1. Rubbers for beginner Chinese vs European

    Hi all, I have been playing as a penhold but I am now going to start playing as a shakehand. So I am going to need a new setup. I was thinking of buying the stiga all around classic. My biggest issue is what rubbers I am going to use. I want to use the chinese style of play because I enjoy...
  2. [Videos] 2020 European Champions League Women

    Semifinal 1: Metz TT (FRA) vs TTC Berlin (GER) Match 1: Shan Xiaona vs Adina Diaconu
  3. Difference between hard european and chinese rubber??

    what is the difference between hard european rubbers and chinese rubbers? for example between Rasanter 53 or mx p hard and the Hurricane 3 Neo 40 provincial? in theory they have about the same degrees of hardness.
  4. European Youth Top 10 Final - Amazing Match!

    Guys! I just watched the European Youth Top 10 final Its an incredible match between Felix Lebrun vs Iulian Chirita!! Note: Felix is only 14 years old and using pen hold grip!
  5. Difference between Chinese players and European players?

    I was watching the 2017 World Cup Semi-finals between Ma Long and Timo Boll. I started to see the difference between their techniques, but couldn't find the proper comparison in my head. How does one tell the difference between the techniques of a Chinese player and a European player?
  6. Decent Chinese rubbers that resemble European rubbers?

    Looking for recommendations on decent Chinese rubbers that somewhat resemble European non-tacky rubbers like Xiom Vega Pro. Not for me, but it is nice to have an ok racket to lend to someone or even as a cheaper recommendation for both beginners and intermediate players. This is to be paired...
  7. European / Japanese Rubber for spin-oriented play

    Dear table tennis enthusiasts, I started playing table tennis again only one and a half years ago, but am making great progress. Mostly, because I had been introduced to the proper techniques in a proper club when I played for 2 years as a child. I am (extremely) forehand dominant, play...
  8. European Ping Pong Championship

  9. Tibhar K1 and K1 European version

    Is anybody knows what difference between this two? thanks
  10. Gauzy's crazy backhand sidespin [Boll vs Gauzy | MT-SF | 2019 European Championships]

    Point beginning at 0:55:
  11. European Team Championships 2019

    European Team Championships 2019, 3rd-8th September, Nantes, France The European Championships are back! This year it's Nantes turn to stage the event! The previous championships saw the German Men's Team Germany defeat Portugal in the final. In the women's team event Romania pulled off an...
  12. Payment Problem tickets European Championships

    As the title says, I have some problems with the website of the tournament. I am sure my Visa is fine, and they do not accept any other methods. I have two questions: Did anybody experience the same problem? Do I need to hurry because the event will be sold out towards the start?
  13. Academic European Table Tennis Championship

  14. Chinese or Japanese/European Forehand Rubber?

    Hey, I first posted this in the technique section, but I feel like it fits better here since it is firstly about rubbers, secondly about the blade, and lastly about my technique. I need some advice concerning my choice of forehand rubber. In the short video I use two fairly slow 5-ply wooden...
  15. Video from European Games 2019

  16. European Games 2019

    The 2nd edition of the European games is to be held in Belarus from the 21st to the 30th June 2019. The last games were held in Baku in 2015 and this year the games return for another installment! Dimitrij Ovtcharov took the men’s singles title in 2015 beating the experienced Vladimir Samsonov...
  17. European Team Championships 2019 - Qualification matches

    I found out that this topic full of matches is missing here.. So I created it and I am adding matches that I got ;-) SVK vs. BLR from December 4th 2018.. First match: Pištej vs. Yarashenka: Then Šereda vs. Khanin: Valuch vs. Shamruk: And last match: Pištej vs. Khanin:
  18. Test: Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version. Max sponge, black, forehand
  19. U21 European Championship 2019

    We can use this topic for all the latest news regarding this weekend´s U21 European Championship 2019 More details soon come…
  20. Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version

    Tibhar is selling the K1 now in Europe officially (European Version): Are there differences between normal K1 and European Version? Both have a 50° degree sponge...