best place to train in china?

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Mar 2024
I'm young and beginner/intermediate level looking for the best place to train in China for about one month this Summer. Training is all I care about and wouldn't need any tourism aspect. Ideally I would play for a majority of the day, everyday. Looking for somewhere cheaper as well if possible. Thanks in advance.
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May 2017
Since you are in the USA, I would say take the money you would spend on hotel and airfare and get a coach in the USA. Unless you are willing to spend a ton of money to train with a province team, you are just wasting your time. Training in China is very hit or miss. I traveled to China to train and was forced to hit with people I literally spotted 10-15 points to in a game of 21 and would still beat them. If I wanted to hit with a better player, I had to pay them a lot of extra money in addition to the money I already paid. I would have been a lot better off staying in the USA and paying a decent player to practice with me. The coaching was also pretty bad. Some of the advice was at best pointless and at worst a recipe to get injured. Unless you are rich and can play with a province team, you are gambling with a huge chance of losing.

One of my close friends also went to China to train and he beat everyone and the coaches at his training facility. He said that in his case it was also a complete waste of time.

There is also the issue of getting sick while in China. One player from Africa came to train at the facility I was at and got so sick he was hospitalized for some time, then bed ridden for months. As soon as he was healthy enough, he flew back home. I got extremely sick a few times while there. One time was worse than anything I ever experienced in the USA.

If you are young and train overseas, make sure your parents accompany you. If you are over 18, you should be ok.

If you want to know why China dominates it is simply because they take a lot of kids, train them 6+ hours a day from a young age, then weeds out those who don't improve and find the best of the lot to compete. There are some pretty bad coaches in China and if you want to find a good one with useful information, you had better be able to pay a lot of money. Find a decent local coach, and just take lessons locally. I think you will be better off.
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Nov 2022
If you can't find a place to train in China, then you might want to consider going to Vietnam as an option. Lot of people coming from overseas to train with coaches like Ti Long.

Coaching here is so much cheaper than the US ($10 an hour versus $50+) that the cost of airfare and hotel is already covered once you train 30 coached hours.

Just find a place that's air conditioned or else you will be wiped out from heat exhaustion after 1 hour.
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Sep 2013
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+1 on the china part
a lot of it is commercialized and you would be training with other "customers".

I have introduced a few to train in Taiwan over China.
There are TT classes you can take part in, 1 on 1 or group.
The 1 on 1 is cheaper than USA, and the attention is pretty high.
On MYTT some users has commented on how good it was.
If you are keen to know further, PM and I can make recommendations

Normally these TT classes will be places to go if you are still learning.
Higher level players, I would place them in sport schools