Xiom Zeta China and Xiom Omega VII Asia ( China Exclusive)

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Feb 2023
I just stumbled upon these 2 rubbers and couldnt find ANY info on them at all!
Xiom Zeta China and Xiom Omega VII ( China Exclusive Edition)
Does anyone know anything?
How new are they?
Are they any special?
Why do they seem so "secret"?
Not even an entry on Revpsin ( that must mean something)!


Zeta China has ITTF entry as 79-068.
So, After the Omega VII Series, Before the J & H Series.
According to Xiom website: HYPER ELASTO CST, sticky elastic topsheet.
Can find it for ~50 Euros.
Really curious about this, since I like Xiom and sticky.
There is Vega China and now there is this!

For Omega China VII Asia ( China Exclusive)

Same ITTF Number as normal OA 7.
Here a description I found:
Omega 7 Asia (China version) selects high-quality rubber material, new particle structure with high supporting force, super elastic surface, and well equipped high-energy homogeneous macroporous carbon cake sponge. Using TENSOR's catapulting inner energy technology, BIOS Green technology, HYPER ELASTO technology, to create super elastic structures, IMB inner energy propulsion technology, which will increase the service life by 2 times, AND CST Chinese sticky glue surface, which is more suitable for The demands of Chinese ball friends. Compared with the Omega 5 TOUR, the power increased by 15%, the hitting speed increased by 20% and the hitting spin increased by 8%.

Can Someone say something about this?
Is anyone willing to sacrifice their precious money for our scientific purposes?
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