1. DHS Ma Long 3 Blade Authenticity Card - Translation Needed

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a new DHS Ma Long 3 Blade and it came with an authenticity card and there are a couple of the items that I can guess what they are. I was hoping that someone would be able to translate teh writing on this for me. I am especially wondering what is the line next to...
  2. How does the Stiga Infinity VPS blade compare with the DHS Hurricane Long 3

    I am currently using the Stiga Infinity VPS blade and have been using it for some time after trying a number of different composite and wood blades. I do prefer all wood blades after much experimentation. I have been thinking about experimenting with the DHS Hurricane Long 3 and was wondering...
  3. long lasting blade

    Hi all this horse probably has been beaten to death many times here but im gonna try asking my question anyway. i need a blade advice. I started TT recently and im a total beginner. I do it to stay fit and healthy and cuz i like TT a lot. I am 34 and as i never plan on playing professionally i...
  4. [LP] Chinese Alternative for Long Distance Defense

    Hey Guys, I am currently looking for a cheap alternative - most likely any chinese manufacturer - for a modern defense game. The long pips rubber should create heavy backspin in long distance chopping against topspins through friction - like Feint Long III and Curl 4 do. Does anyone have a...
  5. Fake DHS Long 5

    Hello, i could buy a used DHS Long 5 but the seller says there is no Number on the Handleside. Is this Possible?
  6. Any review for DHS Hurricane 3 Ma Long version?

    Any review for DHS Hurricane 3 Pro Players version? https://i.imgur.com/dsfLjGc.png please include video if you have... Thanks.
  7. [Video] Ma Long -The Return of the Dragon (I Am King)

    Inspired by us being in Budapest during the WTTC, after the Liu Shiwen story, here ist Ma Longs. The video is told a little bit different than usual. It's not a straight line. Ma Long lost matches last year, he didn't lose before, at first Pitchford than Harimoto. Shortly after he couldn't...
  8. DHS Hurricane Long 5

    I am looking to get a HL 5. Which version of Long5 has the best performance to price ratio? Be it commercial HL 5/5x, provincial or national w968. And does the year of manufacture makes a difference?
  9. Ma Long, Harimoto & More | Training | World Championships 2019

    New training hall video featuring the players from the recent World Championships in Budapest! ENJOY :)
  10. Ma Long serve analysis vs Tomokazu Harimoto

    Hey guys, For those of you who haven't seen the new technology via the ITTF we are now able to see the serving ball placement of players, similar to that you find in tennis. In the image you can see Ma Long's service placement during the 5th set against Tomokazu Harimoto at the recent China...
  11. Learn serving and receiving tactics from Ma Long and Liang Jingkun

    Budapest Semifinals See Ma Long’s this pair of serving. (2:15-2:24) After the first serve, why: Ma Long served an identical serve again? The two results were completely different?
  12. Ma Long VS Liu Gouliang - Who won?

    :cool: my thought is Liu Gouliang had feared that Ma Long would lose to Mattias Falck (short pip) so he had to prepare for Malong himself :p
  13. Ma Long Backhand Rubber

    Hi, Just wanted to know if Ma long is using Hurricane 3 37 hardness orange sponge on his Backhand? Or is he using hurricane 3 topsheet with tenergy sponge? Does anybody have any idea. Thanks.
  14. DHS Long V blade

    I recently switched to a SH DHS Long V. I got it cheap for only $150 NZD. It is the older version with a large head size. I had played with a Stiga Hans Asler OC for a while. It makes me feel Long V is so head heavy and uncomfortable to use. The handle is too slim to hold as well. My question...
  15. Ma Long showing of skills Like a Boss

    Nice video :)
  16. Timo Boll hits swap hand passing shot against Ma Long!

    Okay, so we have seen Timo Boll hit quite a lot of swap hand shots in his time. Ones that stand out in particular is the swap hand shot against Chuang Chih Yuan in T2, the swap hand shot against Chen Qi and Jun Mizutani. However, yesterday Timo Boll took swap hand shots to the next level. Not...
  17. difference bewteen Hurricane long 3 blade and tbalc/viscaria

    Equipment comparsion and help I'd like to know how hurricane long 3 is different from the timo boll alc and the viscaria which would help me to decide whether to buy it or not. I'm an ametuer player with a good backhand block and counter fourhand have a good forehand counter drive whIch lack...
  18. FS: Butterfly Viscaria and Nittaku Ma Long 7 with Hurricane 3 Provincials BS on Both

    FS:Nittaku Ma Long 7 with Hurricane 3 Provincials BS on Both Hey, looking to sell Nittaku Ma Long 7. Viscaria is SOLD. The Nittaku Ma Long 7 comes with a Provincial Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge 40' on the forehand and Donic Bluefire M2 on the backhand. The H3 is at about 65-70% condition and should...
  19. Dhs Long V vs Dhs W968

    Hi, For those users who have tried both HL5 AND W968. Is the difference between the two blades night and day? Moreover, is the quality of wood used a lot better than commercial HL5? Would love to hear your experiences.
  20. Ma long return?????????

    Will Ma Long can return to table tennis tournament ?