1. Videos of pros with short pips on backhand for playing tactics?

    Hi guys, I’ve recently made the switch from a pimples in rubber (Tenergy 05 in 2.1) to short pips (Tibhar D.Tecs Speedy Soft in 2.0) on my backhand. I wasn’t able to play a pain-free backhand topspin with inverted rubbers due to an injury before, and I feel like the pips give me more options to...
  2. Hints to making videos of lifting back spin.

    Making a good video takes a little planning and experimentation. Getting the right camera angle is key. It is apparent to me that how one makes the video is as important as the skill of the looper returning the back spin. It is best if the video show looping balls that are below the net...
  3. ITTF YouTube videos comment

    I wonder why in ittf matches video there are so many bots comment, I find it funny
  4. [Videos] 2020 European Champions League Women

    Semifinal 1: Metz TT (FRA) vs TTC Berlin (GER) Match 1: Shan Xiaona vs Adina Diaconu
  5. ITTF videos. Copyright question.

    Hello guys, I am here to ask for advice. I would like to make my own YT channel with some TT content. My question is: Can I use in my content some footage from ITTF Offical Channel? Are there any important rules, that I should know before I do it? Or do I have to ask ITTF permission or something...
  6. Adam Bobrow youtube

    Was participating in a discussion about Adam Bobrow's youtube channel and how much money compared to pro's he makes from it. So, according to some random Youtube channel money calculator: Good job by Adam Bobrow. In the end, it seems you can make a living from table tennis :D
  7. [Videos] Polish Superliga 2020/2021

    Dekorglass vs Dojlidy Jakub Dyjas vs Wang Zengyi Wei Shihao vs Aliaksandr Khanin Andrej Gacina vs Li Youngyin Jakub Dyjas vs Aliaksandr Khanin Polish Superliga 2020/2021 playlist:
  8. Any good videos for shadowtraining?

    Now we are in quarantaine, i need some exercises to practice footwork / weightransfer and those things. Are there any good videos showing some good exercises?
  9. MHTableTennis Tutorial Videos

    MHTT Service Tutorial Videos Hi all, figured I'd make one thread instead of lots. I'm hoping to start the initial phase with a collection of Service Masterclass videos. I try and make these more like seminars and take some more time to explain things and go over important parts so there is...
  10. [Videos] Top-12 Japan 2019

    Final: Tomokazu Harimoto vs Koki Niwa Semifinal: Tomokazu Harimoto vs Jin Takuya Semifinal: Koki Niwa vs Masataka Morizono Final: Mima Ito vs Miu Hirano
  11. What's the source for these videos?

    So I found this youtube channel while looking for unrelated TT things and it has 30-50 minute videos of old Chinese pros demonstrating their techniques with some graphics showing pointers on how to replicate them. Where do they come from? Are there more of them?
  12. Who produces the best youtube coaching videos

    I have recently spent a lot of time looking at youtube table tennis videos including many from coaches. I like yangyang TT videos which are well produced and of course Yangyang Jia is an attractive player. EmRatThich Table Tennis coach makes long and detailed videos so probably is the best for...
  13. Official ITTF videos quality of editing

    I was wondering if I am the only one who noticed that ever since TTLondon2012 and MalongFanmadeChannel started cutting the official highlights videos that they often omit 50% or every second point for multiple sets. If commented about this on Youtube, but as always with Youtube comment, I've...
  14. Amazing Points and Interesting Fan Made Videos

    Hello friends:D i will present you Amazing Points and Interesting Fan Made Videos:D
  15. This thread is for wttc 2019 mf and final videos without revealing the winner

    Is it ok if somebody could post the next mens matches (YT highlighted videos only) in this thread without any spoiler. Just pasting the YT ittf video links will do, hopefully they won't put a stupid thumbnail revealing the winner. The idiots at ittf don't realise not everyone is watching their...
  16. How to post videos on ttd

    I am new here. So, I don't know how to post videos here. Can you please help me:(:(:(:(
  17. Videos of Table Tennis England Grand Prix Finals

    A friend of mine has recorded a number of Grand Prix finals here in UK and asked to upload to my channel. I though people might be interested what is the level of TT in UK immediatedly below the top internationals like Pitchford and Drinkhall. Hope you like them. Playlist...
  18. So Coach Tao Li is posting videos again :) <a href="" target="_blank">
  19. cools videos from B75 and Eslöv training camps by Rory Scott

    Rory Scott - a friend of mine who's a table tennis coach - went to B75 and Eslöv training camps and posted some cool videos from his days there: Amazing finger spin serves: Mobile phone match v Truls Möregårdh:
  20. Community project: Chinese table tennis instructional videos translation

    Hey guys, I found a ton of professional videos in Chinese which look absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I can't understand a word but it looks super interesting for anyone who uses a tacky rubber. Those are complete courses with 10 or more episodes covering every aspect of the game. So my...