1. A New Training Method/ Cardiofitping

  2. Higher or lower throw

    Hello there! I'm just wondering what your preference is in the throw of the blade and rubber. Do you prefer a lower throw with a more direct arc or a higher arc, and why? Also, I'm wondering for who you would recommend a blade or setup with a more direct arc?
  3. High Performance TT Camp in April @ Lagos, Portugal

    Last camp we were COMPLETELY FULL! For this one, we have over half the camp filled now! 3 months to go, book your place on our amazing camp NOW, before it’s too late! Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to book your place on this special (international camp).
  4. Search for Blade high arc + thick square handle

    Hi, i am searching a new blade. I played Butterfly Layer ZLF but the handle is too small. But the blade gives me what I want: -high arc with topspin -good spin -not to fast -i have to close my racket more when playing topspin and play more to the front then up. I have big problems with...
  5. Gaining high ball attack from your serve

    I think I've come up with the ultimate question for a coach. How to train 3rd ball kills that have your own spin on them. How many have been through this stage of TT? You have a decent serve that has enough spin and deception to gain high returns that you can kill..... BUT When that high...
  6. Need help with a too boucny/high throw setup

    I was using acuda S2 on both sides of my korbel before I stopped playing like 2 years ago. I recently wanted to start again and decided to buy some cheap decent rubbers to get me on track. I bought Palio AK47 yellows and put them on both sides but after 3 months of training with them I find them...
  7. High spin rubber setup (2) for brush/loop forehand practice

    Looking for a couple of practice setups with specific rubbers to improve my brush/loop forehand. Based on my research here in the rubbers forum, here is what i'm considering. Any feedback greatly appreciated! 1. DHS 301 w/Hurricane 3-50 and a Battle II reg or Provincial (both sides will be FH...
  8. Match Against a KOR High School Girl

    In S.Korea, The Practice Match with a High School Girl~ https://youtu.be/K4384PU4sXM
  9. High pitch vs low pitch on blades

    Different blades (only wood, without the rubbers on) make different sounds when they hit the ball. I'm curious to know why that happens. Some are low pitched and some are higher pitched. What does the sound mean? What does it show about the blade?
  10. BH against high bouncing balls

    How do you adjust your BH topspin stroke against higher balls? Not smash-high balls, but just balls that may kick up higher around chest level. Personally, it feels uncomfortable to be hitting the ball with BH at that height, and I cannot generate enough power to hit it with good quality.
  11. Problem Reverse Pendulum (to the forehand with backspin) - low spin and too high

    Hello i have a problem with my reverse pendulum, i serve this mainly to the opponents forehand side (half long), but sometimes my service gets to high and the oppponent flips/hits it very wide to my forehand site, sometimes i can get there to play a forehand crosscourt but sometimes i am to...
  12. LF: High-end blade similar to Freitas ALC

    Hi TTD Members, I am looking for a blade which has a similar handle and feeling with Butterfly Marcos Freitas ALC. Thanks, Chris
  13. Table Tennis high quality broadcasts

    Hey guys, I am amazed about the picture quality of table tennis on ESPN, i'm just watching the World Tour Grand Finals live and they show it in beautiful HD with 60 fps. Why the hell does the ITTF only have these livestreams with crappy FPS and low bitrate? I would pay to see all those matches...
  14. Suggestions on Hinoki Blade and Spin Oriented Rubber with Med/High Throw

    Hello All, I would like suggestions on Shakehand Hinoki blades and the compatible rubbers for it. Experience (9 years): GKI Offensive XX (pre-assembled Racket) Yasaka Mark V (pre-assembled classic Racket) Stiga Offensive Classic WRB with GKI Hybrid GX (max) Nittaku Miyabi with Razka 7 soft...
  15. high throw is the enemy

    given that low throw makes it easier to -serve -push -chop -block -hit flat and that high throw makes it easier to -loop shall we conclude that low throw is best for amateur players?
  16. High definition pictures of table tennis players

    I am looking for some High definition pictures of table tennis players in action and print them as posters for my room. Players I am interested in are the CNT, JNT, top 20. I have searched through google but can't find the good ones in HD quality. Any idea where I can download them? or if you...
  17. high quality blade recommended

    hi everyone ,, i want an advice about high quality blade has nice touch and good speed without losing control , the most important for me is strong blocks,flicks and looping from mid distance .. price about 30-115$
  18. Dealing with short, fairly high balls that appear half long

    Hey. A ball I somewhat struggle with is the occasional short, high ball that barely hits the edge. I don't get these too often when playing people my level, but against worse players, against whom I use less speed and spin, they're more common. You see similar stuff even in high level play, but...
  19. Bishop Auckland Summer Training Camp - Low cost High Quailty Training Camp

    Bishop Auckland TTC has teamed up with Bribar Table Tennis to run a summer training camp. 8th till the 12th of August 9.30-3.30 each day- plus 2 evening sports psychology workshops Cost is £60 per person for the week The camp coaches include Craig Bryant - A level 4 coach and current...
  20. BH OX LP high arcing tospin followed by a CRUSHING FH power drive

    Like the title sez... OX LPs can do you some good stuff to setup a big FH. Coach Yoo from Yong-In TTC is one of the Korean expert OX LP coaches and he is a certified bad-azz with an OX LP combo bat in hiz pawz...