1. 2020 Chinese Super League

    After a delay and almost being canceled, the 2020 Chinese Super League was confirmed. Competition will be held in Guangzhou from December 21st to 29th. The best news of the day is the confirmation of participation by Lin Yun-Ju, who will play for the Shandong Weiqiao team. Other foreign players...
  2. Story behind Walter Wels fielding a team of youngsters at the 2020 Champions League?

    Just came across Saarbrücken's match VS Walter Wels (Austria) in the Champions league and was surprised to find that the NR 2 and 3 players for the Austrian team seem to both be under 15 and indeed as would be expected they lost to Franziska and Jorgic without ever really being in the match...
  3. ETTU Champions League 2020/2021

    ETTU Champions League December 11th to 18th. Düsseldorf, Arag CenterCourt Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the plans of the premier class to play them over the period of a season with numerous trips within Europe, as in the past, were discarded and the idea of ​​a tournament format...
  4. [Videos] 2020 European Champions League Women

    Semifinal 1: Metz TT (FRA) vs TTC Berlin (GER) Match 1: Shan Xiaona vs Adina Diaconu
  5. Simon Gauzy vs Wang Xi | German League 2020/2021 no side changes

    https://youtu.be/Zrt7dQVTDvQ I was watching this match and kinda felt something was a bit odd, then I realized that over the 5 games they never changed sides. Is this different from country to country or even competition to competition ?
  6. Q: How does the Swedish league system work?

    Specifically: when this match says division 1, does that mean third tier? Is it like the UK football league where Premier first, Championship second and Division 1 is actually third?
  7. Timo Boll vs Michael Maze | 2020 | Champions League

    Great game between Timo Boll and Michael Maze in the Champions League this week!
  8. X10SLOWER - Table tennis in slow motion at 240 fps from the Bulgarian premier league

    Hi guys! I'd like to present my new project - X10SLOWER - Table tennis in slow motion at 240 fps from the Bulgarian premier league. Any comments are welcome. Enjoy!
  9. French League 2019-2020

  10. Japanese League - T.League 2019/2020

    The second season of the new strong Japanese top league starts today. I will try to post running results in this thread. Men's Team rosters: T.T Saitama Wong Chun Ting, HKG [S] Kenta Matsudaira [S] Liam Pitchford, ENG [AAA] Takuya Jin [AA] Yuki Hirano [AA] Seiya Kishikawa [AA] Truls...
  11. Korea Table Tennis Gym Elite League Weekly Final

    Below is a vid from Korea Table Tennis Gym Elite League. The top players are 2200-2400 depending on who shows up. Watch vid to the end and you will see why the lady C-Pen SP player belongs in the final.
  12. UK League ranking situation

    For my UK players in the know... What is the situation currently with TTE ranking and TT365? I know there was a thread here in March regarding the refusal of TTE to pay the extra cost for TT365 so they have gone their own way. I now notice that the TT365 will not let you view any historical...
  13. Ultimate Table Tennis League 2019

    I think this league has started, has anyone got any info on players and live stream? Thanks
  14. Jean-Michel SAIVE Last League Match

  15. Champions League 2019 FINAL

    Hi all, Today is the first Match of the Final Leg 1 between TTSC UMMC vs TTC Fakel Gazprom Orenburg Match 1: Fang Bo vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov Match 2: More Videos are coming.....
  16. 13 year old wins the match in the super league

  17. Chinese super league schedule

    Hi, I have the CCTV 5 channel on my phone but what is the schedule for the chinese table tennis league, so i can watch it on my phone at the right time?
  18. Borussia - Bogoria | Champions League 2019

    Hello! I make video from Champions League. Borussia Dusseldorf vs Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki
  19. Fang Bo destroys towel box in Chinese Super League Match

    Former World Number 8, Fang Bo, has apologised for his actions in his loss to Zhao Zhaoyan whilst competing for his club Tianjin Quanjian in the Chinese Super League on New Year’s Eve. After a dispute with the umpire over a let service, Fang violently kicked the towel box situated next to...
  20. TTD Fantasy League

    TTD Fantasy Football League Hi all, I only thought if this just now, about 20 weeks late, but I think it would be cool to have a fantasy TTD league for all you people following the premier league. I’ve created it and the code you need to join is: 1426293-1326298 I think this could definitely be...