1. TT Prank video

    absolutely hilarious !!!! bookmark that channel, its becoming one of the world's best !
  2. French League 2019-2020

  3. French German Polish Tournament

  4. French League - Pro A 2018/19

    Results from Round 1 (Tue 25 September 2018): Angers Vaillante 3:0 Saint-Denis 1) Joao Geraldo 3:1 Pär Gerell (17:15, 11:4, 6:11, 11:4) 2) Jon Persson 3:0 Joe Seyfried (11:4, 11:3, 11:6) 3) Jens Lundqvist 3:0 Alexandre Cassin (11:7, 11:7, 11:8) La Romagne 0:3 Villeneuve 1) Chen Tianyuan 0:3...
  5. French club, near Geneva, Switzerland, offers discounted flight fares to new player

    Hi everyone, we are looking for a new player (rated between 16 to 20 or more, according to the french rating) for season 18/19. You must be able to play 10 to 14 games (saturday afternoons) through the season. As a counterpart, we offer discounted flight fares to travel all over Europe with...
  6. TOP10 Ranking French League

  7. 2018 French National Championships

    2018 French National Championships, 2-4 March, Rouen, France Mens Singles Final: Alexandre Robinot vs Enzo Angles
  8. French League 2017/2018

    The French Pro A league - 2017/2018 season preview! The league starts tonight! 2016/2017 Champions Chartres A.S.T.T (photo courtesy of Centrefrance) Teams (ranked after final standings in the 2016/2017 season): (all players marked with * are new to their team) Chartres A.S.T.T (Champion)...
  9. French National Championships 2017

    French National Table Tennis Championships, 3 Mar 2017 - 5 Mar 2017, France The French National Championships has commenced! Event details below: Simon Gauzy - Photo by: Remy Gros Table 1 <iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="//"...
  10. French League 2016/2017

    The new season of the French League (Pro A) will be begin on the 6th September 2016! The following 10 teams will be playing this season: 01) Chartres ASTT 02) Pontoise Cergy AS 03) Angers Vaillante Sports 04) La Romagne SS 05) Hennebont 06) Jura Morez TT 07) Caen TTC 08) Istres TT 09)...
  11. France/ Regional club (French Alps) is looking for a junior coach-player

    Hi Everyone, We are a french club, 120 players, permanent table tennis table room of 6 tables, located in the French Alps, at the very border with Switzerland, 2kms from Geneva. We recruited last year our head coach, a belgian guy, thanks to whom we really improved. We are now looking for...
  12. 2016 French National Championships

    The 2016 French National Championships - 15-17 April 2016 - Brest, France Semifinals: Adrien Mattenet vs Romain Lorentz Quentin Robinot vs Stephane Ouiache Final: Stephane Ouiache vs Romain Lorentz
  13. French League 2015/2016

    French League 2015/2016 The French League starts 8,September 2015! Catch all the latest information, news, results and videos in this thread! Discuss and Enjoy! Teams GV Hennebont Pontoise-Cergy Chartres ASTT LA Romagne Angers Vaillante Jura Morez TT Istres Caen TTC Rouen Spo TT Boulogne...
  14. French League 2014/2015

    French League 2014/2015 The French League 2014/2015 has begun! Catch all the latest information, news, results and videos in this thread! Discuss and enjoy! Live stream: Teams CAEN TTC - (Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth, Romian Lorentz, Jakub Kleprlik, Admir Duranspahic, Jimmy Devaux) ASPCTT...
  15. French National Championships 2014

    French National Championships, 28 Feb 2014 - 2 Mar 2014, Vendespace à Mouilleron-le-Captif, France The French National Championships 2014 has begun! Follow all the latest news from the Nationals here! Please share here news, results, live streaming and videos you have of the event. Men's...
  16. French Tournament (Criterium Federal 2014)

    10/01/1014 Criterium Federal N1 2014 1/4 Final Robinot A. Vs Legout 1/2 Final Robinot A. Vs Mattenet FINAL Robinot A. Vs Lebesson
  17. French League 2013/2014

    French League 2013/2014 The French League 2013/2014 has begun! Catch all the latest information, news, results and videos in this thread! Discuss and enjoy! Teams: ASPCTT Pontoise-Cergy - (Marcos Freitas, Kristian Karlsson, Tristan Flore, Wang Jian Jun, Coach: Peter Franz) ASTT Chartres -...
  18. French compilation

    Hi ! I made with my friends a little video for fun. Tell me what you think about it !Hopes you like ! (Sorry for my English..)
  19. Visit to CHARTRES ASTT / 2012 French Champion and 2013 1/2 Finalist ECL

    Visit to CHARTRES the 12 of March... ASTT CHARTRES is the 2012 French Champion and 1/2 finalist of 2013 European Champion's League (against Borussia Düsseldorf of Timo Boll next month !!! :o) I discussed with the coach Calin TOMA, nice guy ! And playing, you see : GAO Ning (World Ranking...
  20. French Table Tennis Facebook Page VERY FUN !!!