French League 2016/2017

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Oct 2010
The new season of the French League (Pro A) will be begin on the 6th September 2016!

The following 10 teams will be playing this season:

01) Chartres ASTT
02) Pontoise Cergy AS
03) Angers Vaillante Sports
04) La Romagne SS
05) Hennebont
06) Jura Morez TT
07) Caen TTC
08) Istres TT
09) Roanne LNTT
10) Villeneuve PPC

Full player list coming soon.

Defending champions Pontoise Cergy AS will be looking to capture the title for a second year in a row.


Round 1 schedule 06/09/2016:

Chartres ASTT vs Villeneuve PPC
Pontoise Cergy AS vs Roanne LNTT
Angers Vaillante Sports vs Istres TT
La Romagne SS vs Caen TTC
Hennebont vs Jura Morez TT

More info at the official website FFTT.
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Jun 2011
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He will play with Hennebont. He will replace Koki Niwa (lots of difficulties to adapt).

Strong team with Hennebont : Chuang Chih Yuan (after january), Chen Chien An, Liam Pitchford, Quentin Robinot, Kalinikos Kreanga.

After 15 years Chuang plays for the same team as Kalinikos Kreanga :)
Before they played in Ochsenhausen ;-)

I will upload some videos from those times..
Chuang beat Schlager in a very narrow match!
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6,Sep 2016:

Chartres vs Villeneuve

Adrien Mattenet vs Joao Monteiro

Par Gerell vs Stephane Ouaiche

La Romagne vs Cean

Chen Tian Yuan vs Marcos Madrid

Hennebont vs Jura Morez

Liam Pitchford vs Wang Eugene

Aruna Quadri vs Chen Chien-An

Liam Pitchford vs Aruna Quadri

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Apr 2012
Totally entertaining matches, esp. Aruna Quadri's matches. That man has improved continuously last 3 years. Awesome to see his dedication and athleticism. Better results will follow soon on the international level I think. Pitchford has a mean BH but there's something about Aruna's explosive FH. Very contrasting styles, equally entertaining. More power to these guys!

Many thanks TTLondon2012 for the upload! :)
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