1. Which long pips

    For a disruptive backhand with good control and the ability to roll the occasional topspin, which of these two rubbers and should it be OX or with a little sponge (Approx. 1.0mm): Grass D.Techs Hellfire (not X)
  2. Long pimples ? Modified / boosted ?

    Hey folks! Could need some advise. A clubmate has an awesome FH techn. but his backhand is really suck.. hes planning to switch to long pimples on BH. He said that there are ways to "manipulate" the rubber.. Has anyone of you ever heard something about this ? Which long pimple to buy ...
  3. FS: Multiple Racket Setups

    Selling a like new DHS Hurricane Long V paddle with Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo Rubbers. Used for only one session. I just have too many paddles and have decided to sell some of my paddles. Selling for $180 including rubbers and shipping in US. The pictures speak for themselves. This is...
  4. Why I think Jun Mizutani, not Ma Long, was the real star of the 2016 Olympics...

    Ma Long won 2 gold medals and secured a career grand slam so it's easy to see Rio 2016 as THE MA LONG tournament. But I disagree. I think Jun Mizutani was the real star. In the singles event Mizutani reaches the semi-final where he faced the aforementioned Ma Long. What. A. Match. Ma goes 3-0...
  5. CNT's Mock Olympics

    Was asked to post details of the Chinese National Team's (CNT) Olympics preparation matches in a separate thread so here it is. My Chinese is not the best so please pardon any translation errors. I have attached the original sources as well so that others can verify the accuracy of the...
  6. Ma Long on World Table Tennis (Interview)

    A new interview has just come with Ma Long being interviewed about World Table Tennis! <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https://www.facebook.com/MaLongFamily/videos/285032235912950/&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden"...
  7. How to Play Like Ma Long: Secrets to Chinese Coaching (Not Clickbait)

    장우진/張禹珍/JANG Woojin 1 FH Topspin 2 BH 3 Footwork https://youtu.be/r12k3hvWnSM 조승민/趙勝敏/CHO Seungmin 4 Service Return https://youtu.be/Xw_G3-ovG1U 5 Service Attack https://youtu.be/eJj0GTpJtok 이상수/李尚洙/LEE Sangsu 6 Service https://youtu.be/i9ECz5ZPldc 7 3rd-Ball Attack...
  8. Make your backhand like Ma Long

    My lockdown contribution. The feeder was my friend, Amicus, who is an expert at this sort of thing.
  9. Long pimple chopping with a Stiga Clipper (or clones)

    How bad of an idea is this? The blade is 7ply all wood and Heavy 95g~. Having only chopped with lighter defensive blades i can't shake off the idea of wanting a more offensive blade to assist my forehand. What does the extra weight of the blade and the 2 extra plies feel like? I know there is a...
  10. How long does a blade and a rubber have?

    I would like to know the duration of each thing. And when I have to change them. I will train 6 hours at the table per day and 40min-1hour of service I would like to know the duration of each thing. And when I have to change them
  11. Koki Niwa, Ma Long Chop Block technique. Who is Better ?

    Hello everybody ! Give your opinion. Koki Niwa, Ma Long Chop Block technique. Who is Better ?
  12. Why JAN-Ove Waldner, Timo Boll, Samsonov - able to play at the TOP so Long ?

    Why are European table tennis legends like Vladimir Samsonov, Timo Boll or Waldner able to play at the top of the world so long, while Chinese athletes often take a break early? This is my Opinons. What about you? : This is my Opinons. What about you? Speaking of us, you and me, the...
  13. Will Ma Long be able to win this Tokyo Olympics 2020?

    i have been thinking about it for quite some time. Though Fan Zhendong and Xu xin are in better form now, I believe that Ma long will bounce back in time for the olympics, and he would be the first double grand slam. That is if the covid would be gone, and he plays like Ma long pre wttc 2019
  14. Meteor 9512 long pips

    Hey all, A teammate of mine has been using a long pimples rubber called Meteor 9512 for a long time and the rubber's time is kind of coming to an end as there's already a few pips missing etc. He's been trying to find a new Meteor 9512 rubber to replace his old one with, but it seems rather...
  15. Changing from the Viscaria to the Long 5x

    Hello, my Viscaria is getting very old (4+ years), viscaria suits my playstyle alot, I use the the Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue Sponge in my forehand, tenergy 05-fx on my backhand, but I want to change things up, I do not wish to buy a new Viscaria. I am thinking of getting DHS Hurricane Long 5x...
  16. FS: Nittaku Ma Long Carbon Lg

    Hello everyone; I'm selling a Nittaku Ma Long Carbon LG. the blade is in perfect condition, I only used it once. the blade is very powerful, I was not able to make the most of it My price is 130 euros, the shipment cost will be calculated later (the cost may vary by country).
  17. DHS Long 5 and Nittaku Fastarc G1, which was your 2019 best set up?

    In terms of blades, DHS Long was the best blade for me, better than Viscaria and Carbonado. The best feeling, control and spin. For rubbers Nittaku Fastarc G1 were the best compared to 05, MX-P, MX-S, Mizzuno Q4, Hurricane 8 and DNA hard. which was your golden combination of 2019?
  18. Where can I find DHS Hurricane Long v

    Hello guys, I've been looking for weeks for the old version of Hurricane Long 5. The one with larger head size and the stamps on the blade. I've found many websites that are selling the blade but all of them are selling the new version. Do you know where can I find it? Any website is good for me...
  19. Dhs Hurricane Long V W968 | YouTube review

    Match with Adrian Więcek (blade: Long V)
  20. LF: Looking for DHS Hurricane Long V (old version)

    Hello, I'm looking for the old version of Hurricane Long V (the one with bigger head) If anyone is selling it, please contact me.