1. Why is it called "cake sponge"

    Hey there! Why is cake sponge called as such, can anyone shed light on this for me please? I have to translate this to another language, so I need to understand the reason for the use of "cake" to do this correctly. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Indication about topsheet and sponge.

    I would like suggestions for rubbers with a very tacky topsheet for a lot of spin and a soft sponge, like a Donic Bluefire sponge with a Hurricane 3 topsheet, for example.
  3. DHS Skyline rubbers are dead?

    Hello guys I am planning on getting blue sponge prov version of the rubbers hurricane 3 or skyline 3 my question is why a rubber that was suposed to surpass hurricane 3 is now no where to be talked about and is the least selling rubber on tabletennis11 many pro penholders like xu xin/ma...
  4. Long pips on thick sponge, is possible?

    Hello, i'm not a long pips user and not think to use. My question is: is possible a long pips on 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2? The most thick long pips rubber I see for sell is a TSP Curl P1R on 1.5mm, but, when i buy a long pip topsheet and glue on a separate sponge? Many shops sell the sponges. I know...
  5. [Video REQUEST] Interview on why LJK using blue sponge on BH

    There must be an interview regarding why he did it since the last time he won the tournament. Even in CN championship he seem to be keeping that setup. Can anyone give me a link? Thanks!
  6. Short and Medium pimple sponge thickness?

    I use Spinlord Keiler in 1.8mm on backhand, they are mid pimples I believe. I have tried Spectol Red before. My preferred ball for use if I had a choice would be the Joola Flash (poly plastic not ABS). Personally I believe it spins much more than any ABS ball I have tried, I also think it is...
  7. Short pimples sponge hardness

    So I have a fairly good understanding of sponge hardness in regards to inverted rubber, but not for short pimples. I've seen things saying hard is slow and soft is faster, but in what circumstances? (Block, touch, counter drive, smash, topspin etc). In short, when does a softer sponge perform...
  8. Rubber hardness

    When looking for rubbers online each website usually has their own hardness scale from 1-10. Although Im specifically looking for the hardness in degrees. Is there anywhere to check this for all rubbers as even on the rubbers official page they do not have these measurements. bonus Q Also...
  9. H3 neo, provincial 2.15mm orange sponge 37deg red

    Hi Everyone, So after seeing the earlier thread that compared H3 blue sponge, Dignics 09C and H3 37 degree, I was interested in finding some 37 degree hardness H3. (This puts it at about 50 degree ESN) Tenergy 05 is 36 degree/49 ish ESN i managed to buy a sheet of H3 neo provincial 2.15mm...
  10. Sriver sponge smells kinda funky..

    I bought a sheet of Sriver just yesterday and when I opened the pack, I sniffed on the rubber's sponge for a bit and it smelled weird for me. Should I know that there are any VOCs on the sponge?
  11. Dignics 09c review

    I only tried it on FH. 1. Is heavy but not as heavy as 05h. Initial impression: (unboosted) 1. The rubber is alright, the short game feels like h3 but in top spin to top spin rally it lacks both spin and speed. The throw is high and the kick is not strong. It's unimpressive to say. T05h...
  12. What sponge to use to apply glue?

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap sponge I can find on amazon to apply glue. I also wanted to ask if there was anything wrong with using those magic eraser sponges for applying glue. I have some friends who use magic erasers for gluing because its cheaper then sponges advertised specifically for...
  13. Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo Blue Sponge - Booster/Boosted?

    Hey there! I just ordered a Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo Blue Sponge and am really excited to try it out and eventually switch to it as my main FH rubber. Now, I was wondering whether it has already some kind of boost effect built in when beginning to play with it or whether it needs extra...
  14. Weight Difference between Hurricane 3 neo and Provincial blue sponge 39 degree?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the weight difference between the Hurricane 3 neo and the Hurricane 3 neo provincial 39-degree blue sponge? Thanks for your help.
  15. How many degrees does boosting a rubber soften the sponge by

    Curious to know this. I’m thinking of getting a Yasaka Rakza z or z hard and I’m going to boost it but I want to know how much it softens the sponge by so I can decide. ideally I would like it around 48 to 50 degrees.
  16. DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge (National)

    Is it worth buying? I've played 2 years long with Hurricane 3 commercial (Boosted) and because of that i developed a long/full stroke on the balls I hit. Because the rubbers became completely slippery after playing with the same rubbers for 2 years without switching (I didn't know that could...
  17. Rubber with a sponge hardness that can fluctuate

    Hello everyone I Was thinking about a rubber with a sponge hardness that can increase gradually according to the hitting force. Suppose that I have a rubber with a starting hardness of 45° (ESN Scale) so I could benefit a relatively soft sponge when I hit the ball gently like on serve or short...
  18. Where to buy Neo skyline 2 Blue sponge

    i am curious to buy a blue sponge version of neo skyline 2
  19. DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) vs the NEO version of it

    Hello, I have just tested DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) 39 degrees unboosted and I did not boost it. I would like to know how different (is NEO version faster/generates more spin?) will be the NEO version of this rubber and maybe even the NEO Orange version of it. (my understanding so...
  20. Dampening sponge for LP

    What are the pros & cons to use dampening sponge like the D.M.E., Joola Toni Hold, etc.?