1. China National Games 2021

    Hello I've just created this thread to talk about the upcoming China National Games. All the players did a physical test to enter to the event. I don't know anything about the schedule and the draws. Hope some of you have more infos to share
  2. KNT: Why We use National H3!

    KNT: Why We Use National H3! asks various members of the Korea National Team for their opinions on everything about H3, why H3, what makes it difficult to use(?), hardness, orange and blue, provincial and national... Filming: Editing: Cast: Samsung Life Table...
  3. Oh Sang Uhn Becomes Korea National Men's Team Head Coach

    According to a news release by Korean TT news outlet "The Ping Pong"... Oh Sang Uhn will become the new Korean Men's National Team HEAD COACH. Use your web browser TRANSLATE function... article is in KOREAN.
  4. H3Neo or sanwei target national

    I tried boosting my h3neo and the topsheet got very messy and it cant be cleaned and I am considering buying a new rubber, what are the differences between the sanwei target national and h3neo, I also have access to the blue sponge version of the target national, the provincial version and a...
  5. Mima ITO japanese national team shirt

    Hello! I am interested in buying Mima ITO japanese national team shirt. Does anybody know where to get one?
  6. My Journey to reach the National Table Tennis Olympic Team! Join Me

    Hey guys, here is a short backstory of myself(Sorry for my English. I am not great at articulating but here you go). I am 29 years old (Male) and I started playing this beautiful game at the age of 11 and played until the age of 17. I had dabbled in other sports like Swimming, Badminton...
  7. Prott dhs national hurricane neo 3 $58.00 !?!? Authentic????

    Somethings not right here I'm see that PROTT has the national version at $58USD? am I seeing things or this can't be authentic at that price? Anyone have experience with PROTT and DHS NATIONAL rubbers? I've heard them selling them at $90USD in the past but never $58USD
  8. Boosting H3 Neo .. national version needed?

    Hey folks! I wanna try the H3 boosted. People say the national version goes best with boosting. But they are so expensive like 80-100$ ... so is national version really needed ? or can I have good results with the com. version as well ?
  9. Dhs neo hurricane iii new version national and provincial

    Hi Guys Enjoy the new DHS neo hurricane III national and provincial rubbers along with DHS Neo Skyline II National Blue sponge and DHS Hurricane 8 37degree Backhand Rubber. I will write review after using it.
  10. 2020 China National Championship

    Starting from 1st Oct to 10th Oct. Events including Men's and Women's singles, doubles, teams and mixed doubles will be played. 1~4 team events 5~10 Singles, doubles The main draw is not out yet. If you have additional information, feel free to add it here. I know that the player to qualify...
  11. National Table Tennis Day !

    Hello guys, we have a longer break between this video and our last video but we are back. We are back with realtion from Polish National Table Tennis Day. Video is in polish but you can turn on subtitles. Link to video: Also you can follow us on our...
  12. Dignics 09c review

    I only tried it on FH. 1. Is heavy but not as heavy as 05h. Initial impression: (unboosted) 1. The rubber is alright, the short game feels like h3 but in top spin to top spin rally it lacks both spin and speed. The throw is high and the kick is not strong. It's unimpressive to say. T05h...
  13. DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge (National)

    Is it worth buying? I've played 2 years long with Hurricane 3 commercial (Boosted) and because of that i developed a long/full stroke on the balls I hit. Because the rubbers became completely slippery after playing with the same rubbers for 2 years without switching (I didn't know that could...
  14. Wang chuqin China national championships blade

    Guys what blade and rubbers did wang chuqin for the china national championships. it doesnt look like a viscaria
  15. Various national championships 2020

    Hello, I suggest to post here videos and results from various national championships. As I know there are many countries that had their nationals this weekend! We also had and I have some beautiful matches to share.. Czech republic made quite nice work around and I am posting semifinals and...
  16. Belgium National Championship 2020 !

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  17. Prize money at your national championships

    Just read on that the winner of the forthcoming National Championships will pocket 1000 pound and the runner-up 500. This is an increase of 25% due to a new sponsor. Personally I think it's still derisory and a real embarrassment for the top players. What about the...
  18. DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) vs the NEO version of it

    Hello, I have just tested DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) 39 degrees unboosted and I did not boost it. I would like to know how different (is NEO version faster/generates more spin?) will be the NEO version of this rubber and maybe even the NEO Orange version of it. (my understanding so...
  19. Real Korean national shirts

    is it possible to get the national shirt of the korean players imo they look pretty dam good the yellow version if so how much and where and are they legit?
  20. For sale W968 official national & HL5 provincial

    I am selling my two DHS blades here. Unfortunately both are a little too light for me. But both have a great feeling! If you want more fotos just write me. Then I can also remove the rubbers from the W968. I still have it in my pocket as a replacement blade. Price: W968 - 425€ HL5 - 225€