1. Lin Jun-Yu Super ZLC, Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC and Franziska Innerforce ZLC!!!

    Just looked through Butterfly's website and accidently found some information on these fantastic blades. It seems like they haven't put them on their store yet... Enjoy! https://www.butterfly-global.com/en/products/detail/37131.html...
  2. Why I think Jun Mizutani, not Ma Long, was the real star of the 2016 Olympics...

    Ma Long won 2 gold medals and secured a career grand slam so it's easy to see Rio 2016 as THE MA LONG tournament. But I disagree. I think Jun Mizutani was the real star. In the singles event Mizutani reaches the semi-final where he faced the aforementioned Ma Long. What. A. Match. Ma goes 3-0...
  3. Jun mizutani super zlc review.

    Me: USATT 2139 traditional attacker. Blade: jun mizutani super zlc FL 93.4g FH: t05 BH: D05 tl;dr It's very fast and powerful, i feel like this racket is for girls. Long version: Most jm szlc i read online is 90g + so i guess 93.4g is not consider on the heavy side for this particular...
  4. Cheaper alternative for MJ Super ZLC

    Anyone know of a blade that plays similar to MJ Super ZLC at a lower price?
  5. FS: Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC FL, Nittaku Miyabi FL and Rozena 1.9mm Black

    Sold all !!! Sold all
  6. Jun Mizutani Super ZLC vs Normal JMZLC

    Can anyone list out the difference between the two on Speed,Spin & Control
  7. Jun Mizutani wearing glasses

    I was interested to see Jun Mizutani wearing glasses in a match against Timo Boll. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7JhEIUoAcQ As a glasses wearer myself I was keen to see what type he used to get the best vision. His glasses appear to be oversized to ensure that he can look up and down without...
  8. Jun Mizutani ZLC and Super ZLC

    Hi guys ,i was just reading the equipment review on the JM ZLC ,but some of the reviews are kind of confusing ,it appears as they are describing the SZLC ,so my question is , is there a big difference between these two ? and how big a difference ?
  9. The difference of Jun ZLC and Innerforce ZLC; Maze and Innerforce ALC?

    After a time playing with Yinhe V14 pro - the blade has koto outer, i want to comeback with a blade that has limba outer. I played some blades has limba outer and recognize limba outer is better for me. So i want to know those blades: Jun ZLC, Innerforce or maze will be good for my style -...
  10. Jun Mizutani Super ZLC vs Normal JMZLC

    Hi All, How many people around playing with JMSZLC? can you provide their recent experience. How does it compare with JMZLC?
  11. FS: Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC FL

    Selling a Mizutani ZLC recently purchased from Bribar UK. Weight is 86g , flared handle, less than 2 hours use, undamaged/unmarked, price £180 + shipping + 4% if PayPal non family and friends. More images/info on request.
  12. FOR SALE JUN MIZUTANI ZLC flared (old version)

    This frame is fore sale for 150 euro, it has no damages at all. If you are interested and for pics mail me at [email protected]
  13. Fore sale Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC (Old model)

    This frame is as good as new only a few times I have played with it. The price 110 euro if you are interested you can email to [email protected] martinendiana
  14. Adam Bobrow takes on Jun Mizutani!

    Hey guys, Adam Bobrow has just posted a video of him playing against Jun Mizutani! It's pretty awesome stuff! <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FAdamBobrowOfficial%2Fvideos%2F1455743811202158%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560"...
  15. Japan Top 12 Tournament March 2018 -Jun defeats Tomo

    Great game recently:
  16. Old vs New Jun Mizutani ZLC

    Hello, is there any difference between Jun Mizutani ZLC from 2013 and the todays one? Only design changed or also play characteristics? In old catalogue is 85g and in the new one is 90. Thanks
  17. What happened to Jun Mizutani?

    Hi guys, do we have any news about Jun Mizutani? Why he hasn't joined any ITTF tours recently after his match with Harimoto in WTTC?
  18. FS: Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC ST + Andro R47 Black and R42 Red BRAND NEW

    Hey All, For Sale is a BRAND NEW Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC ST + Andro R47 Black and R42 Red. Unwanted gift. £330 + shipping Payment using PayPal. Open to Offers
  19. Jun Mizutani Forehand Topspin - Need Chinese Translator

    Please can someone who understands Chinese translate for me at a high level what the video is saying with a special emphasis on the two graphical simulations shown between 1:20 and 4:30? Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q35_P8qEYZU
  20. Jun Mizutani and Samsonov Training - Russian League 2017

    New video of Jun Mizutani and Vladimir Samsonov Training!