1. Best Clubs in Tokyo

    Hi :) I'll be in Tokyo from 27th to 30th this month. I appreciate any good table tennis club recommendation. Would love to play with some high level players. Thanks upfront! Cheers! :)
  2. Lessons in Tokyo - J-Pen (April 2023)

    Hi, I am travelling to Tokyo in April for 2 weeks, and would like to improve especially my backhand topspin and body/front return-block - I am looking for a J-Pen coach/TT club in the city center or nearby vicinity. Suggestions/links are much appreciated... I am Danish, living in Gdansk...
  3. Players To Look Out For In 2021

    Although we are already half way through February international table tennis is only just about to begin. With new tournaments to contend with and a delayed Olympic Games to look forward to, here are 6 players to look out for in 2021. Mima Ito with her eyes on the prize - Photo via ITTF Flickr...
  4. Korea TTA Final Trial for Tokyo 2020+1 - 1/29, 1/31-2/1, 2/3-2/4

    After the fiasco last year that led to the resignation of Yoo Namkyu, Korea TTA is back with another trial for Tokyo 2020. Man, these guys just don't get tired of it, though lessons learned. KTTA: How do we go about it? Ctrl-c the JTTA. 3 men and 3 women will be determined: 1 man and 1 woman...
  5. Breaking USATT 2100 Feat. Tokyo 2021 Olympian

    An awesome weekend of TT that you won't wanna miss I promise. It has coaching, tournament play, match analysis, and more!
  6. Chinese Warm Up Matches | Tokyo 2021 | Highlights

    The Final: Wang Chuqin vs Liang Jingkun Semi Finals: Fan Zhendong vs Liang Jingkun Wang Chuqin vs Xu Chenhao
  7. Live Streaming-2020 Warm-Up Matches for Tokyo Olympics (1/32 single)
  8. Tokyo 2020 | 2020/7/24-8/9

    Starting this thread to commemorate this day. The 32nd Olympics was slated to be held on the 24th of July. 364 days to go...
  9. What does the Japanese Women's Team have to do to beat China in Tokyo 2020?

    How can the Japanese Women's Team beat China in Tokyo 2020? Hi guys! This is my first thread so I hope it doesn't violate any rules or anything. Given that Tokyo 2020 was postponed one year, until the summer of 2021, how can the Japanese Women's Team improve in order to increase their chances...
  10. How will players qualify for Tokyo Olympics?

    I heard from a friend who knows a few players that the qualification system for Tokyo is now up in arms. How will players qualify? If the ITTF go on World Tour ranking points, its then not fair for players who planned to play during this the Asian tour of World Tour events which would have took...
  11. Will Ma Long be able to win this Tokyo Olympics 2020?

    i have been thinking about it for quite some time. Though Fan Zhendong and Xu xin are in better form now, I believe that Ma long will bounce back in time for the olympics, and he would be the first double grand slam. That is if the covid would be gone, and he plays like Ma long pre wttc 2019
  12. World Team Qualification Tournament 2020 | Tokyo Olympics

    The 2020 World Team Qualification Tournament takes place in Portugal and with 9 teams (per gender) will qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! Full details coming soon... Men Team Entries Women Team Entries Knockout stages
  13. Zhu Yuling: Tokyo 2020 Is None of My Business Already

  14. Road to Tokyo 2020: Chinese TT Team

    There’s not much debate for men: ML, XX, and FZD. The fourth player will be one of them: LGY, LJK, and WCQ. Most likely FZD and ML will play singles and XX team and XD. I have a feeling WCQ will have better chance joining the team than the other two. There are way more uncertainties on women’...
  15. San-Ei Reveal Table for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    The Japanese table tennis brand San-Ei has released its first look at the table to be used at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Table Tennis table! Picture via San-Ei Facebook page Last month the San-Ei President Shin Miura was quoted stating: "All of us at San-Ei are...
  16. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Table Tennis Tables

  17. World Team Cup 2019

    2019 World Team Cup, 6 Nov 2019 - 10 Nov 2019, Tokyo, Japan World Team Championships $270,000 US Dollars up for grabs! Men's Team Entry List China, the World #1 have entered the World Team Cup as the #1 seed. China the World Team Champions - London 2018 - Photo via ITTF Flickr 01) China...
  18. Players in Tokyo, Japan

    Hello guys, I will be visiting Tokyo, Japan from October 6th to 21st and I was wondering, if there are any clubs with advanced players that accept guest players. I really enjoy the sensation of playing in foreign clubs just to make new friends and experience different TT-cultures. Maybe some of...
  19. Clubs near Tokyo Station?

    Hi. I’m travelling frequently to Tokyo and wonder if anyone has advice on clubs / practice facilities near Tokyo Station? By near I mean within a few stations... All advice appreciated!
  20. Who will buy tickets for the Tokyo Olympics?

    Who will buy tickets for the Tokyo Olympics Table Tennis games?