1. Ma Lin series

    I play with pg7 with h3neo on ph and a palio cj800o and I was thinking of getting a new blade to play with my h3neo and maybe switch the bh rubber, and I saw some malin blades for a good price and the options were Ma Lin carbon, soft carbon, hard carbon, extra special and extra offensive and I...
  2. Yasaka Rakza Series.

    I’m a big fan of Yasaka rubbers and I would like to know which Rakza would be best for the following categories. Looping: Serving: Blocking: Driving: Chopping: Far from table loop:
  3. Andro Kanter Series

    There is almost nothing online about these blades (the CO and FO). Has anyone got any experience with them?
  4. What Are Your Thoughts On The Stiga DNA Series?

    I am wondering if I should switch to the Stiga DNA Hard on my FH. Right now I have Mantra H on FH and Mantra M on my BH. I am an OFF- to OFF player who relies on mainly spin, and speed to out play my opponents. Any thoughts? Also, are there any spin oriented, but fast enough rubbers that I...
  5. Anyone owns or played with the new Andro Treiber series blades, like FI OFF?

    I am an avg. level club player wanting to upgrade from my very old ALL Stiga Tube blade, to an OFF blade. Based on my research, seems like an old Andro Treiber Z blade (only available on one online store) has very good reviews, but I am wondering how do the new Treiber series blades compare to...
  6. TT STAR Pro series

    Hello everyone! You may not know, but there are many tournaments played on a weekly basis. 8 players meet in a group, playing each other, then top 4 play play off matches. You may know challenger series, but there is also a Czech version - TTSTAR PRO. I am going to let you know this tournament...
  7. Tibhar Fortino blade series with Dyneema fibre

    There are three new blades by Tibhar, each one interesting on its own, bound together by use of the Dyneema fibre. Dyneema is a very strong but also light material that enables to build carbon/fibre blades without making them too heavy from the start. Fortino Performance offers maximum control...
  8. Butterfly 05 Hard vs Rasanter Series ?

    Hi Guys , is any rubber from the Rasanter Series V or R that can beat Butterfly 05 hard
  9. Baracuda VS the other products in the Acuda series

    I'm thinking about purchasing a new rubber for my forehand. I currently use Barracuda and am pleased with the spin. I want a rubber with a harder sponge but the same/extremely similar topsheet. I was thinking Acuda S1 turbo but don't know how similar it is to Barracuda.
  10. LKT/KTL Rapid Series Thoughts?

    I have been using the Rapid speed rubber for my forehand and always thought it was non-tensor. I checked Revspin and saw that it was a tensor rubber? How do the other Rapid series rubbers feel like and are they tensor?
  11. Tibhar Delta series and Rozena

    I would like to buy one of these rubbers. They are at a discount at my local store for a great price. Please share any information about these rubbers. And if you have tried them both please compare these two like which one is faster, durability, and spinnier. Thanks
  12. Butterfly Innerforce series - whats the deal in compare to 5ply/7ply allwood blades?

    hey guys, with the release of Xiom's icecream blades attention has drawn to this topic. i'm curious about the IF series. while i do own several allwood limba blades: a slow 5 ply (Grubba), a fast 5 ply (Xiom Offensive S) and a 7 ply (Andro Core) i wonder which customer should instead buy these...
  13. TTHistory | Legend Series | Ep.01| Jan Ove Waldner

    Hi, We did our best for the first Episode of Legend Series. We appreciate any opinion to help us create newer episode better. thanks in advances and hope you enjoy it.
  14. Sup. What's the difference between Hexer Grip and the Rasanter series?

    Comparisons would be nice. Rasanter is said to be one of the best new rubbers, but hexer grip is even newer than that, so. thanks.
  15. Butterfly series timo boll alc&zlc no stamp¨made in japan¨!!?

    HELLO GUYS reading for few days on the web that factories in....hungary,germany,sweden..., china like sunflex factory,,make blades for dozens brands,honestly i dont want to pay 150€ in europe for a blade 20$, factory value from china, we expect some respect in return for that amount of...
  16. Low level Chinese players at the Thailand Open (Challenge Series) 2018

    One of the smaller events on the ITTF calendar is happening now, the Challenge Series Thailand Open. There is a large contingent from China attending the event, surprisingly Liu Shiwen is the top seed of Women's Singles, it is uncommon for a Chinese A Team player to compete on the Challenge...
  17. Tibhar Nimbus Series vs Donic Acuda Series

    Can anyone please compare them? Thanks. Like how similar and how different they are. Appreciate it a bunch :)
  18. An idea for Dan's next video series

    It occured to me that there never was a video where a top level pro would play with, well, not necessarily outrageously bad rubber, but certainly with a very cheap one. Why? To give the idea of how much of it is the technique vs equipment automagically improving your game. Sort of like "Can you...
  19. 729 Bloom series, any opinion?

    I ordered one sheet for trying it. I wouldnt make a thread but it will be quite a few weeks before i get it. I was sure it's european/japanese because i found information like anti-adhesive in description in an online shop but translating some japanese review it seems to say the opposite. Anyone...
  20. ITTF challenge series questions

    I'm wondering why no ITTF top 10 player ever plays on ITTF challenge series For ex. upcoming polish open 2018, the highest seeder is lee sangsu, ITTF#11 Would it be easier for top 10 player to get higher ITTF ranking if they're playing in this ITTF challenge series since less top player play?