1. HIGHLIGHTS: Short Summary Dutch Table Tennis Match!

    Hi everyone! :) Here I am again! I have another Dutch table tennis video for you with footage from the lowest national level (3rd division). Rick Bakker ranked 162th in the Netherlands, Arnoud Hofman slightly above that (134th). Enjoy the video and leave a comment! Appreciate it! ✌️
  2. World #90 Iba Diaw loses to Unranked Female Opponent, Calls Cheating!

    My personal opinion: I dont care if they microwaved their paddle then rubbed Tom and Jerry grade slippery oil all over it. Not really a match ya should be losing even if they were cheating. Fight me in the comments.
  3. Anyone know video coach Ti Long?

    I have discovered the videos of Ti Long which have English subtitles. He is a great coach and his videos are well worth watching. In one he explains about using fingers to increase spin - some coaches mention squeezing fingers but he talks about screwing or unscrewing a bottle top to make the...
  4. Training Video Using the Revoldia CNF

    Hi guys! It's been a while since I've been active. Mom life has made me very busy these days but I'm starting to find more time with Table Tennis training. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Broward Table Tennis Club (2+ hours away from my location) and got some coaching from Gal Gmach. I compiled...
  5. [Video REQUEST] Interview on why LJK using blue sponge on BH

    There must be an interview regarding why he did it since the last time he won the tournament. Even in CN championship he seem to be keeping that setup. Can anyone give me a link? Thanks!
  6. Great video- Table Tennis Match Psychology with Marles Martins

    I have watched lots of videos over the last 6 months but this interesting one has just come to my attention. Marles Martins is a high level coach who gives a long (1 hour 22) talk about how top players use psychology to win games. Particularly he advises on ways to use the breaks between...
  7. What would you recommend me? (with video)

    Hello everyone, In the past i have made a few posts about what you guys might think would be a good blade/setup for me, all i gave was the setup i used at that moment and asked what you thought would be good. This however didnt give you much insight into my playing style. That is why now im...
  8. How to ‘embed’ video clip into the post

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to make sure a video clip is embedded directly into a post I make? cheers.
  9. Using footage in a coaching video

    If I wanted to make coaching videos to post online for free (not for sale), am I able to use ITTF footage? Or are there other good sources of footage I can use from professional matches? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  10. Where is this place in usa in the video
  11. What rubber was bryant using in the video? Anyone know? was it t05?
  12. Video Interview w Timo Boll (17th June 2020)

    Had a great live interview with Timo today as part of my weekly interview series, thought some of you may enjoy this one! :)
  13. [Video request] Harimoto vidoes

    With the recent rules. No switch sides, no audience, no chos, no shakehand. Any vid of harimoto on that rules? I'm dying to see him play without his chos. Thanks
  14. Can someone translate this video please

    im curious to know whats in this thanks for anyone that can translate this in english
  15. Blade Repair Test, do you want more video like this one ?

    Hi Everyone, First test (very humble), filming by the repairman and edited by me. Do you one more video like this one ?
  16. Pendulum Serve in 3 Steps (VIDEO)

    Hi all, Figured since I'm stuck at home for the foreseeable future - I would haul a table out and move some furniture around so I could make some small videos. The first one is 3 steps to learning the basic foundations for the reverse pendulum serve. Hope some of you find it useful!
  17. I'm a star in a TableTennisDaily Academy video! :)

    Just got featured in a new TableTennisDaily Academy video on Weight transfer and rotation :) Check it out Any comments welcome ;) Now Tom told me to do the same in motion with the ball placement in two...
  18. NEW VIDEO: Cho Seungmin VS Liang Jingkun 7 Game Thriller (German Open 2020)

    This 7 Game thriller from this year's recent German Open between Cho Seungmin and Liang Jingkun was finally salvaged! It's not amazing quality (probably around 300-400fps) but it's all we have, given ITTF failed to put this on a livestreamed table.
  19. ITTF video quality ? Is there a reason ?

    Hi all Table tennis fans, I love watching TT matches and their is something that I question everytime I see ITTF uploaded replays. They upload them in really bad quality and people often write that in the youtube comments section. I don't really understand why they upload such a bad quality of...
  20. 2019 US Open Video's (including Adam Bobrow)

    Playlist of 24 video's, more coming everyday,