1. Liu Guoliang chairman of World Table Tennis

    The ITTF have just announced Liu Guoliang as the chairman of ITTF's new product World Table Tennis. Full write up here. World Table Tennis states: WTT, is the commercial and events company of the ITTF, will be placing players and fans at the core of all its business to catapult table tennis...
  2. liu shiwen blade , viscaria and zjk blade compare review ?

    Hey guys! Could you make liu shiwen blade , viscaria and zjk blade compare review ? @dan
  3. Chinese Game Show [BEAT THE CHAMPIONS] incl. Liu Guoliang and Wang Tao

    Sorry if this has been posted already. I just found out about this game show. Where they will invite champions of different sports, like table tennis, tennis, boxing, badminton, soccer(china doesnt really have a champion in Soccer, they invited Kaká and Owen as the Champions) and so on. The...
  4. LF BTY Liu Shiwen

    Dear Friends, I'm looking for blade Butterfly Liu Shiwen, straight handle and lightweight, Thanks
  5. [Video] Liu Shiwen - Flower in Adversity

    Hi everyone, it took me only more than two years to do a new video. But as we've been in Budapest and I always liked Liu Shiwen, I really wanted to do a follow-up video to "Liu Shiwen - Rising to Golden Moments". So here it is, enjoy! For more information see the description of the video.
  6. Mima Ito training with Liu Shiwen

    Has anyone seen this? I'm surprised these two are practicing with one another:
  7. Ma Long VS Liu Gouliang - Who won?

    :cool: my thought is Liu Gouliang had feared that Ma Long would lose to Mattias Falck (short pip) so he had to prepare for Malong himself :p
  8. Liu Shiwen: Grateful to Team for Support and Trust - Found Serenity through Endevaors

    Big shout out to driversbeat for contributing the subtitles!!!
  9. Zhang Jike unfollows Liu Guoliang on Weibo

    I'm new here, browsed for a while but wanted to share this today. Since the news of Liu Guoliang returning to the CNT, Zhang Jike has unfollowed Liu Guoliangon Weibo. Zhang Jike deleted all Weibo about Liu Guolilang and the Chinese National Team. Waiting for more news about what happened.
  10. Is Liu GuoLiang coming back?

    Official announcement to be made in days, LGL will be the executive VP of CTTA (currently the no. 19 VP;)) and will be the one who runs the organization since CZH left the sports bureau. No question the guy is a true devotee of table tennis and a marketing genius as well. His return is a good...
  11. FS Liu shiwen Blade

    Anyone interested in a green dot liu shiwen blade? its basically new un damaged
  12. Innerforce ALC vs. Hurricane 301 vs. Liu Shiwen/ Ai Fukuhara ZLF

    Hey guys.. I am planning to buy my first composite blade and I have shortlisted these three blades based on reading a number of reviews and feedback from different players. However, I am not sure which one would suit my game style. I am an intermediate level player with playing style usually...
  13. Liu Dingshuo's Blade - Australian Open 2018

    Hi I'm just watched Australian Open 2018 match between Liu Dingshuo & Yu Ziyang and I noticed something that I'm really curious about....Looking at the picture i attached, did Liu dingshue use Yinhe T-3 in this tournament ? It was quite similar handle.. If it was really Yinhe T-3 and he used...
  14. FS: Liu Shiwen ZLF blade.

    The quintessential 'soft and flexible blade' that according to EmRatThich is the best for hard chinese rubbers. I can confirm from prolonged use it's an excellent blade and actually a very fast one as well. Much faster than you'd think. The head of the blade is larger than usual, promoting even...
  15. CNT and Liu Guoliang current situation

    Hi all, What's the current situation of Liu Guoliang? He will never will be a coach anymore? Even a personal coach? Heard they removed the head coach. Best regards, Eduardo Bagarrão
  16. liu shiwen blade

    im guessing no one knows what the new blade she is dominating with? looks like viscaria handle with the w968 core?
  17. Brand New Liu Shiwen Blade

    WTS Brand New Liu Shiwen Blade WTS a Brand new with the green dot blade anyone interested? 250 AUD Need it gone ASAP!
  18. Liu shiwen new blade

    i had a look at her blade iv never seen that before just wondering what it is kinda like viscaria but not? and is there a list of the CNT are using for male and females ?
  19. Zhang jike and Liu Shiwen 's Exhibition game in Silk Road Games Opening Ceremony 2017

    On 2017 November 11th Guoping Olympic Champions Zhang Jike and Liu Shiwen and also Feng Yalan ,Chian Tianyi , Xu Haidong and other state players attended the 2017 Silk Road Cup China - Asian Table Tennis Championship Tournament Opening Ceremony in Guangxi . China and 11 countries were...
  20. China National Team Dropping Like Flies! Is This Because of Liu Guoliang?

    China National Team All Losing! Is This Because of Liu Guoliang? First Ma Long is defeated at the World Cup! Now Fan Zhendong, Zhang Jike, Lin Gaoyuan, Xu Xin and Wu Yang are all thrashed at the German Open! Is this all down to Liu Guoliang? What's going on?!