1. Why is the ITTF trying to remove wood from a blade?

    Attention all my fellow small blade smiths / blade makers... it's time to get angry. At its upcoming AGM, the ITTF are going to vote on radically loosening the rules around blades... and I mean radically. Under the new proposed rules, there will be no requirement to use timber in a blade at...
  2. This is the angle that ALL ittf tour matches should have

    There's simply no need for any other angle. Put the camera simply in that angle for every single match and not only it would attract that way a ton more people to TT and have them interested but would make a lot more current TT fans a lot more happier. Putting aside the awful side camera angle...
  3. ITTF YouTube videos comment

    I wonder why in ittf matches video there are so many bots comment, I find it funny
  4. ITTF Equipment Webinar

    Some interesting things in here. Blade and table approval discussions. Also some detailed discussion about the recent pilots of their efforts to detect boosting by the pros, with some revealing images...jump to the 56min mark to start the piece about racket control, and to 1h06m to see the...
  5. Ma Long and Sun Yinsha Crowned Champions of 2020 World Table Tennis Macao

    The RESTART of table tennis took place last week in Macao, one of the most anticipated table tennis events of all time, World Table Tennis! WTT Macao was set up as an exhibition event to test out the latest World Table Tennis innovations! This ground breaking event has a prize pool of $800,000...
  6. Comparing Ma Long's first and sixth ITTF Finals wins

    I made this thread because I wanted to compare Ma Long's most recent ITTF finals win today to his first one back in 2008, and see how he's changed as a player. Here is a video of his 2008 quarterfinal (please let me know if you find a longer one!) 2008 semi...
  7. Xu xin not playing ittf?

    Xu xin is not playing in the ittf restart at the moment?? Why??? What's goin on????
  8. ITTF Finals 2020

    The RESTART of table tennis now moves onto the ITTF Finals! Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng won the Men's and Women's World Cup Respectively! Who's going to be crowned the ITTF Final Champion? This topic is for the ITTF Finals (Zhengzhou, China) which begins on the 19th and concludes on the 22nd...
  9. ITTF videos. Copyright question.

    Hello guys, I am here to ask for advice. I would like to make my own YT channel with some TT content. My question is: Can I use in my content some footage from ITTF Offical Channel? Are there any important rules, that I should know before I do it? Or do I have to ask ITTF permission or something...
  10. Ittf larc 142 just came up.

    ITTF LARC 142 A lot of new rubber products to come out on market soon. /Be happy/
  11. ITTF AGM 2020. Voting a new serve Rule 2.6.2
  12. Ittf accepted a new guidance of profitability -- let them all a free go.

    Why does ITTF allow so many rubber products on the LARC list? Presently, over 1600 items of 118 Trade-Brands included. Retaining so many products on the LARC is an utter absurdism, considering that a great majority of the products never was and will never be seen on any of competitions...
  13. ITTF event's schedule 2020-2021 reduced to the singles, without the doubles/ Mr.Weikert's expectations sound unduly optimistic.
  14. Ask ITTF CEO Steve Dainton a question on the TTD Podcast

    Hey guys, So we have a special new TableTennisDaily Podcast and it’s with the man responsible for the running the sport of table tennis globally Steve Dainton the ITTF CEO. We will discuss ITTF's new product “World Table Tennis”, playing table tennis under quarantine, rule changes, new...
  15. ITTF Coup?

    Weikert the tyrant vs Al-Mohannadi and Sörling the freedom fighters?
  16. ITTF: We cant proceed till 2022.

    ITTF: We cant proceed till 2022.
  17. Li-Ning Tables

    Hello, Has anyone tried playing on Li-Ning’s competition tables (25mm)? If you were able to, would you mind sharing your experience? I’m planning on buying a table for my basement and my eyes are on the Li-Ning LNX P2000. According to their website it’s ITTF approved as well. Link...
  18. ITTF Para Polish OPEN

  19. ITTF World Tour Song

    Hi Everyone, Does anybody know where to find the 'theme tune' of the ITTF World Tour? It's used in their promo videos, and when the players enter the arena. Thx, J
  20. ITTF video quality ? Is there a reason ?

    Hi all Table tennis fans, I love watching TT matches and their is something that I question everytime I see ITTF uploaded replays. They upload them in really bad quality and people often write that in the youtube comments section. I don't really understand why they upload such a bad quality of...