1. Information about older (special) blades

    Hi everyone. I talked with someone recently about my blade, and we came over an interesting subject. As I am fairly new to table tennis and even newer to table tennis equipment, I wanted to see if there would be some people capable of helping me. The person who I talked with told me that there...
  2. Santa Claus vs MLFM Table Tennis | Special Episode

    Santa Claus vs MLFM Table Tennis May Santa Claus bring everything you wished for. Merry Christmas!
  3. [Penholder Special] CP Bomber

    Some Penholder Users requested me the video of Penholders. This is my response for that~ https://youtu.be/uCl_gqZpI9g
  4. WTTC 2019 Just-Before Special by TV Tokyo

    Discretion is advised for serious adults
  5. FS : Giant Dragon Talon Special Red 0.5mm

    I have Giant Dragon Talon Special with 0.5mm Sponge thickness Price $20 including free shipping in US
  6. FS: Butterfly Matsushita pro special ALC new 100%

    FS: Butterfly Matsushita pro special ALC new 100% Accept paypal, will ship with tracking number I want 269 US$ pics
  7. blade Special DHS Institute DHS W968 C08

    The blade was designed for a provincial club player in China. Weight 85.4 g and thickness: 5.85 mm The blade is designed for plastic ball from the new material ABS DHS D40*** My price is 250$
  8. FS: Very special Waldner Senso Carbon JO Shape, no JTTAA stamp, 88g! + Tenergys

    Hey, I want to change my setup and want to sell my Donic Waldner Senso Carbon in the JO Shape, excellent condition. Special thing about this blade is: No JTTAA stamp as all the other ones on the market and this one is actually 88grams and factory sealed by Donic. Most JO Shape WSC are lighter...
  9. Super special secret chinese training before WTTC 2017

    Everything you need to know about the basement and who plays like a girl !
  10. Special Aurus

    So upon browsing the net for Aurus pictures, I stumbled upon these... Translated by Google TIBHAR AURUS DRAGON is the latest in the AURUS family. AURUS series of rubber are used ITTF RUBBER registration number 74-001 of the glue, But according to the sponge soft and hard nature and the...
  11. Ma Long's special serve caught on film!

    Look at Ma Long's special serve! You will need to see the slow motion to see the special contact! Imagine doing this in an Olympic final! :)
  12. LF: Looking for: Mizutani Special, MJ Special Blade

    Looking to buy Mizutani Special
  13. Stiga clipper special edition

    Just curious to know why this blade is so expensive... http://prott.vip/Product-Details.aspx?productcode=ProCLCR If anyone has tried this blade could you please compare it to the viscaria? Thanks
  14. blade BHS Hurricane King 655 SPECIAL CS

    blade BHS Hurricane King SPECIAL CS last price cut 65$ price delivery worldwide 10 $ We read an article which blade factory Institute for double happiness manufactures at its Chinese leading players http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3039978603 . paypal payment system . Special blade version. The...
  15. Leica special edition M-P in red table tennis bat rubber

    For those of you who like to combine your TT with photography. But be warned that this comes at a price. https://www.dpreview.com/news/6905957779/leica-announces-special-edition-m-p-in-red-table-tennis-bat-rubber/
  16. blade NITTAKU RUTIS POWER Special 77g.

    new price 80$ blade NITTAKU RUTIS POWER Special 77g.-100$
  17. DHS special blade Hurricane 766,Hurricane 811 and Sword Super ALC is special of Chine

    DHS special blade Natioanl Hurricane 766,Hurricane 811 sale collection Last price reduction 18.11.16 the new price of $ 140. Free worldwide shipping new price: N766=150$ N811=150$ N766 -- designed for the national team, to create a special ping-pong floor, belonging to both sides of...
  18. blade Hurricane N811 Special

    DHS blade Hurricane N811 Special (Sell off his collection of blades ) price 250 $ 92 gr. weight 5,7mm thickness the price of the blade in China 2,500 yuan/6.4$=390$ https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.75.TqEuh9&id=40938421975&n%20s=1&abbucket=17#detail DHS team special...
  19. How often does table tennis 11 change its 4 for 3 rubbers special?

    Hey guys Just wanted to know how often does table tennis 11 change its 4 for 3 rubbers special? Thanks
  20. LF: Mizutani Special

    anyone know of where to get a Mizutani Special or have one for sale? I gave mine away about a year ago and I want that baby back :(