1. Why are most Balsa blades small in comparison to other blades?

    Belated happy holidays to everyone here I am planning on purchasing a custom blade and got curious regarding the Balsa blades. I have at Yinhe t11, Spinlord ultra V balsa, and tsp 8.5. These blades have smaller size than other blades. I was going to go with a Balsa blade with a regular 157x150...
  2. DHS Long V and Ovtcharov/Original No.1 structure comparison

    I've heard couple of street legends about who really produces Donic Original/Ovtcharov No.1. I don't want to make any suggestions or spread any misinformation so I will prevent myself from sharing my conclusion. I just want to share every information I gathered so far. I don't own an Long V at...
  3. Xiom Omega 7 China Ying and Butterfly Dignics 09c Comparison Test

    XIOM OMEGA 7 CHINA YING VERSUS BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 09C I thought I was going crazy buying the Butterfly Dignics 09c just to test it side by side with the Xiom Omega 7 China Ying but here I am posting this review. I will be comparing these 2 with other rubbers as I go along with the...
  4. review and comparison; bluesponge hurricane 3 vs dignics 09c vs 37 degree hurricane 3

    hey guys, Another gem here from emiri. Video review of blue sponge hurricane 3, dignics 09c and red 37 degree hurricane 3 Wonder where she got her hands on that 37 degree red hurricane 3
  5. Blade Comparison

    Good Day! Can you guys compare these blades in terms of spin, control, and speed. Based on your preference. Nittaku Acoustic TSPW Petr Korbel Azalea Offensive Xiom Offensive S Virtuoso OFF- Thank you :o
  6. Blade Comparison

    Hello, I am new to TableTennisDaily. Before I begin the discussion, I would like to mention that I played for 3 years, consecutively, 4 days a week. Ever since I relocated, I have not practiced, and it has been about 3 years; however, I am returning to the game, and realizing that my view on...
  7. Comparison between ALC and ZLF

    What is ZLF? "ZLF is pure Zylon, and is about $50 a square yard in raw fabric, with good hardener costing about $20. It is just named ballistic zylon, which means that only zylon is in it. It is sold in a weave pattern." (iliketurtles, 10-12-2011) What is ZLC? "ZLC is a carbon-zylon weave, and...
  8. Official Durability Comparison of D05 and T05

    Pics from the shop owners invited to the Butterfly Spring 2019 Fair.
  9. Rubber Comparison

    I'm getting to the stage where I need to renew the rubber on my blade. I'm using a Yasaka Sweden Extra blade which I like and am trying to decide between Xiom Vega Europe and Yasaka Raksa 7 Soft. Can anybody familiar with these 2 rubbers please tell me the likely differences in performance...
  10. Hurricane 3 Comparison

    After last year's EJ phase, I've come to feel that I really do enjoy playing with Chinese tacky rubber for my FH. In this thread, I'm hoping to gather opinions from everyone who plays H3 on FH about various versions of H3 you have played. There are so many variations of the Hurricane rubbers...
  11. 5ply blades comparison

    Hello, does anybody has an experience with below listed blades? It would be great if you could compare them. Avalox BT550 Butterfly Korbel Butterfly Primorac Stiga Infinity VPS V Stiga Rosewood V Xiom Offensive S Tibhar Stratus Power Wood Thank you in advance
  12. Yasaka Rakza X Soft vs Rakza 7 Soft - Comparison

    Hello table tennis world! I try to quick compare Rakza X Soft and Rakza 7 Sot from Yasaka. In this video I using red rubber 7 Soft and black is X Soft. Hope You like the video. Thank You.
  13. Stiga Offensive Wood NCT - Butterfly Primorac OFF comparison

    Anyone can compare these 2 blades for me? Stiga Offensive Wood NCT Butterfly Primorac OFF ty
  14. STIGA Infinity VPS V, Clipper or Offensive Classic?

    Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I'm a new member here and this is my first ever post, and it's an equipment question. I recently stopped playing wth my Timo Boll ALC blade because it's too fast and I wanna play with a slower racket with a lot more control, but capable of looping very...
  15. DHS Hurricane 3, DHS Skyline 2 Neo, and Yasaka Rakza 7 Comparison

    Hey, Can anybody compare these rubbers? I've only played with one (Rakza 7). Thanks for any answer :)
  16. OSP Virtuoso- Cpen handle size comparison with Clipper or YEO

    Hi there Anyone with the OSP Virtuoso offensive- blade CPEN ? How is the handle size compare to Clipper CR WRB or YEO? Clipper WRB handle is wide and fit more well for my long and bigger size fingers. Thanks...
  17. DHS LONG 3 OR DHS LONG 5, Differences, Comparison?

    Good Morning, Table tennis daily community, This is my first post, so please treat me kindly, Im meddling between this 2 blades. Biggest difference between the two in term of looping and control?, reading reviews, im guessing LONG V is faster, but what else?. My style of play Shakehand -...
  18. T05 and MX-P comparison.

    I need infos from these great rubbers please satisfy my EJ sense hahahaha
  19. Is Racewalking a Sport? Interesting comparison to table tennis

    This was quite an interesting short video with some obvious comparisons to table tennis rules and their enforcement:
  20. Sponge Softness Comparison

    I'm curious to know how the sponge on the Tenergy 80fx compares to the sponge on the Tibhar Aurus Sound, are they of similar softness or is there a noticeable difference. I currently use the Aurus Sound in 1.7mm on my FH and just wondering if I might get more out of the 80fx. Playing style is...