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      Tournament Prep Help

      I have a tournament in several days and am wondering how to prepare.Specifically i had questions about:
      1. What should i restrict my diet too?
      2.What should i eat/drink during the tourney?
      3. Does it make sense to practice the night before?
      4. Any specific mental preparations which have helped you?
      5. Any other tips. Even more well known tips like sleeping well are very much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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      What helps me most of all is to rest a LOT and be as well rested as I can possibly be. No "difficult days" that week if at all possible and no intensive training either for a few days, just warmup exercises here and there and short, light, sessions.
      Lots of stretching, lots of 'release' type exercises.

      For me rest and sleep, coming fresh, is the best mental preparation.

      I eat chicken and rice and stuff like that, nothing fatty, but not like, fruit juice cleanses and new agey crap like that either. Just eating well and not fatty.

      That's it really.

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