1. Korea TTA Final Trial for Tokyo 2020+1 - 1/29, 1/31-2/1, 2/3-2/4

    After the fiasco last year that led to the resignation of Yoo Namkyu, Korea TTA is back with another trial for Tokyo 2020. Man, these guys just don't get tired of it, though lessons learned. KTTA: How do we go about it? Ctrl-c the JTTA. 3 men and 3 women will be determined: 1 man and 1 woman...
  2. Oh Sang Uhn Becomes Korea National Men's Team Head Coach

    According to a news release by Korean TT news outlet "The Ping Pong"... Oh Sang Uhn will become the new Korean Men's National Team HEAD COACH. Use your web browser TRANSLATE function... article is in KOREAN. http://m.thepingpong.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=5086&fbclid
  3. Nexy Korea new youtube channel for blade and rubber design

    Hi everyone. Moon Ui Bae (Oscar) is in charge of Nexy Korea, he designs all the blades and has built Nexy into the top TT webstore in Korea. Oscar just got done chatting with me on FB, he says he will very soon go live with a Youtube Channel speciffically for the design of Blades and Rubbers...
  4. Korea - Div 5 City tourney Final

    Hi everyone, Here is footage of the finals of the 2013 Bucheon Div 5 finals of the city tourney. This is what the top players in Div 5 city look like, not the average ones. Top players in City Div 5 are around 1500 USATT with whatever style they use. The aveerage level is more like 1000-1200...
  5. World Championships 2020 | Postponed

    The ITTF has made the decision to postpone the 2020 World Table Tennis Championships due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus also known as Coronavirus. The event that was originally due to take place on 22nd – 29th March has now been provisionally moved to 21st – 28th June. Fan Zhendong vs...
  6. WALDNER (Swe) vs YOO Nam Gyu (Kor) 1989 in Korea (IOC Cup Final)

    Great match to watch.
  7. Korea Table Tennis Gym Elite League Weekly Final

    Below is a vid from Korea Table Tennis Gym Elite League. The top players are 2200-2400 depending on who shows up. Watch vid to the end and you will see why the lady C-Pen SP player belongs in the final.
  8. South Korea's Lineup for WTTC 2019

    2 players per gender qualified by WR from 2/2019, and the rest by trials that took place from 2/27-3/1. Trial format: M: 3 rounds of championship, where the winner qualifies automatically. W: Top 3 players in huge round-robin qualify automatically. MS: Lee Sangsu(WR 7), Jang Woojin(WR 11)...
  9. Seo Hyo Won wins Singles at Panasonic National Open in Jeju Korea

    Korean TT media "The Ping Pong" reports Seo Hyo Won just won the women's singles at the 72nd Panasonic Combined Pro TT Tourney in Jeju Island. (The place is like the Hawaii of Korea) Link below... break out UR Google Translate... SHW WIns !
  10. 5 Yr old vid typical National Open Tourney in Korea

    This is a vid of a match from 5 yrs ago. It was the 2013 DMZ Open, a national tourney open to any amateur TTer in Korea. This is Div 4... the top of this Division are 2200+ USATT... even though the division ought to have players only from 1600-1900 USATT. Enjoy. Some of you on USA East Coast...
  11. [LHTT #41_Match in Korea] Against Korean Coach (Chinese Penholder) 180831

  12. ITTF Grand Finals Tickets?

    Going to be travelling to Seoul during the Grand Finals! Not seeing anything on ITTF.com about how to purchase tickets to the event though... anyone have any insight? Much appreciated!
  13. [LHTT #40_Match in Korea] Against HJ (Korean Boy)

  14. 2018 World Tour Standings, finals in Korea

    Dec 13-16 Qualified players in Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles Following players have been entered for the 2018 Seamaster ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in Incheon, Korea Republic according to the World Tour Standings list published on November 12th, 2018...
  15. playing table tennis in Suwon, South Korea

    Hello! I`m beginner in TT and training about five months. Now I was sent in BT to Suwon, South Korea till December. So I want to continue my trainings. I kindly ask for help to find table tennis club in Suwon with coach who is speaking in English, as I don`t speak Korean. I will wait for your...
  16. [LHTT #38_Match in Korea] Against ML80

  17. To play in the World Tour Final in Korea in Dec, only 2 official games are left

    Numerous Chinese top players must play in Sweden, Oct 29-Nov 1 and Austria, Nov 8-11 to play in the Dec World Tour Finals in Korea. Xu Xin has played enough already.
  18. Korea Open 2018

    The ITTF World Tour circuit now moves onto the Korea Open which will take place Daejeon from the 19th to 22nd July 2018. Main Draw Coming soon... Men's Singles Seeds Germany's Dimitrij Ovtcharov, has entered the Korea Open as the number 1 seed! Dimitrij Ovtcharov enters the Korea Open...
  19. Tickets for Korea Open 2018

    Does anyone know when/where to get tickets for the Korea Open this year?
  20. North- and South Korea to combine teams in Halmstad!

    Wow... I didn't know this was 'possible'. I think it's an amazing gesture but I think it's unfair to the other teams... I don't know how I would have decided if it was my decision at the ITTF https://www.ittf.com/2018/05/03/one-korea-unified-power-table-tennis/