New sheet of Evolution MX-S feels different and harder

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May 2023
I got a new sheet of Tibhar Evolution MX-S for my secondary blade (Timo Boll ZLF).

For some reason the topsheet feels alot harder , the ball doesnt sink into the topsheet as easily. Doing a Pressure test with thumb , the difference is very noticeable too

Both my blades are 85g, both have 1.9mm MX-S on backhand. With the new sheet, when I go for powershots the sound is strange too. Like a deep dull sound.

I checked and the rubber is still properly glued and hasnt come off.

Anyone has similar experiences?

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Jul 2014
I've had the exact same experience. One red, one black. The sheet of red has a sponge that is a lot more porous, it feels bouncier and more dynamic, the black one has a finer pored sponge and is noticeably deader. Of all the German rubbers I have bought over the years, this black sheet of MXS has been the only sheet I have bought that has been a "dud" to such an extent.
Noticed the same. It isn't very different but the way it plays compared to the previous sheets, perhaps more dead-like on passive shots, and actually easier to unlock spin on active shots. So, perhaps it's not a good think to change to a new mx-s a day-two before a tournament but otherwise it's fine on my ZLC innerforce kind of blade. Definitely much less of a problem than Vega X or Vega Pro where rubbers can differ more between batches
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Aug 2020
As you already have bought the rubber, an easy fix is to apply a thin coat of booster.

There are some points to consider when buying rubbers, if you always want to get a rubber really close to your previous one:

1. Choose the weight of the rubber. A difference of 7 to 10 gramms for an uncut rubber in package is quite normal. The harder the rubber the heavier it gets. Lighter means softer.
2. You can't know how long the rubber has been stored. If you buy popular rubbers the chance of getting an "old" new rubber is less likely to happen. Unpopular rubbers tend to sit a little befor distribution.
3. There always will be rubbers, which got lucky in production and got some extra booster, some may get away with a little to less booster.

I know that not all places offer the service to weigh out your rubbers. That's why I tend to buy local and weigh them out myself.

If that is not possible, it's always a gamble.