1. Men's World Cup 2020

    The RESTART of Table Tennis is here! Over the next month ITTF will run 3 events! The Women's World Cup, Men's World Cup and the ITTF Grand Finals! Later in the month World Table Tennis will run it's pilot event in Macao! This topic is for the Men's World Cup (Weihai, China) which begins on the...
  2. Equipment of the players in the 2019 Men's World Cup

    Equipment of the players in the 2019 Men's World Cup
  3. Fan Zhendong vs Liang Jingkun Highlights(Men's Single Semi-Finals - German Open 2019)

    Hi Guys, I made a video highlight of the SF match between FZD and LJK. Hope you guys like it. Cheers!
  4. Women beating men in top divisions

    The Chinese Women's team recently crushed the U.S. Men's team 4-1 and Juan Liu just won the last two Westchester Opens, beating Jiwei Xu and Daniel Gorak in the process. Are these unusual times, or historically, have top women often beaten top men?
  5. 2019 ittf men's world cup
  6. How is the women's game different from men?

    I noticed that most women while serving position themselves slightly off center where as a majority of men are on the extreme sides (right or left handed). Also, haven't seen any women serve the reverse pendulum. Why no love for that serve...?.
  7. CHN Men vs Women - practice before WTTC 2019 in Autria (longer version)

    I've watched some short videos about it on Facebook and found a longer version here. Just share again, sooooo interesting!!! Wang Manyu got 2 points against Lin Gaoyan.
  8. England Men disappoint

    Just wondered what went wrong with England's Men losing 1-3 to Serbia before a sell-out crowd, missing an opportunity to inspire. Why was no 1 player Liam Pitchford not playing? Paul Drinkhall lost to a lower ranked player. Not a good advert for the sport in England.
  9. Men's World Cup 2018 & T League Promo

  10. Men's World Cup 2018

    NOW LIVE: Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong: Live streaming here: The 2018 World Cup! This years Men's World cup will be held in Paris, France from the 19th October to 21st October 2018. The total price money for the event is $250,000 US dollars...
  11. Top Women vs Top Men

    It is well known that in the tennis world, there is a huge gap in playing strength between men and women. John McEnroe is an excellent handicapper and he once stated that if Serena Williams played on the Men's circuit, she would be ranked around #700. I'm a new Table Tennis fan, but from what...
  12. Post-match interview question with Fan Zhendong at men's team world cup

    I was watching Fan Zhendong's post-match interview after winning against Liam Pitchford in the men's team world cup. The interviewer asked the question: Hearing this, I was disappointed with the way the question was worded. This is a sport and players will have days when they come up against...
  13. Dima... Tenergy Backhand rubber men's world Cup

    I'm sorry if the resolution isn't that good. I took a screen shot when I saw the Butterfly logo during his backhand serve. Men's world Cup.... Dima vs Simon Gauzy.
  14. LF: 2004 U.S. Open | Men's Singles Final Video

    Hey there, I was wondering if someone has a video of the 2004 U.S. Open Men's Singles Final between Ryu Seung Min and Chuan Chih-Yuan available? Cheers, Mischa
  15. Men's World Cup 2017

    The 2017 World Cup! Semi Final 1: 11am Ma Long 3-4 Timo Boll Semi Final 2: 11.45am Simon Gauzy 3-4 Dimitrij Ovtcharov 3rd place match: 14:30pm Ma Long 4-2 Simon Gauzy Final: 15.30pm Timo Boll 2-4 Dimitrij Ovtcharov Winners Ovtcharov (1st), Boll (2nd), Ma Long (3rd) This years...
  16. Fair handicap for men and women?

    For men and women to play against each other in the same tournament, what should the standard handicap be? My guess is 5.
  17. Liebherr Men's World Cup 2017 ticket, help please

    Does anyone know what Liebherr Men's World Cup 2017 - Subscription ticket mean? there is not description on ticketmaster website. Can I use it for Fri/Sat/Sun and all the time slots? If I buy the day ticket, it splits into two time slots. So I assume the subscription one can be used throughout...
  18. Liu Guoliang will step down and be replaced as Chinese Men's Team Coach!

    At the end of this month (March) Liu Guoliang will step down as the Chinese National Team coach and will be replaced by either Ma Lin or Wang Hao! Sources in China say, "The new main coach of the Chinese National Men's Team will be selected between Ma Lin and Wang Hao very at the end of March...
  19. Why is Zhang Jike not listed in Men's Feb/2016 Ranking???

    Hey guys! Have been looking the Men's February World Ranking, and noticed that Zhang Jike is not listed! Jun Mizutani now is ranked as the #4, as Ovtcharov as #5, Wong Chun Ting as #6, and the ranking goes on... Any idea of what could have happened? Maybe he really retired?! At least...
  20. 2016 Men's World Cup (Full Matches in Full HD)

    # 2016 Men's World Cup, Oct 1-3, Saarbrücken GER # MS-Final: # (the following) PLAYLIST includes Gold, Bronze, SFs, QFs / CCTV-5 & ELTA versions (in full hd) 2016 Men's World Cup [Full HD]