1. Seo Hyo Won wins Singles at Panasonic National Open in Jeju Korea

    Korean TT media "The Ping Pong" reports Seo Hyo Won just won the women's singles at the 72nd Panasonic Combined Pro TT Tourney in Jeju Island. (The place is like the Hawaii of Korea) Link below... break out UR Google Translate... SHW WIns !
  2. Hi there can you tell me where i can buy Germany national team wear?

    Hi there i'm interesting to buy National Dress witch one wear Timo Boll at Euro 2018...
  3. Tin arc 5 national

    is there such thing as a national Tin arc 5? i heard from chen chen its got a pink/purple sponge im curious to see what its like some time if anyone has some links
  4. 5 Yr old vid typical National Open Tourney in Korea

    This is a vid of a match from 5 yrs ago. It was the 2013 DMZ Open, a national tourney open to any amateur TTer in Korea. This is Div 4... the top of this Division are 2200+ USATT... even though the division ought to have players only from 1600-1900 USATT. Enjoy. Some of you on USA East Coast...
  5. [LHTT #45_Match in China] Against Former CHN National Team Player #2
  6. sells real or fake national blades?

    I am interested in the W968 big letter version from, about $350. Do you guys think it is the actual provincial Hurricane Long 5? Or is it a fake replica being sold at a super high price. I have a feeling it is not an actual W968 produced by the Chinese National Team.... what you do...
  7. [LHTT #44_Match in China] Against Former CHN National Team Player #1
  8. Review CTT National POGO

  9. blade from chinese national team player ( ma long , zhang jike, yan an, li xiaoxia )

    hello my friend ( player in last national game chinese ) get somes blade from national team player li xiaoxia, ma long , and Zhang jike ) 1000$ i just help my friend for sell, i already know price expensive ^^
  10. FS: Nittaku Violin Large Handle with T05 and T64, DHS H3 National BS

    Sold Sold! Thank you
  11. 2018 College Table Tennis national, April 20-22

    2018 iSET College Table Tennis National Championships will take place in Round Rock sports center, April 20-22, 2018. Multiple Olympians will be making appearance, see Participating Players and Teams. Live streaming (starting April 20th) will be available here.
  12. Chasing China - Prologue and Part 1 "The Chinese National Team"

    Chasing China - Prologue and Part 1 "The Chinese National Team" [Prologue] There was another similar topic which went into politics ... I've decided to actually create a series of topics, based on the great article[1] provided by @Tropical. Having more specific subjects should better protect...
  13. Where to find genuine national DHS Rubbers?

    Hi TTD Forum! Does anyone know where to get genuine National DHS rubbers? Specifically, Hurricane 3 or Skyline 3 blue sponge? I'm just curious if there's a foolproof way to obtain these.
  14. China National Team Closed Training - WTTTC 2018

    The Chinese National Team are currently in preparations for the upcoming World Team Championships with their rigorous closed training in Xiamen for 1 month. Ma Long will join the training after this weeks German Open. Five coaches of the China National Team are in charge of the training. News...
  15. 2018 French National Championships

    2018 French National Championships, 2-4 March, Rouen, France Mens Singles Final: Alexandre Robinot vs Enzo Angles
  16. Swedish National Championships 2018

    The Swedish National Championships 2018 has commenced! Kristian karlsson - Via ITTF Flickr Top 10 Seeds MEN 01) Kristian Karlsson 02) Anton kallberg 03) Jon Persson 04) Simon Arvidsson 05) Hampus Nordberg 06) Viktor Brodd 07) Harald Andersson 08) Par Gerell 09) Elias Ranefur 10) Simon...
  17. DHS National rubber authenticity?

    Good evening TableTennisDaily community ;) , I bought myself a DHS Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge rubber with 2.2mm and 40° on ebay (yeah, I know, probably my first mistake :D ). Anyways, I'm kind of suspicious of the authenticity of the rubber. Don't get me wrong, I already know that there...
  18. English National Championships 2018

    The England Men’s team head back to the place where they claimed their Team World Cup bronze medal last week, the Copper Box Arena In London. This time however they face each other in the English National Championships. Will Paul Drinkhall be able to retain his title? Or will it be Liam...
  19. German National Championships 2018

    From today 2nd March 2018 until Sunday the 4th March 2018 the 86th German National Championships have commenced in Berlin. Unfortunately Dima and Peti Solja plus a few others are missing. Last year´s womens champion Kristin Lang (formerly Silbereisen) and Shan Xiaona won´t be attending due to...
  20. Belgium National Championship 2018 !

    Hi everyone, Here is the Teaser !