years of development and researches were put at profit; we conceived this pimple rubber with a newly developed rubber mixture to further...
  • Rubbers $53

    Quantum S

    Tibhar's latest rubber in 2015 the soft version of the Quantum. The newly designed rubber surface provides maximum catapult and thus supports the...
  • Blades $36

    Allround Classic

    Light Allround blade of classical construction and an exceptional balance between speed, control and ball feeling thanks to the special...
  • Blades $39

    Defense Plus

    The TIBHAR specialists for defensive play have developed a blade which makes life easier. This blade remains light although it features a bigger...
  • Blades $29


    The ideal blade for the passive, defensive player, looking for maximum braking effects and ball control. Combined to a sponge rubber, this 3-ply...
  • Blades $41

    IV-L Light Contact

    This TIBHAR allround classic presents itself as an ALL/OFF blade due to the applied ‘Contact light System’. It is lighter although it has a bigger...
  • Blades $41

    IV-L Balsa

    TIBHAR has made a superior Allround blade of the newest generation. This blade has principally been designed for players who are looking for good...
  • Blades $41


    The very specific plywood combination gives its distinguished identity to this soft and fast blade. TIBHAR IV-L is just different from normal...
  • Blades $41


    This blade offers you an extraordinary ball feeling having its own character among offensive blades. It is a soft and fast blade which gives you a...
  • Blades $44

    Samsonov Premium Contact

    Vladimir Samsonov put together this plywood layer combination producing a perfectly balanced offensive blade. The grip ‘Contact light System’ and...
  • Blades $53

    Icon (Sensitec)

    Sensitive, light and handy blade for the spirit-minded players who like to play a wider range of spin strokes, without loss of precision and...
  • Blades $53

    Xeon (Sensitec)

    Sensitive offensive blade, Xeon was not primarily developed for an offensive game without compromise, but more for a variable attacking game...
  • Blades $67

    Sigma Sensitec

    The Sigma blade is fast due to its especially glued plies but remains under good control thanks to the Sensitec system. Very precise and powerful...
  • Blades $53

    Stratus Power Defence

    This relatively hard defense blade was built for a modern defensive game. The blade head is a little bit bigger than the norm. This light-weight...
  • Blades $47

    Nimbus All

    This blade was especially created for the spin dynamic ALL/OFF game and is characterized by its balanced ratio of speed versus control. With this...
  • Blades $47

    Nimbus Off

    This 6-ply offensive wood remains very controllable even at high speed. It is developed for the modern offensive game style and makes large spin...
  • Blades $138


    Like its brother, H-3-9 is a 100%-made from Hinoki and is a 3-ply wood: two external thinner layers and one thicker central layer increase the...
  • Blades $138


    We changed the design, the racket shape and weight of this legendary wood in order to adapt it to the modern offensive game. The rough edges of...
  • Blades $80

    Rapid Carbon Light

    It combines the lightness and extraordinary playing sensation of Balsa heart veneers with the power and precision of high-tech carbon fibres. It...
  • Blades $77

    Samsonov Carbon

    Developed in association with Vladimir Samsonov, this blade is uncompromising. It is the ideal blade for players willing to dominate the table...
  • Blades $45

    IV-L SGS

    Our classical IV-L and IV-S are now also available with a newly developed comfort grip system, the so-called SGS (Sponge-grip-system). With IV-L...
  • Blades $50

    Samsonov Alpha SGS

    Fine 5-ply wood meant for the diversified and attacking offensive allrounder. It impresses by an extraordinary ball control and the optimal speed...
  • Blades $51

    Balsa SGS

    Balsa SGS is the perfect mix between lightness and offensiveness, conferring an extraordinary ball rebounce and direction. It is the ideal blade...
  • Blades $48

    Texo All

    5-ply classical Allround wood based on control and stability, TEXO ALL is perfectly adapted to controlled, variable, spin-oriented strokes. It...
  • Blades $69

    Texo Off

    Elegant and powerful off-blade with an outstanding control, it sticks out in an offensive game and in ball exchanges one likes to dictate himself...
  • Blades $110

    Texo C7

    7-ply carbon wood loaded with lots of sensation and outstanding topspin qualities, TEXO C7 confers a good control thanks to it soft ply heart...
  • Blades $55


    7-ply wood meant for the classical offensive player, the high speed and decisiveness enable to put a lot of pressure on the adversary at...
  • Blades $55


    Ideal 7-ply wood meant for the offensive game. Although Curious has no synthetic fibres, it is extremely fast. The orientation of the Ayous layers...
  • Blades $104

    White Sword

    Many players judge carbon fibre offensive blades as secure and stable blades in the service. They increase the Sweetspot (optimised ball/bat...
  • Blades $67

    Red Cypress

    Red Cypress was developed for the offensive player looking for a blade offering a wide range of playing possibilities. It confers soft service and...
  • Rubbers $45

    Extra Long

    This half-long pimple rubber guarantees an excellent control while granting at the same time a great potential to create disturbing effects. These...
  • Rubbers $48

    Grass Ultra

    Grass Ultra is a long-pimple rubber with an adhering surface (complies with the new ITTF‘s regulation). The newly developed rubber surface permits...
  • Rubbers $50


    The wave of these longest Japanese pimples at bat-ball-contact compares to the wave of the grass in the wind. These extreme long and soft Japanese...
  • Rubbers $50

    Speedy Soft D.TecS

    We combined the short pimples of Speedy Soft with the proven D.TecS technology. The result is astonishing because the short pimples do not only...
  • Rubbers $45

    Speedy Soft

    Ball control, speed, pimple effect - these are the most important characteristics for players who want to play an active, fast and always...
  • Rubbers $13


    Due to the adhering surface and the soft sponge, this rubber is especially adapted to the Allround game with rotation variations.
  • Rubbers $13

    Learn Spin

    This rubber was especially created for learning different stroke techniques. The grippy surface combined with a soft sponge provides the necessary...
  • Rubbers $22


    Unbeatable Allround rubber ‘Made in Germany’ at a very competitive price: this rubber possesses a lot of energy. The controlled Allrounder has a...
  • Rubbers $27


    TIBHAR Dang was developed for TIBHAR by Chinese technological experts and adapted to European play by European top coaches. The grippy rubber...
  • Rubbers $33


    This anti-topspin and anti-rotation rubber with disturbing effects is different because of its breaking effect thus conferring an unequalled ball...
  • Rubbers $37

    Rapid Soft

    The soft version of the classical Rapid rubber. Its construction is based on a sponge with a big portion of synthetic caoutchouc parts, which at...
  • Rubbers $37


    The most classical of all offensive TIBHAR rubbers! The mid-soft sponge and the extremely elastic surface make Rapid in 2.0 mm and max. a very...

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