1. Xiom Zeta China and Xiom Omega VII Asia ( China Exclusive)

    I just stumbled upon these 2 rubbers and couldnt find ANY info on them at all! Xiom Zeta China and Xiom Omega VII ( China Exclusive Edition) Does anyone know anything? How new are they? Are they any special? Why do they seem so "secret"? Not even an entry on Revpsin ( that must mean something)...
  2. FS: New, unopened XIOM rubbers. Vega EU DF, Vega Japan, Omega V Tour DF, Asia V DF

    I have for sell following rubbers, all of them unopened, all of them red, all of them max thickness. - Vega EU DF 25€ - Vega Japan 25€ - Omega V Tour Sold - Omega V Asia 32€
  3. Can you help me with Omega 7 China Guang and Ying?

  4. Xiom Omega 7 China Ying and Butterfly Dignics 09c Comparison Test

    XIOM OMEGA 7 CHINA YING VERSUS BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 09C I thought I was going crazy buying the Butterfly Dignics 09c just to test it side by side with the Xiom Omega 7 China Ying but here I am posting this review. I will be comparing these 2 with other rubbers as I go along with the...
  5. Xiom vega X vs omega 7 pro

    Hello there! Right now I'm playing with xiom omega 7 pro on my backhand. I've heard really good reviews on the vega x. What is the difference between these two? What's the pros and cons? And can you recommend the vega x?
  6. Omega 7 vs Rakza Z, what's better?

    So since there are literally over 20 million different blade/rubber combos possible, and since I have no life, I've spent alot of time analyzing rubbers. I've been using Omega 7 Hyper on backhand, Hurricane 3 National on forehand but switching it around has felt more natural, prefer H3 throw...
  7. WTB Xiom Omega 7 Hyper in Europe

    I'm looking for to buy Xiom Omega 7 Hyper in Europe of course new from an internet on line seller?
  8. Xiom omega 7 tour

    opinions on this rubber from anyone who has used it. and how does it compare to other popular rubbers. in australia, the price conversion rates are strange so this ended up being 57 aud (38 usd). should i buy it?
  9. Xiom Omega Tour opinion

    I would like to begin this text with a very short pre-word aimed at all the grumblers of this forum, please don't read this! I wrote this text mostly because I wanted to burn off some afflatus. So this text probably will be unnecessarily long, full of floral comparisons and other figures than...
  10. Xiom Omega 7 China Guang and Ying

    Xiom Omega 7 China Guang Weight: 70 grams (uncut) Hardness: 55 degrees ESN Scale Speed: Extremely High Spin: Extremely High Xiom Omega 7 China Ying Weight: 72 grams (uncut) Hardness: 60 degrees ESN Scale Speed: Extremely High Spin: Extremely High Both of these rubbers are the latest rubbers...
  11. Omega 5 tour vs VEGA X

    Hello, I'm playing with zhang jike alc and hexer powergrip on forehand, recently I've tried the racket of my friend viscaria+vega pro on forehand. I really like vega pro. I thought the hexer powergrip was superior to the vega pro in both spin and speed. Actually the vega pro is faster and has...
  12. XIOM Omega IV Pro, IV Asia, V Pro, V Asia

    hi, i am interested in these four rubbers. could anyone compare them in terms of arc (trajectory), catapult, speed, spin and hardness please? and if possible compare to MX-S/EL-S/T05. thank you very much in advance. every answer appreciated a lot.
  13. Xiom Vega X vs Omega Pro IV/V/VII

    Hi. Have anybody played with those two rubbers and can give some info? Personally I have Omega Pro IV on backhand and want to change it cause it go worn a bit and I damaged it already. Normally i would go for Pro V but this new vega x caught my eye and would be nice to see some advice on it...
  14. European / Japanese Rubber for spin-oriented play

    Dear table tennis enthusiasts, I started playing table tennis again only one and a half years ago, but am making great progress. Mostly, because I had been introduced to the proper techniques in a proper club when I played for 2 years as a child. I am (extremely) forehand dominant, play...
  15. Which blade fits best with the Xiom Omega 7 Asia?

    For some time now I have been thinking about switching from my current forehand rubber (DHS Hurricane 3 Provinvial - Blue Sponge - Boosted with Falco Tempo Long Booster) to a Xiom rubber. Now the time has come and I have bought the new Xiom Omega VII (7) Asia from Megaspin as my new rubber. The...
  16. Donic BlueStrom Z2 vs Xiom Omega V Asia for fh? (on a Stiga Offensive Nct CS)

    Hi, I have a Stiga Offensive Nct CS I though about one of these two rubbers: Donic BlueStrom Z2 and Xiom Omega V Asia Would they be similar? I like playing offensive from short to medium distance to the table. I usually attack first than my opponent. I also like hitting the ball "hard". Maybe...

    Hello. I`m selling my Yasaka Alnade blade. It was tested for about 10 hours. How you can see from the pictures is like brand new. The reason for selling the blade is because is a bit soft for my test. For any information pls contact me. Price is 75 pounds with free delivery all over the uk...
  18. LF: Omega VII Euro

    if someone has it new or like new condition and it collecting dust on shelf I would buy it for reasonable price
  19. Omega V Asia weight

    Hi folks, I want to give to OVA a second chance. In the first attempt, the rubber felt too mushy for me (coming from h3Neo). But I think, maybe that was because I had a very light piece of rubber. (104g in 2.0 black) To verify that, would you please be so kind and tell me your rubber weights...
  20. Omega V Asia vs. Vega Asia

    Hi, is there someone out there that can (and wants to) tell me the differences between these two rubbers? Sponge hardness, topsheet hardness, spin speed, control? Cheers Andi