1. Stiga Dynasty Carbon, Opinions and similar blades

    Hello Guys, I would like to ask You about your opinions on Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin edition blade. I watched a video on TTD channel and I am interested in buying one for myself. Is somebody here using this blade or ex user? Also how does this blade compare to blades like Butterfly Innerforce...
  2. FS: Stiga Dynasty Carbon CPEN

    Hi everyone, I want to sell a Stiga Dynasty Carbon, the blade which Xu Xin is using as c-penhold grip. I bought it this year in March and tested it for three weeks, so it is in a 9,9/10 condition. The two Xiom Vega Pro are both in max and used, I can either remove them or just include them into...
  3. Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition

    I sell Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition at 190,00€ as technical features: The speed is similar to that of an innerforce Bty. Layers: 5 + 2 Wood composition: Koto, spruce, Textreme + - AYOUS - Textreme +, spruce, Koto. Balancing 12 cm from the head. Concave handle Master Purchased on...
  4. FS/FT: Xu Xin Dynasty Carbon FL 98g

    Used for one session and I thought it was too heavy for my liking, so please beware that it is on the heavy side for weight. That being said it is perfectly new condition except I have sanded the wings down a slight bit. Since retail is $270, my asking price is $250. Or I am willing to trade for...
  5. STIGA Dynasty Blade Review | Xu Xin Edition

    Hey guys! Here's our latest review of the new high end blade by STIGA, the Dynasty! We take a look at the Xu Xin and regular edition, which was developed by both STIGA and Xu Xin. Enjoy the review :) Have you tried this blade yet? Any questions let us know in the comments.
  6. LF: Acoustic Carbon Inner, Violin Carbon, Violin Carbon Inner, Dynasty Carbon

    LF: Acoustic Carbon, Acoustic Carbon Inner, Violin Carbon Greetings! i am looking for the following blade listed on the title. I prefer FL Large Handle.
  7. Best Rubbers for XU XIN DYNASTY CARBON

    Hi, I am looking to buy xu xin dynasty carbon blade. Should i go for hard rubbers with it or medium hard ones? Does the blade have good control?How would it pair with tenergy 05?
  8. FS: Stiga Dynasty Carbon - almost new

    FS: Stiga Dynasty Carbon - sold Sold
  9. Stiga Dynasty, Def Pro, Def Classic blades

    Stiga Dynasty (Special Xu Xin Edition) Weight: 89 grams Plies: 7(Koto-Textreme+ - ayous-ayous) Thickness: 5.79mm Speed: Off to Off+Hardness: Medium Stiff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aozWc5IL6oc Finally after a few months of waiting for this blade, I have it in my hands! So much hype has...