1. Butterfly T80 Table Tennis Rubber???

    Hi players, I want to buy myself a Butterfly T80 Table Tennis Rubber but first want to hear you opinion. Its about this one - Butterfly T80 Table Tennis Rubber Any help is wellcome!
  2. Professional Tennis Table Racket?

    Hello guys, As the title say I want to buy Professional Tennis Table Racket and found this one on the aliexpress - What do you think abou price and quality, This is my first time buying this. Any help is wellcome. TY!
  3. Best Tennis Rackets Under $100?

    It's my first time buying a racket since I had a Wilson racket for 20-something years. I'm 5'9", 23 years old, and play maybe 2-3 times a month. I just want something nice that won't need too much maintenance over time.
  4. Table tennis vs road cycling and what we know from science

    I took up road cycling to get stronger and fitter for TT, liked it a lot, and then the pandemic hit, which for me has meant no TT for close to a year now. And during the last five years as I got more into cycling, and it is interesting to compare the two sports. They are very very different...
  5. World's Craziest Table Tennis Tournament | Win get £1000!!!

    Hey guys! Welcome to the World's Craziest Table Tennis Tournament! In today’s episode the TTD Team compete in a straight knockout competition using random objects as table tennis bats. Some returning favourites from our past videos include the world’s largest bat and the 100 year old table...
  6. Table Tennis Robot

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. My dad's birthday is coming up and he wants a table tennis robot so that he can hit balls with as he has no one to play with during quarantine. I've had a quick look on Amazon but it doesn't seem like there's a wealth of reliable options. Can anyone...
  7. Besides table tennis, what hobbies/sports do you do in your free time?

    I'd love to hear what members of this forum do in their free time! My other hobbies are coin collecting and playing the piano and the organ.
  8. Why do the table tennis rankings on the home page date back to 2016???

    Why do the table tennis rankings on the home page date back to 2016?
  9. Table Tennis Blades

    What is the most comfortable and ergonomic table tennis blade you've ever played with and why?
  10. Most Requested Table Tennis Review Ever | Rakza 7

    Hey everyone! We have released a lot of equipment reviews over the years but one that pops up often in the comments and requests is Yasaka Rakza 7. So here it is, our most requested table tennis review ever!
  11. OpenAI and table tennis

    I got access to OpenAI, For those of who are not familiar. OpenAI GPT-3 is a language model whose performance is on par with the best language models for text generation. Here are a few experiments I have been doing with it and is pretty impressive. Do you guys have some questions or suggestions...
  12. Here's Why Ma Long is the Greatest Table Tennis Player Of All Time!

    OKAY! So today i’m going to say it. Ma Long is the GOAT of Table Tennis! The question is what makes the current Olympic and World Champion so good? We try to figure it out in this video. Ma Long recently took part in the first showcase event of World Table Tennis in Macao! For those wondering…...
  13. Upgrading my outdoor table tennis table with plywood?

    Improving my outdoor table tennis table with plywood? Hey all, since the second strict lockdown is rolling around the corner in Germany and I still want to continue playing TT, I thought I would try and improve my Sponeta outdoor table tennis table. The problem I had, when the first lockdown...
  14. Covid-19 outbreak at US table tennis tournament

    So ICC in California, without question one of the top TT clubs in the US, held a junior tournament with 36 players. At least 6 players have now tested positive for Covid-19 but a source tells me as many as 20 other people may be infected. A true super spreader event. In a thread at MyTT...
  15. World's Best Table Tennis Server Par Gerell vs Dan and Tom

    Hey guys! When producing the Par Gerell Masterclass, myself and Tom managed to take on Par in a one set table tennis showdown! Here’s how we got on! Find out how to do the Par Gerell Serves in our Masterclass here:
  16. World Table Tennis Macao 2020

    The RESTART of table tennis now moves onto the most anticipated event of 2020... World Table Tennis Macao! This tournament will use all the latest World Table Tennis innovations and has a prize pool of $800,000! Date: 25th-29th November. Draw - Coming soon Men's Singles 01) Fan Zhendong...
  17. Virtual Reality Table Tennis Game

    Has anyone played the Oculus Quest Eleven Table Tennis VR Game? if so, how realistic is it? Can you loop, chop etc.?
  18. Testing Vladimir Samsonov's Table Tennis Bat!

    What’s going on guys, last month I set off on my travels to Saarbrucken Table Tennis Club in Germany to hang out with the table tennis icon that is Vladimir Samonsov. While I was there I got the chance to test his personal bat setup. Vladi is simply a legend! A former World Number 1 and...
  19. Coca-Cola becomes first-ever World Table Tennis partner

    pretty big news guys... could this bring a lot more money in tt and for players prize purse ?
  20. Top 5 Tips To Return Impossible Table Tennis Serves

    Hey guys!! Ever played an opponent in table tennis and not be able to return their tricky spiny serves? We've all been there....In this tutorial we go into detail on 5 tips to help you return impossible table tennis serves and stop losing those frustrating points! Enjoy! What tips do you have...