1. My Journey to reach the National Table Tennis Olympic Team! Join Me

    Hey guys, here is a short backstory of myself(Sorry for my English. I am not great at articulating but here you go). I am 29 years old (Male) and I started playing this beautiful game at the age of 11 and played until the age of 17. I had dabbled in other sports like Swimming, Badminton...
  2. with this u -> olympic champion

    check out the blocks of kenta starting at 0:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGe3r69VJsY with this secret of samurais you become world champion in 3 weeks.
  3. I have updated this game 43 times. Hope you'll enjoy playing it at home.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.IanaaLimited.TableTennisRecraftedGenesisEdition2019&hl=en If you can't go out. Give me some comments too on how you want it next? Cheers. :)
  4. 2020 US Olympic Team Trials

    2020 US Olympic Table Tennis Trials - Santa Monica College, CA, February 27 - March 1, 2020 Results on OmniPong Dominating performance by Xin Zhou. He's played 12 matches against some of the best in the US and lost only 1 game (to Sharon Alguetti). Still hasn't played Nikhil Kumar who also...
  5. Horrendous illegal serve in Olympic Qualifier!!

    Really?? Words fail me!! https://tv.ittf.com/video/gardos-robert-jevtovic-marko/1882869
  6. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Table Tennis Tables

  7. Could Japan beat MaLong to obtain the Olympic gold.

    Could Japan beat MaLong to obtain the Olympic gold easily ? Sure, they can. They would only have to enforce MaLong's rubber inspected properly by making some criss-cross dissections over the H3 topsheet. Yet , it is most unlikely that Japanese Officials capable of such a big atrocity...
  8. A 1983 world champion will become the oldest Olympic table tennis player ever

    TT is great :)
  9. Yoo Nam Gyu ('88 Olympic Champ) sez Serve Receive is IMPORTANT

    Here is a vid of YNG showing a city Div 1 player (who acts like he receives 5 levels below his level) (You would know if you see his youtube channel) Tak-Kyu. Subs are in Korean, but YNG is showing enough that a translation is not really needed.
  10. Olympic Day - Ding Ning & Ryu Seung Min doubles partners!

    Hey guys! During Olympic day last week, Ding Ning and Ryu Seung Min paired up to take on Tomokazu Harimoto and Kim Song in a match! This is entertaining stuff! Good to see Ryu Seung Min back in action!
  11. Playing in the Olympic Games?

    How can I play in a Olympic Game? How to get into that? Can anybody help me, please?
  12. ITTF confirmed mixed doubles rules at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

    Thomas Weikert said in Shanghai on the opening day of ITTF Museum, for mixed doubles at 2020 Tokyo, each association (up to 3 men and 3 women) can attend 5 events. Previously, it was proposed that each association has to choose 4 out of 5 events. Only 1 mixed doubles pair from each association...
  13. Lates New Rubber by the Olympic Champion Ryu Seung Min ITC PowerCell Ultra

    Hello Guys, Here's the latest Rubber release by the ITC featuring are very own Olympic Champion "Ryu Seung Min" the rubber are available now in UK, Europe and USA visit our website www.tabletennisspot.co.uk
  14. 2018 Europe Youth Olympic Qualification

    2018 Youth Olympic Qualification Truls Moregard vs Cristian Pletea (Unbelivable Match!!!!)
  15. #SupportLariba Philippines Olympic Table Tennis Player has cancer and needs support

    The video above explains this heartbreaking story. Here's is the link so we can all do our bit to support her: http://igg.me/at/OsbrCmdco7U
  16. Ma Long's first training session after Rio Olympic Gold 2016

    A cool video of Ma Long's first training session back after Rio Olympics 2016!
  17. Playing teams as Olympic's Style

    I have two question about teams event in table tennis 1. Is there any major league or tournament which follows the Olympic teams system? 2. In Olympic system, what should be the strategy for winning the match & is there any advantage in taking abc rather than xyz ? TIA
  18. Ma Long Car Interview After Rio Olympic Gold 2016!

    As soon as Chinese athletes had won gold in Rio, Tencent along with sponsor FAW Automotive did interviews with athletes in their car in promotion of the the sponsor. It was more of a fun interview rather than a serious one. interview: After Ma Long won the Men's Team Gold in Rio the host...
  19. Jonathan Groth - Funny Olympic Training

    This is from a danish TV show, that I really wanted to share with a worldwide audience, as I find it hilarious :)
  20. LEAKED: Chinese Team Whatsapp Group React to Ma Longs Olympic Gold!

    LEAKED: The Chinese Team Whatsapp Group React to Ma Longs Olympic Gold! When Ma Long won the gold medal in Rio he messaged his team mates, here's the players reactions... Disclaimer: all for a bit of fun, tune into the Men's Final between TEAM China and TEAM Japan at 7.30pm local time today...