Just 1 point from Defeating FZD

says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
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Jan 2018
What do you get for giving FZD a cold sweat? An interview, of course! Not for the player, but the man behind. Machine-translated(readable) except the title.

Interview with Chinese Coach Kong Guoping: Portugese Disciple just 1 point from Defeating Fan Zhendong


Kong Guoping coach and disciple

  "It's equal to saying that it's a point. It's a pity to say, but it's also a necessary path for growth. " Faced with the little-known Portuguese guy Gerardo, the world's No. 1 Fan Zhendong played in five games. After crossing the border, the seat on the coach's seat is an oriental face. The Portuguese Men's Tennis coach Kong Guoping (55 years old) who came out from Anhui talked about Eurasian confrontation when he was interviewed by Sina Sports.

  In the afternoon of May 1, local time, the 2018 Swedish World Table Tennis Team Championship began the third day of competition. In the fourth round of the men's group stage match, the Chinese men's team defeated the Portuguese team of the table tennis men's team in the Baku European Games 2015 by 3-0. Can let Fan Zhendong lose two games with 8-11, 10-12, and take the lead in the fourth game with 10-8, the 22-year-old Portuguese guy John - Gladdo, a little simple!

  Do not love football love table tennis By Chinese coach from childhood with big

  Under the guidance of the players, the author waited outside the locker room to the Portuguese men's team coach Kong Guoping. In the face of reporters from China, he readily agreed to the interview request. First of all, he seriously commented on the game, which was a disrespectful game: "He was our fourth player, but it was pretty good two years ago. Today equals. Say a point difference, 2-1 lead, 10-8 lead.Fan Zhendong 9-10 that ball played well, that technology is good, that is good luck, have a bit. The last game did not bite, Fan Zhendong’s technical and tactical changes have made it difficult for him to get started, and there are more short balls.”

  “The Chinese team’s technical and tactical changes in this area are better. This is a lack of European athletes and I have always emphasized with them – they need to learn how Chinese athletes change in the difficult times and how they dare to change. This time, people must have self-confidence. It's just such a point, but don't look at this point if you can't get it down... It would be a pity to say it, but it is also a necessary path for growth. It must be passed.” Kong Guoping’s coach fully affirmed the play of Gerardo.

  As to why he sent him to shake the Great Wall of China, he frankly said: “Accurately speaking, the likelihood of winning the Chinese team (we) is very small, so let the novice exercise. And their level is similar, not too much The difference is that in the face of a team like China, the quality of the youth ball is still high. Because the young are aggressive and the Chinese team is familiar with a few old players in Portugal.” This kind of parade has played a miraculous effect after the game. Liu Guozheng, the coach of the Chinese men's team, did not say: "Fan Zhendong's preparation is still not enough. The Portuguese players we prepared were formerly better opponents. Suddenly they changed one. (We) haven't played too well."

  Although for Fan Fandong and Chinese fans, the Portuguese player whose name is a bit mouthful may not be familiar with it. In fact, Gerardo was not a nationality. He was born in Mirandela and he has already won the European Table Tennis Championships in 2014 and the gold medal in the men's team at the 2015 European Games. Because he also participated in the German league club, so European fans no stranger to him, "is to take the European Championship games he played third single, an have never lost, but some technically not reached. If you have been If this goes on, there should be hope (let everyone) know his name later."


  It is worth mentioning that he was coached by Kong Guoping and started to train by the selection. “This child is my childhood. Portugal can choose few ping-pong balls. It is said that football is very popular there, but he likes table tennis. He is very good at learning. He has a good body and he looks very good. When I was a child, I was pretty and pretty left-handed. I was left-handed, so I had a preference for my left hand. ” He also introduced Sina Sports, which has been admitted to a Polytechnic University in Porto, just to focus more on careers. During his career, he chose to suspend his studies after he had communicated with the school. “There are four or five years of playing (professionals).”

  Talk about the Eurasian confrontation: It is difficult unless there is a talented player

  The famous table tennis player born in the 60s of the last century, the 1987 Guangdong Games became the curtain call for Kong Guoping's coach. He first studied at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and went to Germany in 1996. After that, he went to Germany in 1996. “At that time I was already 33 years old. I spent nine years in Germany and played as a coach in the league. I went to Portugal in 2004 because My wife, Xie Juan, teaches the ball there, and now is the head coach of the Portuguese women's team.I was also a coach at the local club.Accurately, I didn't have a coaching experience in China, but I still liked table tennis very much. ."


Kong Guoping’s coach and wife of the Portuguese women’s team coach Xie Juan

  The humble "Overseas Corps" led the Portuguese men's team to win a domestic league

  Ten consecutive championships. And his love of this kind also coincides with the Portuguese players.


  “Our athletes are the ones we like to play today. Of course, on the one hand, our reserve force is not as strong as China. Because China has a strong reserve force, it will hit the back and the old one will not play. The Portuguese team has The 34-year-old athlete would have retired if he had long been in China (laughs), including Bol, who is also German, and Samsolov, who is in his forties, for whom the potential for playing is higher, of course. This is only one aspect. The main thing is still like it."

  At the same time, the "Chinese gene" on Kong Guoping's coach also affected Portuguese students, such as the Chinese-style closed training that was later introduced.

  “There wasn’t a full-time coach before. Now I’m, who used to be the coach of the club who is free. (laughs) Then we got a good score for the men’s team. After winning the European championship, we’re specialized in Porto’s second largest city, Porto. A base was set up, with head coaches, assistant coaches, and assistants, and everyone was trained together. Previously, athletes played in various clubs across the country, and it was difficult to get together. Now the game is over and the training is coming back.” For this trip to Sweden, The Portuguese men's team has been training for about a dozen days.

  The effect of this is unquestionable. He quoted Gerardo as an example: "He started playing at the age of six or seven and he played every day. He may be playing after the age of eighty-nine, very late, or training as much as he did in China. The talent is good. If he can train like a Chinese athlete, he will not be worse than a Chinese athlete."

  After three days of the group stage, the England team has won a series of wins over Chinese Taipei and Japan. In a team like Austria, Korea, the traditional strong team, has won 3-0 but the first two games are full. Five games; the German team including Ochalov and Pohl, who are the leaders of the European table tennis team...


  Although on the one hand full of confidence in foreign disciples, when asked about the topic of “Eurasian confrontation” today, Kong Guoping’s coach always has a sober understanding: “The sense of accomplishment of coaches is to hope that they have some breakthroughs, but it is difficult to be honest. We played men's championships in the European Championships, played in Asia, played in the World Team Championships, and it was very difficult to achieve the fifth, the first four or the first three. In the field of table tennis, you have to win China. Under such systems and conditions in Europe, it is unlikely. "


Portugal won the European Games Men's Championship in 2015

  "Now there are a few opportunities due to changes in equipment, but, but!" Coach Guo Guoping increased his voice and repeated it twice. "This is a talented player who can compete with China. It is still different." We don't have so much logistical support, training our opponents ... all conditions are not met."

  (He Xia from Halmstad)
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