1. Anti spin rubber

    I play in my local club and i start beat more people than usual, but one kid in my club have anti spin rubber on his bh and i really struggle play against him, and so my other friends that in my level or higher, i heard that they struggle with fast dead serve, is it true? Anyone have any tips?
  2. Anti spin

    Does anti spin reverse backspin, or just topspin?
  3. 729 Friendship anti counterfeit code link?

    Can somebody give me the link to the 729 Friendship anti counterfeit verification system? I have been on their web site but I can not find it...
  4. Anti or long pimpled rubber vs fast rubber like tenergy

    My son age 9 yrs is playing pro tt. He wants to make a career in TT . Shd he shift to anti on side & fast rubber on other . I was told that he shd do it at young age only . Pls advice .
  5. Blade recommendation from Butterfly for Frictionless Anti Rubber

    My clubmate has decided to try Frictionless Anti (he currently plays a long pimple blocking game). He is an older gentleman who's not so good at the internet so asked me to find out some information for him. Our club is sponsored by Butterfly and we get discount on Butterfly goods which is why...
  6. Anti-Speed. Der-materialspezialist | Rubber Review

    I made review Anti-Speed 2.0 rubber from Der MaterialSpezialist. I think the rubber is between normal rubbers and pimples. Enjoy the video and please let me know what you think about the video. All the best!
  7. Anti-Power dilemma

    BACKGROUND - I played with Mark V and Anti-Power on Stiga Classic Allround at school and now after 15 years I've restarted playing. I've put new Donic Coppa X2 and new Yasaka Anti-Power on same old blade. DILEMMA - Currently I play after office hours at club level. People have started reading...
  8. Dr. Neubauer Rhino Anti Spin - review youtube

  9. Playing against pips or anti spin

    Hi TTD players. Raise your hand if you are tired of being defeated by equipment that you haven't trained against enough;). I'll raise mine first. What I'd like to ask is if there is a definitive guide out there for strategy against pips players? From serve to rally. I understand that the...
  10. Playing against Anti Spin Rubbers

    Hi All, I'm after your advice again....... I have a match coming up where one of the players seems to have anti-spin rubbers... well I say that loosely as his rubbers are probably about 10+ years old and have no grip on them whatsoever !!!! What are the theories of playing with someone who...
  11. anti spin rubbers

    Does anyone know any good article about tactics when playing against anti-spin rubber opponent ? Or maybe You have some tips ? I am talking about player that is playing with anti spin on bh, but has great aggresive fh (and is left handed ><).
  12. Anti Rubbers

    Do pro players use anti spin? One of my co-players told me that i should give up anti spin rubber because pro players doesnt use it. and that it wont level up my game. Any thought? thank you!
  13. FS Der Materialspezialist Transformer Anti

    Sold Sold!!
  14. The Anti-Cho Technique

    Sometimes, players will often "CHO" after winning a point. I always wondered, and this may seem silly, but what if you "Choed" when your opponent "Choed"? Wouldn't your opponent be confused and you will be pumped up, eventually winning the game?
  15. anti topspin and long pips

    I'm looking for (high level)match videos between attackers and anti/ long pips players, to learn from. Hoping for some links.
  16. advice, best anti spin rubber.

    Hi tt friends, I have small favor to ask you. You guys who are playing with anti spin, what you can recommend as best rubber of this kind. I read that Dr. Neubauer gorrila and Der Materialspaz Nightmare are top in the class. What do you think? Can smbd enlighten me or give me pros and cons...
  17. Tactics against players with a anti topspin rubber

    Tactics against players with an anti topspin rubber Sometimes I encounter an opponent with a strong forehand and with anti on the bh side and be able of turning the bat all the time. Because I have to play them occasionally I make alot of mistakes (pushes too high/net, hitting over the...
  18. Anti Spin- Super Anti, Anti Power, etc

    Hello guys! My friend has recently started using Yasakas Anti Power rubber... And he asked if i knew some popular player beside Amelie Solja that is playing with this kind of rubbers. So if u have some youtube video, please post below, i would appreciate it very much! :)
  19. Spin vs anti and pips out

    Could you guys show me or tell me how to spin a ball from a anti and pips out? because when I try to spin it the ball either sink to the net or fly out of the table.... And it just makes me lower my attacking rate in every game that I encounter anti rubbers and pips out.. -__-.. HELP me please
  20. Tactics against an anti spin player

    Hi guys, Any one who knows to play against an anti spin player please give me some tactics. And is it true when we serve a fast no spin serve is it hard to take for the anti spin player???:confused:Looking for your advise..:):):)