Haifu rubbers are they good?

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Apr 2023
I have a feeling haifu rubbers are just generic Rubbers with some seamoon applied to the sponge.

So...i dunno, the fun part is doing the boosting on my own.
Are you sticking with tensor ESN rubber on your backhand or no?

I have experimented with CJ8000, AK-47 and Big Dipper. I am done with Chinese rubber on my backhand. It just does not work. I am not tempted at this moment.

By the way, I just put Battle II provincial blue sponge on my forehand on one of the blades. It plays eerily similar to Sanwei Target National, the one I got from Megaspin. So I think I am done EJ'ing on my forehand side. There is nothing wrong with Battle II provincial blue sponge or Sanwei Target National black sheet (I don't like STN red sheet) but I like my hurricane better.
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Apr 2021
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What's the difference between Whale 1 and 2? Why do you expect it to be similar to Bloom Power?
I haven't played any so I don't know the differences. I expect Whale 1 to be similar to Bloom Power due to the same price, and same design, quite same name :ROFLMAO: