1. I used an AI code to translate any chinese subbed video

    Hi, my name is Isaac and some months ago I started working on a code to translate chinese videos. It was so difficult to understand these fantastic videos where CNT players explained things that I have never seen or taught. I decided to translate them so everyone can learn about chinese...
  2. Removing oneply hinoki dents tutorial

    Well as y'all may know by now hinoki is a very soft wood and it's prone to scratch's and dents if you are not careful. If you are like me and hate dents and scratch's you try to find a solution on removing them... Being an EJ :cool: and spending money on expensive hinoki blades you would like to...
  3. New BH Counter Topspin Tutorial

    I just posted a new video on backhand counter topspin. I had a lot of requests for this and worked pretty hard to cover what I think are the main ideas. Please watch and share and SUBSCRIBE! https://youtu.be/Oubhh55_YoQ
  4. 2300 Rating Forehand Loop Tutorial

    Here is my first tutorial video featuring a good friend of mine. He's rated 2250 in the US, and has a 2300+ level forehand loop. Please go check it out! https://youtu.be/r7Blj0oXO9I
  5. MHTableTennis Tutorial Videos

    MHTT Service Tutorial Videos Hi all, figured I'd make one thread instead of lots. I'm hoping to start the initial phase with a collection of Service Masterclass videos. I try and make these more like seminars and take some more time to explain things and go over important parts so there is...
  6. [CNT Tutorial] Ep 8: Fan Zhendong's FH Back-to-back Quick Loop

    Per member Fabian's request. This one didn't take long to finish but it took me a while to start working on it since Hong Kong was blessed by Typhoon Mangkhut a week ago.
  7. (Table Tennis for All Shakehand Version) EP10.3: Forehand Slow Loop Tutorial

    After much ado, the WTTC and Ishikawa bashing, I got around to subbing this tutorial upon a member request. This tutorial is really long and it took a lot of time and effort. If you find it helpful, I'd appreciate it if you will consider chipping in for a new piece of H3. Thank you.
  8. Tutorial: How To Best Clean Tacky Rubber

    Hey. Recorded this for people who have been asking this a lot:
  9. LF: a tutorial on how to block (in Chinese)

    I have a friend, a penholder, who does not speak English well (he is a visitor from China). When we practice, he tends to do the spinny "block" with his wrist brushing over the ball a bit (he plays RPB). I struggle to explain to him how to block flat. I am pretty sure there should be some...
  10. Dimitrij Ovtcharov Backhand Tutorial!

    Dimitrij Ovtcharov has just released a new video on his youtube channel on how to play a backhand topspin! The video consists of Dimitrij's best backhand shots and provides coaching tops on how to learn, practice and improve your backhand topspin and flick! Part 1 Part 2 What do you all...
  11. Serving Tutorial by China National Team Coach

    Coach Dong Lun is Former China National Team Captain. He has been a partner with Kong Linghui in double match. He will show you how to make side-topspin serve and side-underspin serve in this video. Like our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ppstation.hk Please also subscribe PPSTATION...
  12. Last Tibhar tutorial! Better Topspin

  13. Table Tennis Booster Tutorial (English Narrated Version)

    The is the Table Tennis booster tutorial. We have now made an English narrated version. Hope found it useful. Please subscribe our PPSTATION CHINA Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ppstationchina Like our facebook page: http://www.facebok.com/ppstation.hk More Tutorial video...
  14. NEW GREAT TIBHAR TUTORIALS: Better Backhand!

  15. Forehand Flick Tutorial (Slow Motion)

    Hi All, This is a slow motion demonstration by a Hong Kong Division 1 table tennis player. Like our Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ppstation.hk
  16. Butterfly App Review/Tutorial

    Butterfly App Review/Tutorial TableTennisDaily reviewed the latest Butterfly App which is now available on IOS and Android devices. The aim of the Butterfly App is to provide ambitious players and coaches with useful tools to optimise their training programmes as well as raising their...
  17. Do you know the Spinball? Next new Tibhar Tutorial!

    Better and faster Topspin! Three Tibhar Tutorials!
  18. Slo-Mo tutorial: Backhand Flick

    A Slow motion Aggressive Backhand Banana Flick Tutorial - Performed by a Hong Kong division I player Ohter Table Tennis Coaching Tutorial: http://www.pp-station.com/search/label/%E4%B9%92%E4%B9%93%E6%95%99%E5%AD%B8
  19. Slo-mo Tutorial: Backhand Loop Against Backspin Tutorial

    Slow motion Tutorial perform by Hong Kong Division I Table Tennis Player Other Table Tennis Tutorial 其他乒乓教學片: http://www.pp-station.com/search/label/%E4%B9%92%E4%B9%93%E6%95%99%E5%AD%B8
  20. Xu Xin's Technique Analysis

    Other Table Tennis Star Technique's Video: http://www.pp-station.com/search/label/%E6%8A%80%E8%A1%93%E5%88%86%E6%9E%90