1. The Alone practice and the evolution on sport.

    so i came to talk a little about it, i'm still at the beginner-intermediate level and i can train at home, i talked to my closest trainer and i will plan this, training at home with two or three returnboards, games and robot at the club every day. I will try to ask my uncle to make one or two...
  2. ELS vs. Other Evolution rubbers

    I'm considering the Evolution ELS and have come across several very positive reviews (including Dan and Tom's on this site). I've just had a look on RevSpin, though, and see that it is generally perceived (by RevSpin reviewers) as the poorest of the Evolution series. All the other Evolution...
  3. FS: Multiple Racket Setups

    Selling a like new DHS Hurricane Long V paddle with Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo Rubbers. Used for only one session. I just have too many paddles and have decided to sell some of my paddles. Selling for $180 including rubbers and shipping in US. The pictures speak for themselves. This is...
  4. Stiga Evolution slightly more offensive alternative

    Hi, had this paddle for about a year, and it's time to replace it (I don't play too often - may be once a week) and it's a bit too defensive for me. It took me about a month to apply enough strength to put the ball over the net consistently. I prefer to play a mixed type of game usually closer...
  5. Tibhar Evolution MX-P | YouTube

  6. Tibhar evolution mx-p with Timo ball ALC

    Hi, How would the Tibhar mx-p go with Timo Ball ALC balde? Thanks.
  7. Rakza 7 vs Evolution MX-S?

    How do they compare? which one is spinnier or faster
  8. Having trouble with Tibhar samsonov force Pro black edition Blade/evolution rubbers

    Hi Guys, Im new to this website, just thought if someone could help me regarding the equipment im currently using. Equipment: Blade : Tibhar samsonov force pro black edition Rubber fh : tibhar evolution MX-p Rubber bh : tibhar evolution EL-s after browsing through some videos and good reviews...
  9. Durability: Tibhar Evolution/Donic Bluestorm/Andro Rasanter

    Which series have the best durability? I'm looking at r47, z1 and mx-p.
  10. Bunch of 16 Tibhar Evolution rubbers - please read carefully

    First of all, sending this bunch anywhere will cost 20 USD, if that puts you off you have just saved time ;) I am selling 16 Tibhar Evolution rubbers as a package. What is there to know? 1. ALL these rubbers have been played. They are used, but none of them over-used. You will find some...
  11. Evolution on Carbonado

    It just occured to me that I've never seen the evolution rubbers on any of the carbonado blades. Why is that? I've heard varying opinions on the carbonados. Some people say they are so stiff and hard and that its impossible to spin with them while others say you can loop with very heavy spin...
  12. FS Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit FL | Tibhar Evolution MXP | DHS Hurricane 2 Neo $160

    Looking to sell. Blade used approximately 40 hours. Rubbers changed once. Current rubbers almost new (approximately 10 hours) with max sponge. Will post pictures soon.
  13. Xiom Vega Pro vs Tibhar Evolution MX-P

    Hi, I was considering trying Tibhar Evolution MX-P on my forehand, how does it compare to the Xiom Vega Pro? >Topsheet >Sponge Hardness >Durabily/Bang for Buck >Speed
  14. For Sale: 3 Tibhar Evolution MX-P Black (2.2 mm)

    All, I live in the United States and would prefer a buyer from here due to shipping costs, but I have 3 Tibhar Evolution MX-P Black (2.2 mm) in the original wrapping (unopened and unused). I would sell 1 for $40 USD, 2 for $75 USD, and 3 for $100 USD. Please let me know if interested and...
  15. The Evolution of the Table Tennis Racket

    Hi, just stumbled upon a very interesting and long article about the evolution of the table tennis racket: http://blog.tabletennis11.com/table-tennis-racket-history-evolution I hope its not a repost :)
  16. Evolution el-s or el-p

    Last year i played with evolution el-p. Now i am also very curious about the el-s version. Can anyone compare this rubbers? What are your experiences with it? Someone who has played with both rubbers? I have an attacking style but i need a lot of control.
  17. Old Blades - Stiga/Donic

    Hi All, I recently acquired some pretty old blades from a friend, unfortunately not in the best of condition! They haven't been used for a long time, but it's pretty clear they've taken a bit of a beating. I'd love to hear some thoughts on any possible ways of renovating the outer layers -...
  18. FS: Joola Fever with Tibhar Evolution MX-S and FX-P (max)

    All in good condition but it didn't suit my game. I've only used it for around 5 hours training so almost fresh. £100
  19. Tibhar Evolution EL-S and FX-S Rubber Review

    Hey all, We have just released our latest TableTennisDaily review on the Tibhar Evolution EL-S and FX-S rubbers. The success of the popular MX-P, used by pro players such as Paul Drinkhall and Vladimir Samsonov, led these new rubbers to be highly anticipated in the latter part of 2016. Like...
  20. Which member of Tibhar Evolution has the highest throw angle

    Hi all, Someone asked me which rubber from the Evolution family has the highest throw angle. I am thinking it is FX-P but I am not sure and the person who asked me may need a bit more speed. Thanks