1. CNT's Mock Olympics

    Was asked to post details of the Chinese National Team's (CNT) Olympics preparation matches in a separate thread so here it is. My Chinese is not the best so please pardon any translation errors. I have attached the original sources as well so that others can verify the accuracy of the...
  2. Why do CNT players still use carbonado 45 if theres 245?

    Why do CNT players still use carbonado 45 if theres 245? I thought 45 was less powerfull then 245 and even 145. Is it because 45 has a more woody feeling? Is 45 more flexible?
  3. Chinese CNT should not be aloud to play due to support of criminal government.

    I am proposing for CNT to be suspended from any of the international participation due to quite support of their criminal government. The Chinese impersonated 2 millions of Uyghur Muslims in concentration campuses and destroying their villages,towns and small cities with entire history culture...
  4. CNT's WTTC Warm-Up Matches

    As mentioned elsewhere, CNT has the tradition of holding 'warm-up' matches before each major competition. In preparation for WTTC later this month, a total of 18 matches will be held to assess the form of the registered players. Seems like the opponents selected are meant to mimic either i)...
  5. CNT Coaches Roster 2019 & Introduction of Performance Appraisal

    CNT Literacy Blaster Series CNT Coaches Roster 2019 & Introduction of Performance Appraisal Either men's/women's coaching staff which doesn't pass the performance appraisal -> Commander-in-chief LGL forfeits a year's worth of salary CNT Coaches Roster Men's Headcoach - Qin Zhijian A-team...
  6. CNT's spring festival gala CNT's spring festival gala 3 th Feb MaLong DN was emcee MaLin WH WLQ CQ QYK's talk show FZD XX's song SYS/SMY LGY/LJK FB/YA's guess riddle and imitation show... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!
  7. Font on CNT shirts

    Does anyone know the font of the player's names on the back of the CNT shirts?
  8. Fan Zhendong still wears Mizuno, though Li Ning is CNT‘s main supplier

    Seems like the new World Cup Champ still prefers his old Mizunos. I guess Li Ning is not amused :D
  9. Breaking News | Liu Guoliang is back!

    Breaking News! China Table Tennis association committee transition preparing woring group is established, Liu Guoliang as group leader, group member also include Wang Liqing and Qin Zhijian. Liu Guoliang is back! LGL posted on SNS: "Fight for Tokyo2020, 666 days later." QZJ posted:"666...
  10. [CNT Tutorial] Ep 8: Fan Zhendong's FH Back-to-back Quick Loop

    Per member Fabian's request. This one didn't take long to finish but it took me a while to start working on it since Hong Kong was blessed by Typhoon Mangkhut a week ago.
  11. 【Those funny Sidelights you don't know about CNT】

    XuXin is shortsighted,he usually wear glasses,but except on the match.Fangbo said"i don't even know how he could see the ball." from then on XX is called "No.1 blind player."by fans. ZJK is said dated with LiuShiwen when they were young,first love, but now he is dating with actress Jintian...
  12. CNT Warm-up Tournament for Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games

    CNT will hold warm-up tournament towards the end of closed training in preparation for Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games. The tournament will be held on Aug 18-19 in Chengdu, including mixed doubles and team events.
  13. CNT and Liu Guoliang current situation

    Hi all, What's the current situation of Liu Guoliang? He will never will be a coach anymore? Even a personal coach? Heard they removed the head coach. Best regards, Eduardo Bagarrão
  14. Even Guo Yue Wants A Word with the CNT

    In the morning hours of the 5th, after DN lost in the match against Soo Wai Yam Minnie the night before, Guo Yue posted her opinions on Weibo. (Why blame injury every time after a loss? Always say not prepared well? Is it because the team is too forgiving or pampering? Is it an excuse or a...
  15. Which 3 non-CNT players form a strongest team in CNT players' opinions?

    Table Tennis World Magazine (CTTA) has interviewed CNT players who will attend 2018 WTTTC and asked them to pick 3 non-CNT players to form a strongest international team against China. XX: 3 is not enough. I can name a dozen. Non-CNT players have improved a lot recently. WMY: It is hard to...
  16. CNT trial for World Tours

    In a recent CNT trial for World Tour events, 4 players out of 10 were qualified to Bulgaria and Czech Open in August. They are Ma Te the chopper, Zhu Linfeng the short pip player, Zheng Peifeng and Zhao Zihao the two penholders, respectively. Now finally Ma Te is able to play in...
  17. CNT trial for WTTTC this week

    Since CTTA announced new qualification rules for major tournaments, core players do not need to attend trials and U21 players get more chances. For the upcoming 2018 WTTTC, Ma Long / Fan Zhendong / Xu Xin & Ding Ning / Liu Shiwen / Zhu Yuling are selected based on their results at 2017...
  18. CNT Apparel at Qatar Open 2018

    From what I can see on the streams the CNT is running around with new shirts. Is there any place that is selling them already? Or atleast someone who has closeup pictures of the shirts and shorts?
  19. How many CNT faces do you recognize in their Chinese New Year celebration dinner

    Feb 16 is Chinese New Year (Year of Dog). Before the holiday break, CNT players had a dinner together to celebrate. Ma Long, Yan An, Zhou Yu, etc. all shared this photo. How many faces do you recognize? BTW, Liu Guoliang is back! He and Ma Long, Ding Ning, Fan Zhendong, Lin Gaoyuan and Wang...
  20. Boycott effects-CNT men's team excluded from the longlist of 2017 CCTV Sports Awards

    CCTV has announced the longlist of candidates for 2017 CCTV Sports Personality Awards including Best Athlete of the Year, Best Coach of the Year, Best Pair of the Year, Best Team of the Year, Best Newcomer of the Year, and so on. CCTV Sports Personality Awards (from 2001) are considered the most...