1. Hardness Race is On! | Rasanter R53 Review

    Hey guys, and we're back with another review! Here's our latest rubber review of the new Rasanter R53 rubber by andro! The hardness race is on as manufacturers begin to release harder rubbers! This one comes in at 53 degrees! The R53 comes in at 53 degrees! What hardness do you prefer?
  2. Japan Women's Race to Tokyo 2020 Singles

    Hi guys! As you know, the race to play singles in the Japan Women's Team has already started. Only the two women with the highest WR on January 1, 2020 will make it. Let this thread serve as both an update and discussion of the very tight race. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of the players'...
  3. How to catch-up on a race? (Inferior players always remain that way)

    Persson was younger than Waldner, Ma Lin was younger than Liqin..Chen Qi was not able to beat Liqin once Liqin got past his prime. Personally, I am a younger brother myself and seen lots of younger brother give a good try but never able to surpass their older..like some people say, its all...