1. Michael Maze OFF blade

    Michael Maze OFF blade AN Bronze tag Hi guys! I'm selling my old Michael Maze blade since I'm not using it as much anymore. I hope that someone will appreciate it as much as I did. Since it's discontinued it's hard to get a hold of these days. Price is €350 The blade is in Sweden so it will...
  2. FS: Butterfly Maze ALC

    Price: USD 450 Flared handle Good condition, no knocks or dents Do note that I no longer have the original box, but I will send over the blade with the box which is seen in the pictures Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any queries! Pictures...
  3. S> Butterfly Michael Maze ALC (Discontinued)

    Selling a Butterfly Michael Maze ALC. Flared handle Rare piece Good condition, no knocks or dents. Original piece (i no longer have the old box)
  4. question about maze performance!

    Hello, i have just bought a ST maze performance, do you compare it to some famous allwood blades such as: clipper, stratus, infinity VPS, kobel... and which rubber should use? tks
  5. Timo Boll vs Michael Maze | 2020 | Champions League

    Great game between Timo Boll and Michael Maze in the Champions League this week!
  6. TableTennisDaily's Dan plays TEQPONG with Michael Maze | $50,000

    Hey guys! Recently I went to the TEQPONG headquarters in Hungary where I tried the new sport TEQPONG with Michael Maze! TEQPONG is a NEW racket sport using a curved table and it's AWESOME! In November will be the TEQPONG World Cup with $50,000 up for grabs! Enter the tournament by emailing...
  7. The difference of Jun ZLC and Innerforce ZLC; Maze and Innerforce ALC?

    After a time playing with Yinhe V14 pro - the blade has koto outer, i want to comeback with a blade that has limba outer. I played some blades has limba outer and recognize limba outer is better for me. So i want to know those blades: Jun ZLC, Innerforce or maze will be good for my style -...
  8. Michael Maze vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Hey guys, here’s our new 1 set showdown with the one and only Michael Maze! During our review with Michael of the Tenergy 05 Rubber we challenged the former European Champion and absolute table tennis legend to a 1 Set Showdown! Enjoy!
  9. Michael Maze and Kalinikos Kreanga confirmed for WTTC

    It's been a while to see these two competing at WTTC, but for me, even if they won't get far in any competition it's a pleasure two watch these two legends again. 2 years before in Germany i gave up hope to watch them live at a wttc again.... Do you have any player you wish to, or will see at...
  10. Michael Maze | Backhand Around The Net Challenge

    Heyyyy Everyone!! Here's our latest video with the one and only Michael Maze showing us his devastating backhand around the net! He makes it look easy! We find out how many Michael can hit around the net in one take! How many backhand around the nets can you do? :)
  11. Michael maze blade ALC

    Looking for a Michael Maze ALC blade flared handle good condition for playing
  12. A Day in the Life of a Pro Player - Michael Maze

    Hey guys, Here is episode 2 in our “Day in the life of a pro” series. This episode features the 2009 European Champion, former world number 9 and all around table tennis legend Michael Maze! Michael is one of the most popular table tennis players of all time and has created all kinds of...
  13. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber Review | Featuring Michael Maze

    Hey guys! Today we are joined by none other than the table tennis legend Michael Maze reviewing one of the most popular rubbers of all time, Tenergy 05 by Butterfly. This is by far the most requested rubber review we have ever had, so it is finally time to find out if Tenergy 05 lives up to...
  14. Ask Michael Maze a question!

    Hi everyone, We will be interviewing Michael Maze very soon. Any questions you have for us, fire them away here and will ask them to the main man! Thanks guys!
  15. LF: Michael Maze ALC (FL)

    Hello, I am looking for an Michael Maze (ALC) blade, (FL) Regards Timo
  16. Which OSP blade is similar to Michael Maze

    I wanted to find a replacement of Michael Maze ( i know, why I wanna do this ??, It has gone very old) Which OSP blade will be very close to MM in terms of Speed, Spin, Control. I have tried, Timo Bol ALC, but did not liked the feel and control. Can anyone suggest
  17. Maze & Shiba preparing for playing doubles together?

    Looks like they have some good chemistry together: That should be the ultimate bad boy team!
  18. Anyone tried Michael Maze blade with Chinese Rubbers?

    Hi all, Does anyone here tried Maze ALC with chinese rubber on forehand? Can you compare to other blades like Viscarialike or HL5like. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Eduardo Bagarrão
  19. Freitas switched to Maze again

    Has anybody noticed Marcos Freitas switched back to his M. Maze ALC again? You can spot that in yesterday's match vs Lim Jinhhoon.
  20. (FS) Old Butterfly Michael Maze with Black-Metal-Tag and without Serial-Number

    Hello Friends of Table-Tennis i wanna sell an old, rare Butterfly Michael Maze with Black-Metal-Tag and without Serialnumber from ~2004 for a Friend of mine. It has a konkav handle. I will sell it for 300€. Here are some Pictures: