1. Yasaka Rakza7 vs Andro Hexer Grip/powergrip SFX

    Recently switched from r7 soft on bh on a slow wood blade (Stiga energy wood) to Hgrip sfx on a faster blade (Nittaku acoustic) I feel as tho the hexer has less grip like the ball almost slides on the rubber instead of properly gripping it and like i have to hit the ball more with the hexer as...
  2. Yasaka c-5p "pistol" rubber recs

    Hello guys I am new to the forums and this is my first post! I currently need help with rubber on a blade I have... I recently purchased this for shits and giggles but I have now come to A decision on whether not I shud actually put this to work :rolleyes: It's a little special and rare To the...
  3. Yasaka Alnade Inner review please?

    Anyone that knows this blade can you tell me what the composition is? It looks like limba top ply?
  4. Yasaka Rakza 7 is doming the wrong way

    This rubber, Rakza 7 right after taking out of it's envelope has developed a dome. It curls up exactly the opposite way as it would when one uses the boosters on the sponge. I got another couple of rubbers (61 seconds) that are doing the same. When glued down using either revo3 or XVT...
  5. Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon

    Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon ;)
  6. LF: Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

    Hey, I want to buy a Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon prefer flared handle! pm me please
  7. Yasaka Hovering Dragon rubber

    I'm not sure if Hovering Dragon and Thunder Dragon are Asia only marketing. But does anyone have link or know what are the different sponge hardness of Hovering Dragon? It seems to have a Medium hard and Medium soft versions.
  8. Omega 7 vs Rakza Z, what's better?

    So since there are literally over 20 million different blade/rubber combos possible, and since I have no life, I've spent alot of time analyzing rubbers. I've been using Omega 7 Hyper on backhand, Hurricane 3 National on forehand but switching it around has felt more natural, prefer H3 throw...
  9. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    Rakza Z Rakza Z Extra Hard Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard Reviews It took me a few years to review something from Yasaka again. The last rubber and blade I have reviewed were, Rakza 9 and Rakza 9 soft with Yasaka Galaxya. I was glad that Olle from Woodhouse Tranas...
  10. Yasaka Rakza Series.

    I’m a big fan of Yasaka rubbers and I would like to know which Rakza would be best for the following categories. Looping: Serving: Blocking: Driving: Chopping: Far from table loop:
  11. Yasaka Rakza Z - Anyone Played with It? Review?

    Yasaka came out with Rakza Z (at 52 degree) and Rakza Z Extra Hard (at 57 degree) rubbers recently, been getting rave reviews on revspin.net. Supposed to be very spinny and very fast. Just wondering has anyone played with it much yet? Is there any in-depth, objective reviews of it? Very much...
  12. FS:yasaka galaxya carbon blade

    hello everyone ! there is a 99 percent new blade to sell! It is yasaka galaxya carbon.this blade is quite new and harimoto tokumazu had played this kind of blade before he signed with BUTTERFLY. If you want to know more,please send message below.the price is NOT 60 euros(NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING...
  13. Q: What kind is this Yasaka blade?

    Hello guys, please help me to recognize this blade? According the photos an old yasaka, but I didn't find any information. The seller also didn't know it. Thanks.
  14. Very close-up photos: Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power

    Last month I shared a similar set of photos on the Butterfly ZJK ALC. This time I created another set of macrophotography photos for my first custom blade, the Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power in penhold configuration. I'm not 100% sure of YEO7P's ply construction, but my assumption is...
  15. Xiom Diva vs Yasaka Sweden Extra

    Hello, I play tt arround 7 years and my better side is forehand and because of that I use: Butterfly Innerforce layer ALC FH: Butterfly 80fx 1,9 BH: Andro Hexer Grip SFX 1,9 I am thinking to go on a bit slower blade because sometimes I have a prb specialy on bh with receiving a serve (to fast...
  16. Yasaka Zebarate? Where can I buy it

    Where can I buy the Yasaka Zebarate blade? I know of ttJapan but I want to find some other online table tennis shops that can ship to the US. Thanks!
  17. Best Brand Over-all?

    Hey guys, this question has been bugging me for a long time. What is the best brand? Is it Stiga, Butterfly, Nittaku, Donic, DHS, Tibhar, Xiom, etc...? (just of what I've seen those are the most used brands by the professionals). Which is the most durable, and longest lasting? Which is the most...
  18. FS/FT yasaka AP, Nittaku Meister

    Selling Yasaka atletico power in very good condition , similar construction as hl5, harimoto, w968. st handle weight: 90gr price: 55eu Nittaku Meister Basaltec outer in very good condition price: 120eu weight: 88gr
  19. Yasaka Galaxya carbon

    Hi! I Just bought a Yasaka galaxya carbon ST. My plan is to put a H3neo boosted and a R7 2,0 on the blade. I wonder if anyone plays with it and can give me som input.. What rubber to you use, how is The speed compaired to other carbon blades? I have played with Stiga intensity Nct carbon. Is it...

    Hello. I`m selling my Yasaka Alnade blade. It was tested for about 10 hours. How you can see from the pictures is like brand new. The reason for selling the blade is because is a bit soft for my test. For any information pls contact me. Price is 75 pounds with free delivery all over the uk...