Advise for upgrade from Rakza7/Rakza7Soft, Tenergy 5/64?

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Jan 2020
After a long brake I started to play tabletennis again about 4 years ago and after some cheap bat my first serious bat was a Stiga Allround Classic with Rakza 7 soft on both sides.

Ever since i am trying to work my way up towards less soft rubbers and a bit faster blade.

I changed the R7S on my forehand for a regular R7 and there is no turning back to soft on forehand, it feels much better!

On my backhand flipping the bat for the regular R7 on backhand didnt work well on my Xiom Offensive S, i had much more difficulty to open up backspin with backhand using the R7. And for my level i can open op backspin pretty well with my backhand i think. With R7S it went so much easier.

When i tried the R7 on my backhand on a Sanwei Fextra it seemed to be working much better, so i played with the Fextra both sides R7 max for a while wich seemed to be working very well. Untill last week i tried my Xiom Offensive S again with R7 forehand and R7S backhand and it was so nice!

I feel the blade is faster, harder, crisper but same control, but especially the R7S on backhand was so nice, with very minimal stroke i hit hard, clearly because the catapult of the soft sponge. And without knowing i had been missing my dangerous backhand hits. Not to mention the clicking (cracking) sound the R7S makes, very addictive!

The problem is only that when te ball comes high enough so i can hit very hard with backhand the ball often doenst go where i want it to go, claerly because of the bottoming out of the soft sponge.

So i want to upgrade and i thought i should maybe try Tenergy 5 forehand and Tenergy 64 backhand.

Last night at the club i could try my clubmates setup with these rubbers on a Viscaria and i was quite impressed with the feeling of this setup, very fast but somehow i found i hard to miss the balls, hard hits with my backhand went exactly where i aimed them.

But thinking about it, when i played it last night it was mostly further away from the table and it was mostly flat hits. So i wonder, how good is T64 for opening up backspin? Since i read somewhere that T64 is not so good for looping? But then again they also said that T5 is not good for smashing, and that did go very well last night.

And at the same time i am thinking about the 64FX on backhand, how much softer is it, does it bottom out faster like the R7S does?

Anybody got some advise?