1. Any nice and easy to learn serve for a new player?

    Hi i am new to table tennis and i would like to learn a easy to learn but really good serve. If you know any pleas let me know
  2. What is the best way to learn serves for kids?

    My son just recently started playing TT. He is developing fairly quickly, and now he wants to start playing games. However, he can't serve at all yet unless he just flat hits it. Since I am not a TT coach, what would like to know what is the best/correct/easiest way to learn some basic useful...
  3. How to learn PERFECT Forehand Loop

    How to learn PERFECT Forehand Loop
  4. Hi all i recently used learn about yin pai from my coach and nothing to do with yt

    what is the best way of using it for each stroke im getting use to using it on forehand, backhand , service , flick and smash but not block and is there a way to make it stonger excersize wise?
  5. Learn serving and receiving tactics from Ma Long and Liang Jingkun

    Budapest Semifinals See Ma Long’s this pair of serving. (2:15-2:24) After the first serve, why: Ma Long served an identical serve again? The two results were completely different?
  6. Where can ı learn a rubber hardness?

    Hello. I want to learn the rubbers hardness, like tenergy 05 38 degree... I dont want "medium hard, hard and ext" ı want it complately degrees... I could not find any web site or could not see rubber s original web site.... I am looking for specially Stiga mantra m Tinhar mx p Nittaku fasr...
  7. Learn Cantonese and Mandarin in 30s

    Promotional video for Hong Kong Open 2018.
  8. Learn Forehand Quick Loop from FZD(English Subbed)

    Upon the request of a forum member:
  9. Learn RPB the Wong Chun Ting style

    Butterfly released a series of RPB tutorial by Wong Chun Ting. I don't understand the language but action speak louder than words. Hope Stiga can made something similar with Xu Xin as well.
  10. Learn the Reverse Pendulum Backspin serve. It has helped me a lot!

    Here's a video showing you the basic serve motion () I decided to learn this serve once I saw Timo Boll getting direct service points against Zhang Jike in the 2014 World Cup using this serve. I started learning it the hard way (more on that later) but once I finally managed to learn this...
  11. What did you learn in 2014?

    One of the things that keeps the interest in TT is that the sport is constantly changing in tactics and approach to strokes. We as amateurs are constantly learning new things and discarding others. This thread is about what you learned in 2014 that you now incorporate into your regular game. For...
  12. Learn Table Tennis with Dr Tang

    A comprehensive Chinese series have been uploaded on Youtube recently, entitled "Learn Table Tennis with Dr Tang" The Coach provides detailed demonstration on table tennis techniques. It contains 25 episodes, each about 5-15 min. The only problem is the Chinese language ! It will be nice if...
  13. Want to also learn Long Pips playing

    Hello, I'm a table tennis player with some training and have played 3-4 years with smooth rubber both sides. I play mainly against men who usually overpower my shots to the backhand. I am a great natural receiver, hence, I do exceptionally well in doubles, which there are people who hate...
  14. Records In TT to watch and learn

    sir I want to Keep a data of records like long rally greatest shots I heard of Back hand but there are excellent records where a players returns the ball amazingly If any one has such video are old photos can help in improving the skill in TT Every on wants to watch thrilling moments in TT I...