1. Allround classic vs Allround Evolution

    I’m an advanced beginner trying to move away from 5-ply Korbel to something more controlled and forgiving to help perfect my technique. What’s considered the better blade the stiga allround classic or the stiga allround evolution. I appreciate they’re pretty similar
  2. HELP!

    Hi all, I played table tennis on and off in my early teens but never committed to it. I'm 18 and I started playing again early last year and have fallen in love. I currently play with a petr Korbel allwood off; I don't have any particular issues with the blade but as its the first blade I've...
  3. Palio TCT or Yinhe T4s?

    So both of them are supposed to be two of the stiffest blades out there, but their composition is still completely different. So which one have you used? What can you tell me about it? Or if both, what are the differences? Thanks.
  4. Training with my OLD Stiga Carbonado

    Hello 👋 TTD family, I was testing other blade and it's strong 💪 But I know it. Can you guess it? Hearing the sound, looking the arc and ball placement will give you an idea for sure.
  5. Information about older (special) blades

    Hi everyone. I talked with someone recently about my blade, and we came over an interesting subject. As I am fairly new to table tennis and even newer to table tennis equipment, I wanted to see if there would be some people capable of helping me. The person who I talked with told me that there...
  6. Has anyone tried Kokutaku graphene blades?

    Can you compare those blade with Butterfly blades, i heard that graphene AC has the same structure with Viscaria and ZC has the same structure with Jun ZLC. Thanks.
  7. All+/Off- blades with Hinoki top veneers and inner/outer composition layers

    Hi Everyone, Looking for some blades with quality Hinoki outer veneers, with either inner or outer carbon or composition layers. Classed as Off- or All+ I believe Loki ‘God of War’ range (think it’s GOW2) has such a blade, looking for similar alternatives. any help appreciated;)
  8. DHS TG blades

    Hi, I am trying to find the info on TG blade family made by Double Happiness. I've been browsing through internet for quite some time but I am struggling to find much info. I would really like to know about the differences between blades. They seem to be affordable quality blades that DHS...
  9. Blades: viscaria vs timo boll alc vs innelforce ALC.S which is better? and the fastes

    I am among these three woods, I don't know which one to choose, I have always played with primorac carbon, but I would like to maintain that speed with another wood, I have those options, which one would you recommend and with which rubbers? that is fast and controllable.
  10. Table Tennis Blades

    What is the most comfortable and ergonomic table tennis blade you've ever played with and why?
  11. Why are most Balsa blades small in comparison to other blades?

    Belated happy holidays to everyone here I am planning on purchasing a custom blade and got curious regarding the Balsa blades. I have at Yinhe t11, Spinlord ultra V balsa, and tsp 8.5. These blades have smaller size than other blades. I was going to go with a Balsa blade with a regular 157x150...
  12. Different handle colors on Darker blades

    Hi there, I have just received a second Darker 5P-2A blade and was quite astonished that the color of the handle differed significantly from my first one. Whereas the first blade has a chocolate brown handle this one has a sand colored one (see picture). They almost look like two different...
  13. FS: Multiple Blades

    Hello everyone, I am selling some equipment that I no longer use or have never used. If you are interested, you can always send me a message via chat. Then we can reach an agreement together. If you would like more pictures, you can always contact me via chat. Xiom Ice cream AZXi: Never used...
  14. Stiga new blades for 2021 1-3 LGL blades Green handle inner carbon blade 1300rmb one after the green handle- cow year blade carbonado 45 gold- viscaria gold vibes xuxin gold
  15. Stiga Dynasty Carbon, Opinions and similar blades

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask You about your opinions on Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin edition blade. I watched a video on TTD channel and I am interested in buying one for myself. Is somebody here using this blade or ex user? Also how does this blade compare to blades like Butterfly Innerforce...
  16. Yeo7/yeo7power/ml hard carbon all same blades?

    I grew very fond of the MLEO as this was my first blade every used but as time went by I find that it lacks umph eventually causing me to switch to carbon blades Now I came to a cross roads where these three blades has appeared and they all seem to be the same blade but rebranded Extra...
  17. Same rubber in different blades

    So I used a rakza X on malin soft carbon backhand and I really like the flicks, speed, and the overall of the rubber, but it is black because the seller glued it to me, and now I am with a fango bo x and the backhand rubber is a bluefire m2 and I think its really soft and I was considering to...
  18. FS-NBlades: Handmande Blades by Nico_03

    Hello, I create this thread to post the blades I want to sell. When the blades are sold I will post a message and the next day I will delete the posts to not confused forumers
  19. Inner carbon blades

    Is there any another good option for a inner carbon blade other than 301 about that price range, even acoustic inner would work. I want to keep it for very long. I have access to a lot of sword, yinhe and other chinese products.
  20. Tibhar's catalogue ratings and CCA7

    Hello to everyone, After trying to find a blade that fits my style through Tibhar's catalogue I found CCA7, which caught my attention. My style includes heavy forehand Topspins and a lot of underspins services. Most winning points in matches are due the inability of opponent to estimate the...