1. Oh Sang Uhn Becomes Korea National Men's Team Head Coach

    According to a news release by Korean TT news outlet "The Ping Pong"... Oh Sang Uhn will become the new Korean Men's National Team HEAD COACH. Use your web browser TRANSLATE function... article is in KOREAN.
  2. Anyone know video coach Ti Long?

    I have discovered the videos of Ti Long which have English subtitles. He is a great coach and his videos are well worth watching. In one he explains about using fingers to increase spin - some coaches mention squeezing fingers but he talks about screwing or unscrewing a bottle top to make the...
  3. Olympian Coach Giving me Multiball

    I find it interesting how little people practice multiball. My coach always gives me half the lesson with multiball, and he said during his peak, his coach would do the same thing. Here's a highlight of the practice!
  4. I got coached by Timo Boll's coach!

    Hey guys, so something completely different today, when I was shooting a video with Timo last year comparing Dignics 05 to Tenergy 05 I was lucky enough to have a session with the German National Team sports director Richard Prause. Richard has coached Timo for many years and is now working with...
  5. What is the best Technology that a Table Tennis player of a coach can use?

    Lets discuss the best new technology that we can use to improve our skills in table tennis? Any suggestion
  6. If you are a coach. What equipment would you recommend for beginners?

    Hi!:) I am a coach only once a week and I would love to hear from other coaches or players with experience what you would recommend to a beginner. And I referring to beginners who have played perhaps 1-3 years, in age 7-15 years old. I guess the age really doesn't matter but still... I have...
  7. Trying to get a personal coach

    Hi, I've just registered on this site. Seems to be a wealth of information. I'm trying to find a coach in the Shropshire, Herefordshire Uk counties. I would like regular one to one coaching sessions to improve as I've started to play in local leagues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Can those machines replace a real coach?

    Coaches are expensive =/
  9. Hi all i recently used learn about yin pai from my coach and nothing to do with yt

    what is the best way of using it for each stroke im getting use to using it on forehand, backhand , service , flick and smash but not block and is there a way to make it stonger excersize wise?
  10. Lesson for Backhand Topspin by CHN Coach

    Jus a few minues, Updated for Backhand Topspin by this lesson from Chinese Coach
  11. Backhand Rally Level-up with CHN coach

    Backhand Rally Training with Chinese coach and then level-up dramatically? Really?
  12. Shanghai Coach's Backhand Grip

    How to grip for Backhand by Chinese Coach?
  13. Need Help on getting a good combination rubber for Donic Black Devil

    Hi All, I currently use mark V as BH and GKI hybrid gx as FH on Donic Blackdevil, Was looking for an upgrade with a better combination for the same blackdevil ply, please share your thoughts. -Amit
  14. Multi-Ball Training with Chinese Coach

    Training & Training, then Rest and Training!
  15. vs Chinese Cutie Coach (CHN Penholder) Cutie Face, But Merciless Table Tennis from HER! Please enjoy this match video!
  16. Impact of Backhand Topspin with CHN Coach How to improve the impact for Backhand Topspin? Very Short Video, but helpful to you with my wish.
  17. Body-Turn to improve Topspin by Chinese Coach's lesson Two Chinese Women coaches visit to S.Korea. and I'd asked to them teach my TT friends in Korea. This is the video for this. Please enjoy it.
  18. Salary part time coach

    Hello! I have been playing tabletennis for almost 20 years, and have been a part time coach for a little more than 10 years. Today i am a part time coach for kids 2, 3 times a week. 3 groups everytime, with a total of almost 4 hours. I am interesting in what my salary per hour should be...
  19. [LHTT #72_CHN Coach Lesson] Forehand Flick Part1
  20. [LHTT #71_CHN Coach Lesson] Footwork Training