1. International Student center in London

    Does anybody knows International student center table tennis team in London? or anybody is member there?
  2. Hi from London!

    Hi guys I'm new here. Got back in to table tennis after years due to being at home so much and wanting to play sport. Anyone else from the UK/london? paul
  3. Table tennis training camp in London

    Hello dear table tennis players and fans! I would like to invite you to join our table tennis camp which will be together with world class player - Grigoriy Vlasov who won London Grand Prix as well last month! Feel free to join and in case you would like,please call us or write for more...
  4. places to play near Kensington, London

    I shall be staying in an apartment in W8, London for some time next month. Any clubs near there where I can play for a few hours?
  5. Visiting London, Can you recommend Table Tennis Club

    Hello, I'm visit London from NYC and looking to play Table Tennis during my holiday. I'll be staying in Kensington. Can you recommend any clubs to play in the evening. I'm around 1700-1800 USATT player, Cheers!
  6. Train with a world class pro player in London

    Fellow TT lovers and players, current Russian mens national team player Grigory Vlasov will be in London between the 25th and 29th, and will be running one master class with the possibility of a one on one training/sessions time permitting. Ping me if you are interested - we all know its not...
  7. Players of London!

    Hey there, I will be in London from 07.03- 11.03, is there anybody I could play with or anybody that could introduce me to their club for a practise session? I will be missing practise back home so I would tremendously appreaciate it if I could play some :) I also applied for a session with...
  8. TableTennisDaily Vlog #19 - World Team Cup 2018

    Hi guys, Here's my latest coverage from the recent World Team Cup 2018! This vlog provides a tour of the behind the scenes action from the event. This was one of the best, coolest looking table tennis venues I have ever been to, what a fantastic tournament! This vlog features the final day from...
  9. World Team Cup Feb 22-25 in London

    I'm getting excited for this tournament. Sure hope they allow accessible live coverage.
  10. London here I come!

    Hey everyone, especially to TTD members living in London! I managed to be accepted into "The Language Gallery" English course located in the center of London(!), as Ive been wishing for a long to improve my English. So apparently Ill be living there for a month starting April 5th this year. So...
  11. A disturbance in the force: Feb 22-25 in London

    Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, and Lin Gaoyuan will all face Tomokazu Harimoto in the World Team championships. (12/29 clarification: unless the schedule keeps Japan away from China, and Germany or Korea knocks Japan out before the final, or the coaches choose other members to face each other -...
  12. London 2018 Team World Cup

    Looks like this is going to be worth the price of admission...
  13. Any TT shops in UK? (specifically London)

    Hi all, Not sure if I am posting in the right place but would like to ask if there are any Table Tennis shops in London? I am currently in Coventry (would like to know if there are any here as well) for studies, and would like to get some new gear but can't seem to find any here. I did a quick...
  14. TT Locations - Holiday 4-9 Sept (Paris) and 9-13 Sept (London) ?

    Hello all, I'll be on holiday in Paris (4-9 Sept) and London (9-13 Sept). The wife ('the boss') and I. In Paris I'm staying in the 1 Arr. I researched playing 'Libre pour tous' in Paris at US2e (, anyone ever play there? I'm also researching Paris13TT. I'll be traveling by...
  15. Looking for People to play with in London

    A friend of mine is going to stay in London from the 24.06. to the 21.07. She will be staying near London City and is looking for a club and people to play with. So any of you TTD members from London interested in maybe showing her around a bit? I think she would be very happy if someone would...
  16. Looking for Chinese players / Chinese TT clubs in London

    I am playing at my local clubs but keen to meet up other Chinese players in London or join a club with lots of Chinese players in London. Can anyone help? I would say my skill level is around Div 6 of local league. Not a advance player but motivate to learn and improve.
  17. Do we have the reason to suppose that the finals of London OG 2012 was fixed? Based on this article LG actually told Wang Hao to lose against Zhang Jike in the finals, the reason being that if Zhang Jike lost he wouldn't have mental toughness to deliver in the team...
  18. London Grand Prix Tournament Photos

    This is a link to photos I took at the London Grand Prix Tournament a week ago.
  19. Multi ball and great coaching in London

    Hi all, saw some forum posts asking about good coaching in London. If you can handle great multiball feeding, call Edger on 07450 483 004 - Great training sessions and a great coach.
  20. visiting london next week, looking for private coaching

    hi, i live in spain and am visiting london next week. i have time on wednesday afternoon (23 march) and thursday morning (24 march) only! can anyone recommend a private coach for a 2 hour session during one of those periods? i've looked online and most clubs seem to have evening sessions; i...