1. Achtung Lula !! Kim Jung Hoon 1:1 Lesson with Div 5 Short Pips FH Dude

    Hey Lula and TTD, KJH with another 1;1 lesson vid... this time with a Div 5 FH SP dude. Largest problem dude has right away is wrong beat/cadence, and his backswing/swing too far in front. He immediately correct guy to cakswing longer and finish less far crossed over. Another area of foucs is...
  2. Kim Jung Hoon 1:1 Lesson with Div 3 Amateur Dude - BACKHAND

    Kim Jung Hoon has a Div 3 player teaching BH from mid to mid far distance. Best to view in Youtube and set the CC subs to auto English or whatever... YT does a crappy job of th transalting and it can get hilarious sometimes. Number one thing KJH stresses with this dude is that Div 3 dude's BH...
  3. Chiquita Lesson from Korean National Team Player

    2019 Czech Open Men Doubles & Mixed Doubles Champion, Cho Deasung, S.Korean National Young Player! The Lesson of the Chiquita by Korean Rising Star for TT https://youtu.be/JK5_8jdQqWw
  4. Phone stand to record during lesson or tournaments.

    What do you use to record yourself with. I have been looking for a stand, but not sure what to get. Can someone recommend me a good phone stand to record videos? My price range is anywhere between $10-$70. My phone is Galaxy s7 edge. Thank you.
  5. Most Important thing in TT Lesson

    https://youtu.be/McLuXcP-u3o What's the most important thing in Table Tennis Lesson? I'd asked this to many Chinese Coaches and there is an answer in this video! Copy to Lula) One Day, You asked me this question. This is my answer to you!
  6. Lesson for Backhand Topspin by CHN Coach

    Jus a few minues, Updated for Backhand Topspin by this lesson from Chinese Coach https://youtu.be/ckiy024U2-M
  7. Waldner's TT Lesson, but...

    Virtual Reality for Table Tennis @ ITTF Museum, Shanghai, China! Play with a machine? Lesson by VR? Is it a TT's Future or just Games?
  8. Body-Turn to improve Topspin by Chinese Coach's lesson

    https://youtu.be/9QtHtgGNBtI Two Chinese Women coaches visit to S.Korea. and I'd asked to them teach my TT friends in Korea. This is the video for this. Please enjoy it.
  9. Price of Chinese TT Lesson in China

    Price of Chinese TT Lesson in China Many people asked me that. How much is it? How about the lesson time in China? and so on. This is the reply for these questions. Please see the attached one. https://youtu.be/jzyWWMbrNNU
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  20. [LHTT #55_KOR Coach Lesson] Forehand Topspin against Backspin